Uncle Excelsior talks…Pauly Shore???


   Pauly Shore rumored to be playing
the boy wonder in the upcoming BATMAN vs SUPERMAN! 


    Sources close to nobody received word from an out of work screen writer who in no way works on the project that Pauly Shore may have something vaguely to do with playing a certain bird named character in an upcoming movie that will star other possible actors.  

    Are you still with us?  

    Well, you’ve passed the initiation.  You see, it’s my aged, fanboy opinion that most of you don’t read past the opening line.  This leaves you ‘fanboys’ ranting about a certain non-existent turtle outfit that will never be seen on Halloween, much less on the movie set.  (SEE BELOW)


    So, if you’ve gotten this far, you realize that Pauly Shore will never play the boy wonder, robin, in any capacity.  But news sites all over the internet seem to think you, the consumer/fanboy, will believe anything they shove at you and keep you ranting on facebook pages all over for a week or so about absolutely nothing.  BUT, it does keep us thinking about their movie project which is exactly what they want us to be doing.  But, is it the right approach?  I mean, We cried about Afleck for a month or so and he might not even work out or may have been a boondoggle to begin with.  I don’t know.  Now, they’re talking Brolin in a RUMOR.  What’s funny is that in the heading all they talked about was Brolin.  But, IF you read the article, you would find the name Michael Keaton is being batted around too.  


    Now, if they’re going for old Batman, I think Keaton might be awesome.  But, how can I get worked up when I know next week there will be more rumors or Hollywood politics and money will mess this up too?  My point? Be careful how worked up you get on a rumor.  READ the damn article in full before blatherin’ on like a fool on facebook!  Be an informed nerd!  That’s what I am learning from this glut of comic movies and news!  Get ALL the info and, then, PLEASE talk intelligently.  IF you don’t know anything about the old school Xmen, say so.  Don’t just rant about how this was nothing like your damned Ultimate rewrite.  Sorry, different rant.

   Ok. so lets get on with REAL news.  The covers for EMPIRE magazine with 25 characters from Xmen:Days of Future Past!  Excellent!  Just a few things.  Not crazy about the Sentinel at all.  Looks like a rejected model of that robot off of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL!  But, besides that, there’s the current buzz about the Quicksilver look.  Kinda weird lookin’, true.  And what is this craziness we have to deal with about the Xmen Quicksilver having nothing really to do with the upcoming Avengers movie Quicksilver?  The fact that the Avengers 2 Quicksilver cannot be referenced as the son of Magneto.  Nice.  Sorry, lot to rant about these days.  

    BUT, while we’re on the discussion of Xmen fashion, what is it about Xmen directors and leather?  I mean, Superman and Spiderman have gotten the color in and developed a nice costume without using spandex.  Why can’t we get Days of Future Past out of the BDSM leather bondage wear and pull out some REAL costumes?  Right?  Time for a change…all I’m saying.

   Ok, that’s all for now.  Pauly Shore will not be starring in any superhero movies anyday soon and the Ninja Turtles look damn near awesome as well as Shredder.  SO, despite Quicksilver, the world is well in nerdville.  So, until the next lame rumor, this is Uncle Excelsior goin’ to take a nap!

Well guys that it from our dear uncle. We have safely tucked him into bed and he’s already sleep rambling about the Mandarin from Iron Man 3. Till next week guys have a great weekend. Don’t forget to check the links below and answer the question of the day!!

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Micheal Bay strikes again, Microsoft gets my gears going, and the sexy Karen Sakai answers 5 questions!

Well boys and girls, it’s humpday again! So here we are with a playground full off goodies and some… well not so goodies.

As always the internet has been a busy little troll all week long with all sorts of geeky nerdgasems. Like the awesome days of future past covers that were released, the news that Benny may no longer be batman, and so many others. But don’t fear! That’s what we’re here for! Let get to the intelligence report!

So with all the buzz around the Internet one thing caught a hold of a special place in my heart… and then slowly began ripping it out.

We all know about the new TMNT movie coming out later this year and it’s always creative director,  Michael Bay. Creative is a term I use lightly here, as in, he has creatively decided that the turtles are aliens not mutants and that Shredder should be a government agent…super secret leader of the group called foot… but don’t cry just yet. He seems to have changed his tune here recently and said that they aren’t aliens presa but that the ooze that made them mutants is. I can live with that. Also seems that the rumors of Shredder being a government guy has been tossed now too. Who knows though this script has been rewritten more times than I know what to do with.

Now for some good news on the turtle front. The design for the mean green fighting machines seems amazing! I love it. Looks much more raw and “mutant” if you will. (See pic below for a glimps)

Past this the casting is flimsy at best. You can stare at Megan Fox, possible in a yellow jump suit, as April O’Neil (as long as you don’t stare at her hands for to long) But with William Fichtner playing the Shredder I m given a little bit of hope.

Let’s all just hold our breathe and hope that Mr. Bay doesn’t get our hopes up, like he had so many times, just to let us down when it comes time for the story. Much like he did with the Transformer movies.

Speaking of the Transformers, the fourth installment of that series is also coming out this year and they are going to try and dig out from under the rubble that was the disappointment of fan everywhere.

Now the design and look of the bots were awesome. The fight scenes were great in many cases but the acting was better from Optimus Primm than any of his human counter parts. Now in this one they have completely scrapped the original casts and start over with the always entertaining Marky Mark at the lead. Again, this casting gives me a slight hope.

The big rumor going around lately, and God I pray it’s true, is that the dinobots may finally pay a visit to the big screen! This, to me, would be reason enough to go see it. But knowing how most of Bay’s movies have gone lately… There is no telling. Vegas wouldn’t even take those bets.

Now as we wrap this up please click the link below and watch Micheal Bay freak out at CES because his teleprompter went down (click here)


Gears of War may be one of my favorite game series ever, but the last installment wasn’t much more than just wrapping up some loose ends left from the first game. The multiplayer was horrible, in my opinion.  They took away Horde for christ sakes! I did greatly enjoy the campaign and the dlc they did. But after that it was the end of an era.

Well as of this week Microsoft Studios has bought the rights to the gears franchise and is said to be planning on making more. The last game they did this too was Killer Instinct. That game alone almost made me choose the Xbox One over my Ps4. I loved it when I was younger and I love the new one now.

I can only hope they do the same with gears and bring the war back to life. Nothing better than chainsawing through a few 100 locusts after a long day at work! So let’s keep our fingers crossed. More to come on this in the future!


Now let’s get down to it. Today on the playground we have the lovely, talented, Karen Sakai. She is an aspiring model and awesome cosplayer. So here we go. 5 questions!


1. Are you into anime, and if so which is your favorite?

Yes I like anime!! But I generally like all “cartoon” material. I would have to say my favorite Anime is between One Piece & Fruits Baskets!!

2. What’s a hobby you have the might surprise people?

A hobby I have is gardening. It’s very relaxing to tend to plants haha. I think it feeds off the rewarding sensation of biting into a juicy product that I grew all by myself!!

3. Is there any word that drives you crazy?

Yes, it’s any word that antagonizes myself for being mixed. As in half white & half Asian. I know I will never be able to stop it & being in the beauty industry, it will never stop. But It’s quite annoying to constantly being called “hapa” “hafu” “eurasian” “mutt” “hybrid” & “mixed breed”. I wish more people cared about the personality & heart that one had rather than the colour of the skin.

4. What is your guilty pleasure food?

My guilty pleasure of food would be…HAMBURGERS. It’s so bad for me but come on, that’s my county’s food!! I love juicy hamburgers with cheese, grilled mushrooms, & grilled onions. Lord take me now!!!!

5. Any big plans for 2014?

The only big plans I have for 2014 would be finding out if I become a naval officer or not. To be honest, I loved the Navy & I’m stuck whether or not I want to become fully active or remain a primatologist (someone who studies primates)

We want to thank her for doing this for us and spending some time letting n us get to know her.  Make sure to look for her on Facebook and in Playboys Miss Social contest! She also sells prints on her site and signs them on request, so make sure to pick one of those up. (We will have all those links below.) And here is a small sample of her galleries. Note that all these photos belong to her and the studio. None of this belongs to projects playground




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The question of the week is what game franchise do you wish would come back?

Well in the great words of Porky Pig… th that that that’s all folks! See you next week and thanks for stopping by!

What’s under Uncle Excelsior’s skin this time?

Well with not introduction needed, we will go straight into it. Here he is! Are good old Uncle.


Now, I know I’ve already ranted about black Johnny Storm and whined in a way that I was warning us against in the first rant.  But, as we get more and more movies announced, we get more and more news about said movies.  Now this should be a good thing, right?  Well, I’m not so sure.

 I started to notice it with the next installment in ole Spidey’s memoirs, AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, and the glut of news that started pouring out of the internet because of it.  Now, some of it was gawd awesome!  Like the fact that they flashed Doc Ock’s tentacles and the Vultures wings in the trailer!  Oh, yeah!  We’ve got to see plenty of pics of Jamie Fox’s ELECTRO and, may I say, NERDGASM!  (Sorry, not listening to the naysayers…he’s an awesome choice for the part).  Now I’m still not sure why they decided to make Rhino look like a reject from a Transformer’s battle, but I’m willing to give them some room on this one.  

 BUT THEN we started hearing that Shocker was going to be in the movie and maybe the Prowler!  The Viral assault by the movie company has left our head swimming!  Now there’s shades of Spencer Smyth as head of Oscorp research.  You remember him, right?  The master mind behind the Spider Slayers?  B.J. Novak of OFFICE fame will probably be playing him. ( http://screenrant.com/amazing-spider-man-2-bj-novak-character/ )  I mean, even the SIN EATER has been hinted at…REALLY?  And, if that isn’t enough, you can check out the Daily Bugle ( http://thedailybugle.tumblr.com/ )  for the latest news about Spidey and public reactions!

 But I have to applaud the efforts to keep Amazing-spider-man 2 hot in the buzz.  Other movies have not been hyped so well.  Point in case, the whole Batman/Superman movie.  Now we have the holy (or unholy if you’re a naysayer) Trinity casted, but all the peripheral characters are still being haggled over.  But that does not keep them posting news every single damn day about maybe it’s this guy playing Green lantern or maybe this guy…I mean, we’ve went from Denzel Washington to Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson on that one so far!  And, speaking of the Rock, for the past few years, we’ve heard he was Lobo and, then, Black Adam.  Now, I know it’s all about the normal Hollywood buzz, but fer gawd’s sake, keep it to a dull roar!!  

 We fan-boys aren’t used to being bantered around like the Harry Potter fans or any of the thousands of franchises that Hollywood speculates on yearly.  We have enough problems figuring out DC’s new 52 and Marvel Now!  We just can’t take the constant babble coming out of the World Wide Weird these days mainly because we care about the characters and we’re passionate about what we care about!  That’s Nerd by the very definition!  

 So, I don’t mind news.  In fact, I love the news.  But how about you do all of us Uber Nerds a favor?  Stop spamming the internet with false leads and random speculation about the properties we know and love.  Now, part of the fault lies with those producing said news.  Many sites foam at the mouth at every tidbit of speculation about the comics movies and plaster all over the net without checking sources.  We nerds are partially to blame too as we share and re-post info in mass without looking to see if it’s confirmed or just hearsay!  But I believe the companies producing these movies are greatly to blame.  For, if Denzel isn’t on tap to play in the Justice League movie, come out and refute the damn thing.  But what do THEY care?  As long as us fan-boys are waiting around with baited breath at every ounce of hubbub about the next anticipated movie, they really don’t have to do anything but count the money.

 Let the Nerd beware…all I’m sayin’…

—————-                      —————

Well, there ya go! Now we know how he feels about that. Make sure to check out the awesome interview with Dast cosplay last wednesday! (And all the other interviews for that matter!) Till next Wednesday, we’re out!

What’s Marvels biggest regret, Dast Cosplay stops by, and we talk Mary Jane (Watson that is)

Welcome back to the Playground! This week we will look into a few things that make Stan Lee and Marvel cringe, we discuss Sonys idea of who MJ should be played by, and we ask Dast 5 questions. So why don’t we just jump straight into it!


What’s Marvels biggest regret?

   If you look at this question, it really is a simple answer. Look at all the amazing things they have been able to do with comic books and movies.  They have spread great stores and characters into an entirely new dimension and exposed so many more people to it and really ushered in the era of the nerd. Comics are more popular than ever and almost everyone has seen the big movies, but one thing got away. Long ago marvel sold the rights to Spider-man and the Fantastic Four.

   The first go at the FF on the big screen was mediocre at best. I thought the cast was awesome and couldn’t have been picked better at the time. The story was lacking and the director could have done so much more. I want more from a FF movie! I want to see some of my favorite heros and villains (for the love of god I want to see a badass Doctor Doom)

   So I heard that we were finally going to get a reboot. That word always scares me. They usually do worse than the first was and we only have to look over at the many reincarnations of Batman and Superman to see that. But I took a step back and remembered that I LOVE the new Amazing Spiderman movies. But let’s look over the cast of this reboot (or at least rumored cast). You’ve got the guy from 21 and over (Yes the lazy, slob, under achiever) as Reed Richards. Probably one of the smartest men in the entire marvel universe… alright… you’ve got the main girl from House of Cards cast as Sue… not sure about that but ok… and then Micheal B. Jordan (from Chronicle) as Johnny Storm… now, Sue is white and her BROTHER is black… not sure how you plan on pulling that off without rewriting the entire story but sure, whatever. And last but not least Terry Crews as the Thing… honestly if it works I don’t care that you make Ben black.  I love Terry and think he could pull it off… I’m gonna end this on this note… This movie is going to suck worse than the original Hulk movie… that’s it.


Above: Michael B Jordan
Below: Terry Crews

Now let’s move on to the Sony movie I actually like. The Amazing Spiderman movies have done an amazing job with the retelling of my favorite super hero ever. I love the entire cast and every minute of the first movie was golden to me. The second looks just as good if not better (even though I was nervous at first over Jamie Foxx as electro). The viral marketing campaign has been amazing and it just looks to be a all around good movie. But…

The girl they picked to play Mary Jane Watson is not what I think they should do. Even though she has since backed out of the role (after being cut out of the 2nd film and pushed to the third) it worries me the thinking behind the choice. MJ was always the smoking hot chick that the nerd got because of his confidence and smarts. She was not the nerd or the average girl next door. I think they need a young sexy redhead to blow the doors off this role. There are plenty to pick from but the girl from the CW network isn’t it. She has been a sex symbol for comic nerds forever. Let’s not ruin that too. Yes I realize that I risk sounding pig headed or just another normal guy thing to say. But she was always a strong woman and only made Peter a better man. She can do both and there are plenty of actresses to choose from that can do both on the big screen.

Now let’s cool down and ask Dast 5 questions!


Howdy Howdy, I’m Dast, I’m 20 years old and I am a casual cosplayer from Los Angeles and you’re browsing/reading Project’s Playground!

1. There are not half as many guys that get a lot of attention doing cosplay as girls. What’s the hardest part of doing this as a guy?

Dast: Oh man, my first answer’s gonna be a long one…
Yeah, that’s definitely something you notice the more you get into the cosplay scene, it’s just the curl of the burl. But for me I kinda do cosplay as a thing on the side, as a way to just dress up and be a hero or a villain for a day, so the fact that my page may not get a hundred likes or I won’t have photographers lined up and waiting for me at cons doesn’t really bother me all that much, my main goal is just to forget that I’m a student for a day and just go crazy. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy posing for pictures, but I’ve noticed it’s generally a bit tougher for male cosplayers to get a photographer’s attention and thus harder to end up getting coverage and exposure to your cosplays. But it does make it all the sweeter when a photographer does notice you and you end up feeling great for the whole con weekend when a photographer asks you for a professional shoot (one such photographer was BlizzardTerrakPhotography , who was amazing and penciled me into his busy schedule. Hats off to him!). But you definitely end up feeling like an odd duck when you notice you’re the only guy cosplaying among a crowd of people but it’s fun to be the odd duck every now and then. Plus it’s exciting to run into another dude cosplayer and you end up becoming friends rather quickly (Like my good friend CaptainSuperMarket Cosplay, who has become my official CosBro [Check him out!]).
Uh, yeah, so pretty much: It’s apparent but not so bad, I still have fun!

2. Ok, here’s a tough one. DC comics or Marvel?

Dast: Ooooooh, that is a tough one! I’ll have to make a list for this:

-Animated Series: DC. No contest. Batman the Animated Series and Justice League alone could win that section.

-Theatrical Releases: Marvel. The Dark Knight trilogy gave Marvel a hell of a run for their money, but with Disney’s help, Marvel’s been able to consistently put out blockbuster after blockbuster. Their success aside, their films are just bloody fun to watch!

-And the main dish, Comics: I can’t decide. I mean, DC was rockin in the past with Vertigo, but new 52 is just pretty screwed up (Man, they changed Mr. Freeze’s perfect origin story!), Gonna have to go with Marvel, I guess.

3. What food is your guilty pleasure?

Dast: Pizza! With my two favorite toppings: Pepperoni and Mushrooms! It’s not my FAVORITE food, but it certainly makes me feel guilty afterwards! I’ve got to really keep this body in shape for my 2014 plans!

4. Name the last movie that brought a tear to your eye? (Even if you don’t want to admit it lol)

Dast: Haha, oh man. I honestly don’t know. The closest I came to crying was just a bit of eye moistness and a single sniffle: I had a Lord of the Rings movie marathon with my buddies (Extended Editions, took us 2 days) and at that last scene where (SPOILERS) Aragorn becomes king and sings and bows before the Hobbits my eyes got a WEEE BIT moist. I wasn’t crying cause it was sad or anything, it was just a beautiful scene! Honest!

5. What is a cosplay that you want to do this year?

Dast: I actually have a few cosplays lined up for this year and all of them seem to have a common theme: WARRIORS!

I’ve got Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones planned and I’m growing my hair out for that and that’ll be sometime in June or July.

I’m going to do another version of my Thor cosplay, more grizzly, a bit less Marvel-Asgardian and Viking as heck.

And the one I am excited for the most is not even movie or game or comic cosplay, but mythology cosplay (is that even a thing?). I’m taking my love for all things Viking and doing a HUGE rework of my 2013 Halloween Costume (The Viking Berserker). That’ll probably be ready after Summer as I’ll need to do some shopping at this year’s Ren Faire for some authentically beastly parts!

Aside from that, I may have a few more surprises up my sleeve. (I’m looking at you, Thorin Oakenshield)



Well guys that’s gonna rap this up for us this week. Make sure to come back next week with even more rumors and reviews of anything nerdy you can imagine. If you have a topic you want covered make sure to comment it below and let us know!! Dont forgot to check in on Uncle Excelsior Friday. We also have an interview with the amazing and beautiful Karen Sakai next week so make sure to come for that!!

Thanks again for reading and have an awesome week!!

He’s back!! Oldest nerd alive! Vol. 2

 Well guys, we can’t keep him locked up all the time. So here he is again! Everyone’s favorite old man, Uncle Excelsior.


Ok, all you ‘new school haters’ out there.  I’m back!


That’s right, this is Uncle Excelsior with another rant cause I just can’t stay off the internet and it just makes me mad as fire what some of these motion picture people try and do to the heroes we know and love!  Now, I got a lot on my mind right now, but I’m gonna start with something that caught my eye and rips me a new one every time I read it!  Black Superheroes!


Now, I know you can’t see me, but, if you could, you’d see that I’m the whitest old nerd you’ve ever seen.  But I don’t want you to misunderstand me.  Cause I’m not a bit racist.  Momma Excelsior taught me a long time ago to respect people for who they were and not the color of their skin.  That being said, let me explain my beef with how the movie companies want to bring Black Superheroes to the big screen.


It happened first with the Kingpin in Daredevil.  Yeah, I brought THAT movie back up.  They felt the need to make Wilson Fisk black and spit in the face of continuity and the fanboys everywhere!  Of course, that wasn’t all that was wrong with THAT movie, but we won’t go into that here.


Then, they pulled Samuel L. Jackson out to play Nick Fury.  Now, besides the fact that is was freakin’ Samuel L ‘must be in every cool fanboy movie made’ Jackson, I understand the fact that they were going with the ULTIMATE MARVEL Nick Fury and not our beloved original version.  Now, since I LOVE Samuel L. Jackson, I gave them a pass on this one.  Let’s not get into the fact that I absolutely HATE the very idea of the whole ULTIMATE line seeing as it is a rehash so they don’t have to come up with new stories; just rework someone’s great ideas!  No, I chose to forgive them that due to the greatness of Jackson.


BUT when I heard they were considering casting a black actor to play Johnny Storm….What the HELL?  Not only is that flippin’ off continuity, it’s damned near the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!  The Fantastic Four are one of the most beloved families in all of comicdom and YET they don’t seem to cut a break when it comes to the movies!  First we have the original debacle from 1994 that never saw the light of day.  And then we have two really good attempts at selling the family motif which unfortunately debuted a gamma radiation mutated Dr. Doom that even Stan Lee was angry about.


NOW, this….


If you make Johnny Storm black, does that mean that Sue will be black too considering she’s his sister?  And how about Reed?  Will it be an interracial marriage?  Not that I have ANYTHING against that.  I just feel that THEY NEED TO LEAVE THE FF THE FREAK ALONE!!


And here’s what really burns me about all of this.  You want black superheroes?  Well, hey, geniuses of Hollywood, how about culling from the virtual endless library of great black superheroes who are actually already been in print for decades and , here’s a shocker, have a fan base that is BEGGING for a movie!  Heroes like LUKE CAGE or BLACK PANTHER!  Marvel pioneered multiracial comics in the seventies with titles like these two.  Luckily, there is talk about a Netflix exclusive tv show starring SWEET CHRISTMAS, Luke Cage!  And Black Panther has been on the back burner movie wise for a while and looks to be taking a back seat, once again, to the likes of Dr. Strange.


But it doesn’t end there.  How about ICON?  That Milestone comics ethnic answer to Superman?  Or better yet, the beloved STATIC SHOCK?  Are you kidding?  Do they KNOW how many kids watched that show back in the 90s and are now grown up and a vital part of their market?  I mean, the list goes on and on.  Hecks, I’d even be on board for a DC BLACK LIGHTNING movie!


Luckily enough, we’ve had great movies featuring some of the great Ethnic heroes like BLADE and STORM of the Xmen.  And the future is a bit bright with LUKE CAGE coming and spatterings of possible roles like Captain America’s FALCON or DC’s CYBORG (mostly rumors right now).  And don’t forget the casting of Denzel Washington as Green Lantern for the reboot and us actually getting to see BISHOP in Days of Future Past?  So, the movie companies have begun to get the idea.  Just one thing….


Let’s let the white superheroes be white and the black superheroes be black shall we?  I’m done…gonna go watch the BLADE trilogy and hope for a movie starring maybe a hot Misty Knight or a STORM solo pic (maybe not with Halle Barry and with that cool mohawk, right?)…Hey, one can dream, right?

Is Disney ruining my childhood, who watches the watchdog?, and we ask Jewels Hardy 5 questions

Welcome back to the Playground!  This week we have the whole shabang! Video game news, comic movie news, Starwars, and a lovely lady to ask some questions. Let’s get it started then!


This week we start out with our Internet Intelligence Report. It’s been a strange week in news for me. Looking over the endless barrage of “news” and rumors. But in the end all the Star Wars news was just to much to take. Not sure if you feel the same but it seems more and more that the buy out of Lucas film is not going to end up being a great thing (Besides seeing more movies)

Marvel now has the rights to Star Wars comics.

This may be the best thing of all the news to me. With the resources, writers and artist, at their disposal I think this may bring the comics back. I remember reading them as a kid growing up and would love to see them go back to that for kids these days (and for me. Let’s not lie about it)

Yoda and other old jedi will appear in VII

The word is that yoda will appear in the movie to possibly warn skywalker of a growing unbalance in the force. As for the others, they will be featured as holograms in the back ground. A good idea to me. It allows you to feature them and show homage and not rewrite the story’s of the past. The rumored jedi said to appear are Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jin, a few others.

Disney to rewrite the starwars canon?

This is were my skin crawls. It’s being rumored and some what confirmed that Disney is in the process of the trimming down the starwars universe and what stores are official and which are not. The major note was that most, if not all, of what happened post Return of the Jedi will be erased. Those are some of my, and I’m sure others, favorite story lines. All I have to say is that they better think long and hard about this… I hope that 4 billion was worth it Lucas.

Last but not least

Jesse Plemons to play Skywalkers son?

If you’ve ever watched Breaking Bad then you know this actor. Famous for shooting a little kid in the show now is rumored to be playing Skywalkers son , or at least a major role,  in the upcoming film.  Good idea? I have no idea. It could work or it could be the biggest mistake yet. We will just have to wait and see.

That wraps up the report for this week and I’m not sure where this leaves us, but one thing is for sure. It’ll be interesting to watch it unfold. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

———–   ————-   ————–   ———–    —

Now let’s talk video games! Welcome to our newest segment, Sink or Swim! We will take a trailer to an upcoming game and review it from there. What else is a trailer if not a test to see of your game will sink or swim. To open it up, we start Watchdogs, Ubisofts upcoming game.

Make sure to watch the trailer HERE if you have not done so already. Hell, go watch it again if you have. I’ve seen it a hundred times and get more excited every time I see it.

This game looks to be a modern version of Assassins Creed. There are very technological differences and will be a great game in its own right. The game is set in Chicago and you play a man that is trying to bring down the corruption and free the people. A very compelling story and feels as though it will drive you through it. The graphics look amazing, and if you are playing it on the ps4 or the xbox one I’m sure they will be mind blowing. In Ubisofts usual fashion there is a companion app for your mobile phone (just like ac4)

With, what they describe as seamless,  multiplayer there should be plenty of replay value in the game. It seems to be a little like gta v’s multiplayer. A lot of players in a open world. It seems to have worked out great in gta so hopefully the same will be true here.

If you can’t tell already, I’m waiting for this game to come out. The release date is still in question but many believe it will be March 21st this year. Ubisoft has not confirmed this but seems pretty much nailed down. I love it and think it’ll be a good contender for game of the year. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 and believe this game will SWIM like Micheal Phelps.


This week we have Jewels Hardy for our 5 questions. I’d like to say thank you again to her for doing this and make sure you all go check out her Facebook page and tell her the Project’s Playground sent you!

1. I am a huge spiderman fan and have been since I was really little. Who is your favorite spidey bad guy and who would you cast to play them? (Black cat doesn’t count, too easy lol)

My favorite Spiderman villian was The Lizard, and I felt like the actor c cast was fantastic; which says a lot because a lot of the casting in Spiderman films has irritated me on some level. (Kirsten Dunst, really? Just, why?)

2. I saw on your page that you’re a huge Lady Gaga fan. What was the last one you listened to on your phone/ipod?

The last song was Marry the Night or G.U.Y.; those are my two favorites.

3. Do you have plans of doing any different costumes this year for the cons you are going to?

I’m going to be wearing my Sally costume to Wizard Con Portland for sure; I’d like to have a Frozen costume by NYCC, but I can’t actually sew so that’s a skill to get under my belt by then. I’ve also wanted to do a borg costume for years but never really gotten anywhere with putting it all together.

4. Now for my random question. If you had to eat of a fast food dollar menu for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

McDonalds french fries, I used to eat them at least once a week, they’re basically like crack for me. I stay far far away from them as much as possible.

5. Do you play video games? If so which console are you into and which games are you favorites?

Ahhh, I honestly play absolutely no video games outside of arcades, and have never owned a console or even had games installed on my PC. I’m sure plenty of people would like to revoke my nerd card for that.




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The oldest nerd alive!!! Vol.1

Well guys, welcome a member of the playground that we usually keep away from (don’t look at me like that…we all have those family members…)

Well there no more intro needed… Welcome our Uncle Excelsior, the oldest nerd alive! Enjoy!

Ok, boys and girls, this is your old Uncle Excelsior, the world’s oldest nerd, so strap your helmets on cause I’ve got a bee in my bonnet the size of Thor’s hammer!  That’s right, gather around cause I’m about to go on the biggest and oldest nerdrage for the ages.

 Ya see, as old as I am, I’m pretty proficient with this here internet and, being retired, I’ve got boatloads of time to not only pull out my old comic book collections and catch up on some reading; I’ve got plenty of time to take a spin around the world wide weird and find out about all the super-de-heroes movies comin’ out in the next couple of  years.  Now, I’m perty excited about the next few years to be sure.  But with all of the great news about more and more comic movies coming out every year, I also have to listen to the constant whining of a generation who has apparently forgotten from whence we have come in just a few, short decades.

 I can’t log into my Facebook account (bet you thought I couldn’t do that, huh) without hearing the latest problem with the latest announcement coming from Sony, Disney or Warner Brothers.  Or should I say the perceived problems.  I mean,  it isn’t an all out rage over Ben Afleck playing Batman or someone worryin’ about whether the new Wonder Woman can bulk up in time, it’s a bunch of all out bawlin’ about Denzel Washington playing a John Stewart Green Lantern.   I’ve never heard so much bitchin’ and moanin’ in all my life and, as I’ve made clear, I’ve been around a while.  So, with all of that said, let me get to the point.

 Put a sock in it, fer God’s sake!!

 Let me try and put this in perspective for ya.  Roll back the clock to the seventies.  The later seventies to be exact.  From 1975-1979, three awesome shows jumped into the lineups that totally defied the television logic at the time.  Wonder Woman (1975-1979), The Incredible Hulk (1978-1982) and Spiderman (1977-1979) brought comic heroes into our living rooms every week and had moderate success.   They spawned a few tv movies like Captain America (1979) and we even got to see Thor in a Hulk Tv movie a decade later in The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988).  So what’s my point?  Even with that success, they were still small budget and predated the special effects explosion coming with Star Wars and George Lucas.  Still it was hard to get the big budget movie companies to take comic movies seriously.  

 SO, the bottom line?  You’re damn lucky their even giving Comic movies the time of day!  It’s been a slow, long build to the big budget, special effects extravaganzas we get today.  Superman (1978) and its sequels.  Batman (1989) and its three sequels with three different men playing Batman.  To the deluge of comic movies that exploded into the 2000s; X-men (2000), Spiderman (2002) and the rebirth of the Batman franchise starring Christian Bale.  I think the attention that we fanboys and girls are getting from the movie studios is a boon we should NOT take for granted.  I’m just hoping that this isn’t a fad in movies that will go away after a while.    I’m just happy to be getting how many superhero movies in 2014?  I can’t count them!  Comic book properties movie rights are being swept up at an alarming rate, but true to Hollywood, not every property makes it to the big screen.  Which is why we’re talking a third time about the ROCK playing a DC character in a movie!  

 SO, eat it up as long as the gravy train lasts!  Just face facts.  We survived Clooney, we’ll survive Afleck.  Yeah, yeah, I hated DAREDEVIL too.  But ya know what?  It was a Daredevil movie and two or three decades ago the movie companies would have even touched the idea.  They would have passed on it as a kiddy, low intake movie not worthy of the big budget or all star cast.  Denzel Washington?  Dare I say, Academy Award?   He’s got an Oscar baby!!  If he even gives this a thought, we should consider ourselves lucky.  And Wonder Woman….well, damn ….it’s Wonder Woman on the big screen!  And if Superman vs Batman isn’t quite what you bunch of spoiled whiners wanted, ya know what?  It’s still a HUGE budget movie with an all star cast with the best in special effects with both BATMAN AND SUPERMAN in it!!  And, if you don’t know how special that is, I can’t help ya!

 I’m done with ya.  I got a stack of Claremont/Bynre X-men waitin’ on me.  Until next time; this is Uncle Excelsior, the world’s oldest comic fanboy signing off!!   (I think I’ll watch Daredevil just to irritate the haters tonight…lol)

Well there ya go… now you know what we’re dealing with around here… let us know what you think about his…thoughts? Comment below and let’s get him all worked up 😉

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