Welcome to the Playground: The JLA, KatyBear Cosplay, and more!

Welcome to the Playground!

This isn’t just another boring blog for easy opinions and plenty that no one cares about. This is “The Playground”. We do things in our own special way and try our best to entertain as we do. We will be here for your viewing pleasure every Saturday and Wednesday with plenty of new content and things for you to steam over and leave comments about. Speaking of that, we encourage you all to leave comments or email us (all our information will be at the bottom of the post) We also have Facebook were you can follow us for more information and anything else that crawls out of the dark corners of my mind.

    Well having said all that, let me tell you a little about my self. My name is Stephen Motes (just call me Steps) and i am set to turn 27 in a month. I am a self proclaimed master of all things nerd. I love playing video games whenever i can, movies is one of my favorite things to do, and Star Wars and Comic books is where it all began. Feel free to leave a comment or email any questions you have. I’m not shy.

    Now let us get this show on the road shall we…

    We are going to start with a little section we like to call the Internet Intelligence Report. We know that not everyone has the time or patience to go out and search through all rumors and garbage on the internet, so… we do it for you. Every Wednesday we will have a new report over a new subject… So let’s get started this week!

Let’s start off with the JLA…

possible jla

So we will start with these four. While i am sure that most of you know the two on the right are going to be in the new Superman Vs Batman movie ( Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman) The two on the left are much more interesting to me. Lets go through these four real quick…

  • Charlie Hunnam as Aquaman: There are plenty of report that Charlie is getting his name thrown around for the sea king role. I’m not sure if I can see him going from gang banger to super hero but he does look the part. Maybe Hunnam can do for Aquaman what Hemsworth did for Thor.
  • Stephen Amell as Green Arrow: If you haven’t watched Arrow on the CW I suggest you do and if they do not give this role to Amell, i would be shocked. He does a great job playing Oliver Queen.
  • Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot: Cavill did a good Superman in the last movie and I have no reason to doubt him this time. While I think Gadot has the looks to play Wonder Woman, my only issue is the muscle mass… she seems a little on the small side but that is easily fixed and I believe it will be.

oldman jla

Now let’s get started on the last two… This is where things go south for me. D.C. is yet to make  consistent choices that keep me excited. This is not a huge bashing of Ben Affleck either. While both these actors are great actors… not sure this is the best fit for them. with that in mind here we go…

  • Ben Affleck as Batman: I think that the direction they are going in for the Superman Vs. Batman movie will make Ben a great choice for that particular movie, but to keep him for a JLA movie? I don’t know what good an older Batman will do you there… hopefully they will think long and hard about that
  • Denzel Washington as Green Lantern: This is the one that just makes my head spin. The first rumors were that DC was going to make Lex Luther African-American and Denzel was the man for the job… turns out that not true. But now the buzz is that it was the Green Lantern that he was in talks to play… i love almost all of his movies but really? Old Batman and old Green Lantern… not sure that’s the crew to try and beat the Avengers in the box office.


    And now the latest rumor is that Dwayne  “The Rock” Johnson has just signed on the work with Warner Brothers and DC comics in a movie but it has not be sad who he will be playing… my money is on him coming in as Lobo. There have been rumor swirling about Lobo getting either is own film or being introduced in another one. There is also talk of him playing the Black Atom, but i do not think that’s the case.

    On that note we close down the first Internet Intelligence Report. Remember to leave comments below of your thoughts on this and who you would cast as each member if you got to choose. Now moving from that into one of our personal favorites. We call it 5 Questions.

5 Questions is a section where we will talk with someone (cosplayer, gamer, etc.) and ask… shockingly five questions. Some of these may be relevent to the person while some are completely random. At the bottom there will be a link to their pages and galleries. This week the person we have to talk with is the lovely KatyBear. Enjoy!

1. What is the best and worst part of doing what you do?
The best part for me is when my craftsmanship gets noticed, I feel that I have come a long way since I first started. I know I still have a lot to learn though! The worst is either when I’m at a con and a pervert tried to take inappropriate pictures of me, or the drama that seems to have surfaced in our community. Cosplay has become a trend, and for those of us that consider ourselves artists, it’s frustrating! A lot of people do it just for the attention now, and not for the display of our artwork.
2. Are you a sports fan? If so what sport or team gets you fired up and really into the game?
I do like sports. I am a Denver Broncos fan,(I bet people will get fired up about this, LOL).
3. If you got stranded on an island what 3 things would you have to take with you?
Hm, I would say a cell phone that has service (like that would happen) so I can call for help, a few gallons of water, and maybe some rope so I could fashion together a raft.
4. What the strangest thing a fan has given you or said when they met you?
Hm, I haven’t been given anything strange yet, but I had someone come up to me and ask if my butt was real one time, implying that I have butt implants or something (is that even a thing?!)
5. If you could actually be any character in any game, who would you be?
CAMMY from Street Fighter! I love her, she will always be my favorite!
Katybear cosplay

I’d like to thank Katy Bear for doing this interview for us and i hope you all enjoyed getting to know her just a little bit better. I hope you will all go and give her page some love! Click here for her facebook!

Well guys, the time has come for me to wrap this up. Make sure you come back Saturday for the weekend edition of The Playground. Hope this made yo humpday just a little bit better. Make sure to check out our facebook page here to get even more news and whatever else may find its’ way on there. Leave your comments below about the interview or your thoughts about the JLA rumors. Till next time guys!


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