Console wars, the beginning of the apocalypse, and Microkitty is on the playground!

   Welcome back to the Playground! This week we have the war between Sony and Microsoft,  some good ol’ xmen rumors in the Internet intelligence report,  and Microkitty joins us for 5 questions! 

   So let’s dig in!

   Let’s talk consoles for a moment. The big battle began again late last year with the fans of both companies shouting and arguing that there system would be better with more tech talk than any of us really wanted to go through. Both systems are good in their own right but this is about numbers… Microsoft put out its numbers and the Xbox One has sold an astounding 3 million units since it’s launch. Personally I have friends who have one and they say it’s amazing. With that said, I went with the Ps4 for a number of reasons, and when Sony released their numbers, it was apparent that I wasn’t the only one. The Ps4 has sold a amazing 4.2 million units. Not only did the ps4 come out after the xbox one but has out sold it by 1.2 million units. To me… that’s all that needs to be said.

Moving on…

   Now let’s get to the rumors and all around fun of our Internet Intelligence Report!

   This week we make it all about the Xmen. Not the awesome looking Days of Future Past that comes out this May, but the one swirling around the Internet since Singer let loose a tweet hinting at Apocalypse!  That’s right guys! We may just get to see the big man on the big screen. For those of you who don’t know, Apocalypse is one of the most formidable villains the Xmen ever faced, and for good reason. He is, speculated, to be the first mutant ever. Over time (don’t forget about the alien tech he found and used) learning to control his genetic make up he can change his size and look at will, teleport, and has telekinesis just to name a few.

Now admittedly there are not to.many rumors as of yet but let’s look at the possibilities.  Probably the greatest series he was in was the Age of Apocalypse.  This was an alternate reality where professor X was killed before forming the xmen, leaving no one to stop Apocalypse from taking over the world and enslaving humanity.
With Days of future past being all about time jumping and going back to the young professor, how much of a stretch is it to see this as a set up or spring board into the Age of Apocalypse.  Is makes a great mirror or Days of future Past, where.mutants are enslaved and hunted to the AoA where it’s the exact opposite.  The two would.make great back to back . movies.

   Now to my favorite part of movie rumors… who do you get to play such an iconic charatcer. I spent a good long time thinking about who I could cast in the role and I finally came to a choice. (Drum roll please)….. Faran Tahir. He has a great voice for the part, the ethnicity matches, and you can do magic with cameras to make him look as big as you want (just look at 300). So there’s my pick. Who would you choose. Comment below and let us know!


   Let’s move on now and leave the rumors and hear say behind us and learn some fact about our guest this week, Micro Kitty! Let’s ask her 5 questions.

1.  I see you like adventure time. What was your favorite cartoon as a kid growing up?  

My favorite cartoon was probably the rugrats, I was definitely a 90s nick kid!  

2.One of my big plans for 2014 is to make it comic con in San Diego. Do you have any plans to make it out there and if not what are your plans for 2014?    

I don’t think I’ll make it to SDCC, it’s too expensive for me being from Boston, but I am excited to say I’m going to PAX east in 2014  

3.what is a “mythical creature” that you think might actually exist?    

I am a huge fan of sirens, I think that the idea of them is terrifying an the most realistic, being a creature that lures sailors to their death with their beauty.  

4. Who is your favorite comedian?

  Wanda sykes!  

5. What is a strange fact about you that might surprise people.  

 Haha, well the strangest fact about me is that I have 11 tattoos, you wouldn’t know from looking at me because they are mostly on my back!




(All photos belong to Micro kitty)

Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know her a little better and make sure to check out her Facebook page here! Enjoy the pictures above and thanks again for your time Micro Kitty!

I hate this time but here we are. That wraps up the playground for this week! Make sure to leave your comments below and let’s talk about what you think! Make sure to check out our Facebook page and give us a like here! Till next time guys!


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