The oldest nerd alive!!! Vol.1

Well guys, welcome a member of the playground that we usually keep away from (don’t look at me like that…we all have those family members…)

Well there no more intro needed… Welcome our Uncle Excelsior, the oldest nerd alive! Enjoy!

Ok, boys and girls, this is your old Uncle Excelsior, the world’s oldest nerd, so strap your helmets on cause I’ve got a bee in my bonnet the size of Thor’s hammer!  That’s right, gather around cause I’m about to go on the biggest and oldest nerdrage for the ages.

 Ya see, as old as I am, I’m pretty proficient with this here internet and, being retired, I’ve got boatloads of time to not only pull out my old comic book collections and catch up on some reading; I’ve got plenty of time to take a spin around the world wide weird and find out about all the super-de-heroes movies comin’ out in the next couple of  years.  Now, I’m perty excited about the next few years to be sure.  But with all of the great news about more and more comic movies coming out every year, I also have to listen to the constant whining of a generation who has apparently forgotten from whence we have come in just a few, short decades.

 I can’t log into my Facebook account (bet you thought I couldn’t do that, huh) without hearing the latest problem with the latest announcement coming from Sony, Disney or Warner Brothers.  Or should I say the perceived problems.  I mean,  it isn’t an all out rage over Ben Afleck playing Batman or someone worryin’ about whether the new Wonder Woman can bulk up in time, it’s a bunch of all out bawlin’ about Denzel Washington playing a John Stewart Green Lantern.   I’ve never heard so much bitchin’ and moanin’ in all my life and, as I’ve made clear, I’ve been around a while.  So, with all of that said, let me get to the point.

 Put a sock in it, fer God’s sake!!

 Let me try and put this in perspective for ya.  Roll back the clock to the seventies.  The later seventies to be exact.  From 1975-1979, three awesome shows jumped into the lineups that totally defied the television logic at the time.  Wonder Woman (1975-1979), The Incredible Hulk (1978-1982) and Spiderman (1977-1979) brought comic heroes into our living rooms every week and had moderate success.   They spawned a few tv movies like Captain America (1979) and we even got to see Thor in a Hulk Tv movie a decade later in The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988).  So what’s my point?  Even with that success, they were still small budget and predated the special effects explosion coming with Star Wars and George Lucas.  Still it was hard to get the big budget movie companies to take comic movies seriously.  

 SO, the bottom line?  You’re damn lucky their even giving Comic movies the time of day!  It’s been a slow, long build to the big budget, special effects extravaganzas we get today.  Superman (1978) and its sequels.  Batman (1989) and its three sequels with three different men playing Batman.  To the deluge of comic movies that exploded into the 2000s; X-men (2000), Spiderman (2002) and the rebirth of the Batman franchise starring Christian Bale.  I think the attention that we fanboys and girls are getting from the movie studios is a boon we should NOT take for granted.  I’m just hoping that this isn’t a fad in movies that will go away after a while.    I’m just happy to be getting how many superhero movies in 2014?  I can’t count them!  Comic book properties movie rights are being swept up at an alarming rate, but true to Hollywood, not every property makes it to the big screen.  Which is why we’re talking a third time about the ROCK playing a DC character in a movie!  

 SO, eat it up as long as the gravy train lasts!  Just face facts.  We survived Clooney, we’ll survive Afleck.  Yeah, yeah, I hated DAREDEVIL too.  But ya know what?  It was a Daredevil movie and two or three decades ago the movie companies would have even touched the idea.  They would have passed on it as a kiddy, low intake movie not worthy of the big budget or all star cast.  Denzel Washington?  Dare I say, Academy Award?   He’s got an Oscar baby!!  If he even gives this a thought, we should consider ourselves lucky.  And Wonder Woman….well, damn ….it’s Wonder Woman on the big screen!  And if Superman vs Batman isn’t quite what you bunch of spoiled whiners wanted, ya know what?  It’s still a HUGE budget movie with an all star cast with the best in special effects with both BATMAN AND SUPERMAN in it!!  And, if you don’t know how special that is, I can’t help ya!

 I’m done with ya.  I got a stack of Claremont/Bynre X-men waitin’ on me.  Until next time; this is Uncle Excelsior, the world’s oldest comic fanboy signing off!!   (I think I’ll watch Daredevil just to irritate the haters tonight…lol)

Well there ya go… now you know what we’re dealing with around here… let us know what you think about his…thoughts? Comment below and let’s get him all worked up 😉

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