Is Disney ruining my childhood, who watches the watchdog?, and we ask Jewels Hardy 5 questions

Welcome back to the Playground!  This week we have the whole shabang! Video game news, comic movie news, Starwars, and a lovely lady to ask some questions. Let’s get it started then!


This week we start out with our Internet Intelligence Report. It’s been a strange week in news for me. Looking over the endless barrage of “news” and rumors. But in the end all the Star Wars news was just to much to take. Not sure if you feel the same but it seems more and more that the buy out of Lucas film is not going to end up being a great thing (Besides seeing more movies)

Marvel now has the rights to Star Wars comics.

This may be the best thing of all the news to me. With the resources, writers and artist, at their disposal I think this may bring the comics back. I remember reading them as a kid growing up and would love to see them go back to that for kids these days (and for me. Let’s not lie about it)

Yoda and other old jedi will appear in VII

The word is that yoda will appear in the movie to possibly warn skywalker of a growing unbalance in the force. As for the others, they will be featured as holograms in the back ground. A good idea to me. It allows you to feature them and show homage and not rewrite the story’s of the past. The rumored jedi said to appear are Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jin, a few others.

Disney to rewrite the starwars canon?

This is were my skin crawls. It’s being rumored and some what confirmed that Disney is in the process of the trimming down the starwars universe and what stores are official and which are not. The major note was that most, if not all, of what happened post Return of the Jedi will be erased. Those are some of my, and I’m sure others, favorite story lines. All I have to say is that they better think long and hard about this… I hope that 4 billion was worth it Lucas.

Last but not least

Jesse Plemons to play Skywalkers son?

If you’ve ever watched Breaking Bad then you know this actor. Famous for shooting a little kid in the show now is rumored to be playing Skywalkers son , or at least a major role,  in the upcoming film.  Good idea? I have no idea. It could work or it could be the biggest mistake yet. We will just have to wait and see.

That wraps up the report for this week and I’m not sure where this leaves us, but one thing is for sure. It’ll be interesting to watch it unfold. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

———–   ————-   ————–   ———–    —

Now let’s talk video games! Welcome to our newest segment, Sink or Swim! We will take a trailer to an upcoming game and review it from there. What else is a trailer if not a test to see of your game will sink or swim. To open it up, we start Watchdogs, Ubisofts upcoming game.

Make sure to watch the trailer HERE if you have not done so already. Hell, go watch it again if you have. I’ve seen it a hundred times and get more excited every time I see it.

This game looks to be a modern version of Assassins Creed. There are very technological differences and will be a great game in its own right. The game is set in Chicago and you play a man that is trying to bring down the corruption and free the people. A very compelling story and feels as though it will drive you through it. The graphics look amazing, and if you are playing it on the ps4 or the xbox one I’m sure they will be mind blowing. In Ubisofts usual fashion there is a companion app for your mobile phone (just like ac4)

With, what they describe as seamless,  multiplayer there should be plenty of replay value in the game. It seems to be a little like gta v’s multiplayer. A lot of players in a open world. It seems to have worked out great in gta so hopefully the same will be true here.

If you can’t tell already, I’m waiting for this game to come out. The release date is still in question but many believe it will be March 21st this year. Ubisoft has not confirmed this but seems pretty much nailed down. I love it and think it’ll be a good contender for game of the year. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 and believe this game will SWIM like Micheal Phelps.


This week we have Jewels Hardy for our 5 questions. I’d like to say thank you again to her for doing this and make sure you all go check out her Facebook page and tell her the Project’s Playground sent you!

1. I am a huge spiderman fan and have been since I was really little. Who is your favorite spidey bad guy and who would you cast to play them? (Black cat doesn’t count, too easy lol)

My favorite Spiderman villian was The Lizard, and I felt like the actor c cast was fantastic; which says a lot because a lot of the casting in Spiderman films has irritated me on some level. (Kirsten Dunst, really? Just, why?)

2. I saw on your page that you’re a huge Lady Gaga fan. What was the last one you listened to on your phone/ipod?

The last song was Marry the Night or G.U.Y.; those are my two favorites.

3. Do you have plans of doing any different costumes this year for the cons you are going to?

I’m going to be wearing my Sally costume to Wizard Con Portland for sure; I’d like to have a Frozen costume by NYCC, but I can’t actually sew so that’s a skill to get under my belt by then. I’ve also wanted to do a borg costume for years but never really gotten anywhere with putting it all together.

4. Now for my random question. If you had to eat of a fast food dollar menu for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

McDonalds french fries, I used to eat them at least once a week, they’re basically like crack for me. I stay far far away from them as much as possible.

5. Do you play video games? If so which console are you into and which games are you favorites?

Ahhh, I honestly play absolutely no video games outside of arcades, and have never owned a console or even had games installed on my PC. I’m sure plenty of people would like to revoke my nerd card for that.




Make sure to give her Facebook page some love here.

We’ll guys, that’s all we wrote… but it doesn’t have to end here. Make sure and give us your two cents in the comments below and write you part of this blog. We would love to hear from you and talk, argue, agree. Which ever it may be. Till next week!


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