What’s Marvels biggest regret, Dast Cosplay stops by, and we talk Mary Jane (Watson that is)

Welcome back to the Playground! This week we will look into a few things that make Stan Lee and Marvel cringe, we discuss Sonys idea of who MJ should be played by, and we ask Dast 5 questions. So why don’t we just jump straight into it!


What’s Marvels biggest regret?

   If you look at this question, it really is a simple answer. Look at all the amazing things they have been able to do with comic books and movies.  They have spread great stores and characters into an entirely new dimension and exposed so many more people to it and really ushered in the era of the nerd. Comics are more popular than ever and almost everyone has seen the big movies, but one thing got away. Long ago marvel sold the rights to Spider-man and the Fantastic Four.

   The first go at the FF on the big screen was mediocre at best. I thought the cast was awesome and couldn’t have been picked better at the time. The story was lacking and the director could have done so much more. I want more from a FF movie! I want to see some of my favorite heros and villains (for the love of god I want to see a badass Doctor Doom)

   So I heard that we were finally going to get a reboot. That word always scares me. They usually do worse than the first was and we only have to look over at the many reincarnations of Batman and Superman to see that. But I took a step back and remembered that I LOVE the new Amazing Spiderman movies. But let’s look over the cast of this reboot (or at least rumored cast). You’ve got the guy from 21 and over (Yes the lazy, slob, under achiever) as Reed Richards. Probably one of the smartest men in the entire marvel universe… alright… you’ve got the main girl from House of Cards cast as Sue… not sure about that but ok… and then Micheal B. Jordan (from Chronicle) as Johnny Storm… now, Sue is white and her BROTHER is black… not sure how you plan on pulling that off without rewriting the entire story but sure, whatever. And last but not least Terry Crews as the Thing… honestly if it works I don’t care that you make Ben black.  I love Terry and think he could pull it off… I’m gonna end this on this note… This movie is going to suck worse than the original Hulk movie… that’s it.


Above: Michael B Jordan
Below: Terry Crews

Now let’s move on to the Sony movie I actually like. The Amazing Spiderman movies have done an amazing job with the retelling of my favorite super hero ever. I love the entire cast and every minute of the first movie was golden to me. The second looks just as good if not better (even though I was nervous at first over Jamie Foxx as electro). The viral marketing campaign has been amazing and it just looks to be a all around good movie. But…

The girl they picked to play Mary Jane Watson is not what I think they should do. Even though she has since backed out of the role (after being cut out of the 2nd film and pushed to the third) it worries me the thinking behind the choice. MJ was always the smoking hot chick that the nerd got because of his confidence and smarts. She was not the nerd or the average girl next door. I think they need a young sexy redhead to blow the doors off this role. There are plenty to pick from but the girl from the CW network isn’t it. She has been a sex symbol for comic nerds forever. Let’s not ruin that too. Yes I realize that I risk sounding pig headed or just another normal guy thing to say. But she was always a strong woman and only made Peter a better man. She can do both and there are plenty of actresses to choose from that can do both on the big screen.

Now let’s cool down and ask Dast 5 questions!


Howdy Howdy, I’m Dast, I’m 20 years old and I am a casual cosplayer from Los Angeles and you’re browsing/reading Project’s Playground!

1. There are not half as many guys that get a lot of attention doing cosplay as girls. What’s the hardest part of doing this as a guy?

Dast: Oh man, my first answer’s gonna be a long one…
Yeah, that’s definitely something you notice the more you get into the cosplay scene, it’s just the curl of the burl. But for me I kinda do cosplay as a thing on the side, as a way to just dress up and be a hero or a villain for a day, so the fact that my page may not get a hundred likes or I won’t have photographers lined up and waiting for me at cons doesn’t really bother me all that much, my main goal is just to forget that I’m a student for a day and just go crazy. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy posing for pictures, but I’ve noticed it’s generally a bit tougher for male cosplayers to get a photographer’s attention and thus harder to end up getting coverage and exposure to your cosplays. But it does make it all the sweeter when a photographer does notice you and you end up feeling great for the whole con weekend when a photographer asks you for a professional shoot (one such photographer was BlizzardTerrakPhotography , who was amazing and penciled me into his busy schedule. Hats off to him!). But you definitely end up feeling like an odd duck when you notice you’re the only guy cosplaying among a crowd of people but it’s fun to be the odd duck every now and then. Plus it’s exciting to run into another dude cosplayer and you end up becoming friends rather quickly (Like my good friend CaptainSuperMarket Cosplay, who has become my official CosBro [Check him out!]).
Uh, yeah, so pretty much: It’s apparent but not so bad, I still have fun!

2. Ok, here’s a tough one. DC comics or Marvel?

Dast: Ooooooh, that is a tough one! I’ll have to make a list for this:

-Animated Series: DC. No contest. Batman the Animated Series and Justice League alone could win that section.

-Theatrical Releases: Marvel. The Dark Knight trilogy gave Marvel a hell of a run for their money, but with Disney’s help, Marvel’s been able to consistently put out blockbuster after blockbuster. Their success aside, their films are just bloody fun to watch!

-And the main dish, Comics: I can’t decide. I mean, DC was rockin in the past with Vertigo, but new 52 is just pretty screwed up (Man, they changed Mr. Freeze’s perfect origin story!), Gonna have to go with Marvel, I guess.

3. What food is your guilty pleasure?

Dast: Pizza! With my two favorite toppings: Pepperoni and Mushrooms! It’s not my FAVORITE food, but it certainly makes me feel guilty afterwards! I’ve got to really keep this body in shape for my 2014 plans!

4. Name the last movie that brought a tear to your eye? (Even if you don’t want to admit it lol)

Dast: Haha, oh man. I honestly don’t know. The closest I came to crying was just a bit of eye moistness and a single sniffle: I had a Lord of the Rings movie marathon with my buddies (Extended Editions, took us 2 days) and at that last scene where (SPOILERS) Aragorn becomes king and sings and bows before the Hobbits my eyes got a WEEE BIT moist. I wasn’t crying cause it was sad or anything, it was just a beautiful scene! Honest!

5. What is a cosplay that you want to do this year?

Dast: I actually have a few cosplays lined up for this year and all of them seem to have a common theme: WARRIORS!

I’ve got Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones planned and I’m growing my hair out for that and that’ll be sometime in June or July.

I’m going to do another version of my Thor cosplay, more grizzly, a bit less Marvel-Asgardian and Viking as heck.

And the one I am excited for the most is not even movie or game or comic cosplay, but mythology cosplay (is that even a thing?). I’m taking my love for all things Viking and doing a HUGE rework of my 2013 Halloween Costume (The Viking Berserker). That’ll probably be ready after Summer as I’ll need to do some shopping at this year’s Ren Faire for some authentically beastly parts!

Aside from that, I may have a few more surprises up my sleeve. (I’m looking at you, Thorin Oakenshield)



Well guys that’s gonna rap this up for us this week. Make sure to come back next week with even more rumors and reviews of anything nerdy you can imagine. If you have a topic you want covered make sure to comment it below and let us know!! Dont forgot to check in on Uncle Excelsior Friday. We also have an interview with the amazing and beautiful Karen Sakai next week so make sure to come for that!!

Thanks again for reading and have an awesome week!!


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