What’s under Uncle Excelsior’s skin this time?

Well with not introduction needed, we will go straight into it. Here he is! Are good old Uncle.


Now, I know I’ve already ranted about black Johnny Storm and whined in a way that I was warning us against in the first rant.  But, as we get more and more movies announced, we get more and more news about said movies.  Now this should be a good thing, right?  Well, I’m not so sure.

 I started to notice it with the next installment in ole Spidey’s memoirs, AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2, and the glut of news that started pouring out of the internet because of it.  Now, some of it was gawd awesome!  Like the fact that they flashed Doc Ock’s tentacles and the Vultures wings in the trailer!  Oh, yeah!  We’ve got to see plenty of pics of Jamie Fox’s ELECTRO and, may I say, NERDGASM!  (Sorry, not listening to the naysayers…he’s an awesome choice for the part).  Now I’m still not sure why they decided to make Rhino look like a reject from a Transformer’s battle, but I’m willing to give them some room on this one.  

 BUT THEN we started hearing that Shocker was going to be in the movie and maybe the Prowler!  The Viral assault by the movie company has left our head swimming!  Now there’s shades of Spencer Smyth as head of Oscorp research.  You remember him, right?  The master mind behind the Spider Slayers?  B.J. Novak of OFFICE fame will probably be playing him. ( http://screenrant.com/amazing-spider-man-2-bj-novak-character/ )  I mean, even the SIN EATER has been hinted at…REALLY?  And, if that isn’t enough, you can check out the Daily Bugle ( http://thedailybugle.tumblr.com/ )  for the latest news about Spidey and public reactions!

 But I have to applaud the efforts to keep Amazing-spider-man 2 hot in the buzz.  Other movies have not been hyped so well.  Point in case, the whole Batman/Superman movie.  Now we have the holy (or unholy if you’re a naysayer) Trinity casted, but all the peripheral characters are still being haggled over.  But that does not keep them posting news every single damn day about maybe it’s this guy playing Green lantern or maybe this guy…I mean, we’ve went from Denzel Washington to Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson on that one so far!  And, speaking of the Rock, for the past few years, we’ve heard he was Lobo and, then, Black Adam.  Now, I know it’s all about the normal Hollywood buzz, but fer gawd’s sake, keep it to a dull roar!!  

 We fan-boys aren’t used to being bantered around like the Harry Potter fans or any of the thousands of franchises that Hollywood speculates on yearly.  We have enough problems figuring out DC’s new 52 and Marvel Now!  We just can’t take the constant babble coming out of the World Wide Weird these days mainly because we care about the characters and we’re passionate about what we care about!  That’s Nerd by the very definition!  

 So, I don’t mind news.  In fact, I love the news.  But how about you do all of us Uber Nerds a favor?  Stop spamming the internet with false leads and random speculation about the properties we know and love.  Now, part of the fault lies with those producing said news.  Many sites foam at the mouth at every tidbit of speculation about the comics movies and plaster all over the net without checking sources.  We nerds are partially to blame too as we share and re-post info in mass without looking to see if it’s confirmed or just hearsay!  But I believe the companies producing these movies are greatly to blame.  For, if Denzel isn’t on tap to play in the Justice League movie, come out and refute the damn thing.  But what do THEY care?  As long as us fan-boys are waiting around with baited breath at every ounce of hubbub about the next anticipated movie, they really don’t have to do anything but count the money.

 Let the Nerd beware…all I’m sayin’…

—————-                      —————

Well, there ya go! Now we know how he feels about that. Make sure to check out the awesome interview with Dast cosplay last wednesday! (And all the other interviews for that matter!) Till next Wednesday, we’re out!


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