Micheal Bay strikes again, Microsoft gets my gears going, and the sexy Karen Sakai answers 5 questions!

Well boys and girls, it’s humpday again! So here we are with a playground full off goodies and some… well not so goodies.

As always the internet has been a busy little troll all week long with all sorts of geeky nerdgasems. Like the awesome days of future past covers that were released, the news that Benny may no longer be batman, and so many others. But don’t fear! That’s what we’re here for! Let get to the intelligence report!

So with all the buzz around the Internet one thing caught a hold of a special place in my heart… and then slowly began ripping it out.

We all know about the new TMNT movie coming out later this year and it’s always creative director,  Michael Bay. Creative is a term I use lightly here, as in, he has creatively decided that the turtles are aliens not mutants and that Shredder should be a government agent…super secret leader of the group called foot… but don’t cry just yet. He seems to have changed his tune here recently and said that they aren’t aliens presa but that the ooze that made them mutants is. I can live with that. Also seems that the rumors of Shredder being a government guy has been tossed now too. Who knows though this script has been rewritten more times than I know what to do with.

Now for some good news on the turtle front. The design for the mean green fighting machines seems amazing! I love it. Looks much more raw and “mutant” if you will. (See pic below for a glimps)

Past this the casting is flimsy at best. You can stare at Megan Fox, possible in a yellow jump suit, as April O’Neil (as long as you don’t stare at her hands for to long) But with William Fichtner playing the Shredder I m given a little bit of hope.

Let’s all just hold our breathe and hope that Mr. Bay doesn’t get our hopes up, like he had so many times, just to let us down when it comes time for the story. Much like he did with the Transformer movies.

Speaking of the Transformers, the fourth installment of that series is also coming out this year and they are going to try and dig out from under the rubble that was the disappointment of fan everywhere.

Now the design and look of the bots were awesome. The fight scenes were great in many cases but the acting was better from Optimus Primm than any of his human counter parts. Now in this one they have completely scrapped the original casts and start over with the always entertaining Marky Mark at the lead. Again, this casting gives me a slight hope.

The big rumor going around lately, and God I pray it’s true, is that the dinobots may finally pay a visit to the big screen! This, to me, would be reason enough to go see it. But knowing how most of Bay’s movies have gone lately… There is no telling. Vegas wouldn’t even take those bets.

Now as we wrap this up please click the link below and watch Micheal Bay freak out at CES because his teleprompter went down (click here)


Gears of War may be one of my favorite game series ever, but the last installment wasn’t much more than just wrapping up some loose ends left from the first game. The multiplayer was horrible, in my opinion.  They took away Horde for christ sakes! I did greatly enjoy the campaign and the dlc they did. But after that it was the end of an era.

Well as of this week Microsoft Studios has bought the rights to the gears franchise and is said to be planning on making more. The last game they did this too was Killer Instinct. That game alone almost made me choose the Xbox One over my Ps4. I loved it when I was younger and I love the new one now.

I can only hope they do the same with gears and bring the war back to life. Nothing better than chainsawing through a few 100 locusts after a long day at work! So let’s keep our fingers crossed. More to come on this in the future!


Now let’s get down to it. Today on the playground we have the lovely, talented, Karen Sakai. She is an aspiring model and awesome cosplayer. So here we go. 5 questions!


1. Are you into anime, and if so which is your favorite?

Yes I like anime!! But I generally like all “cartoon” material. I would have to say my favorite Anime is between One Piece & Fruits Baskets!!

2. What’s a hobby you have the might surprise people?

A hobby I have is gardening. It’s very relaxing to tend to plants haha. I think it feeds off the rewarding sensation of biting into a juicy product that I grew all by myself!!

3. Is there any word that drives you crazy?

Yes, it’s any word that antagonizes myself for being mixed. As in half white & half Asian. I know I will never be able to stop it & being in the beauty industry, it will never stop. But It’s quite annoying to constantly being called “hapa” “hafu” “eurasian” “mutt” “hybrid” & “mixed breed”. I wish more people cared about the personality & heart that one had rather than the colour of the skin.

4. What is your guilty pleasure food?

My guilty pleasure of food would be…HAMBURGERS. It’s so bad for me but come on, that’s my county’s food!! I love juicy hamburgers with cheese, grilled mushrooms, & grilled onions. Lord take me now!!!!

5. Any big plans for 2014?

The only big plans I have for 2014 would be finding out if I become a naval officer or not. To be honest, I loved the Navy & I’m stuck whether or not I want to become fully active or remain a primatologist (someone who studies primates)

We want to thank her for doing this for us and spending some time letting n us get to know her.  Make sure to look for her on Facebook and in Playboys Miss Social contest! She also sells prints on her site and signs them on request, so make sure to pick one of those up. (We will have all those links below.) And here is a small sample of her galleries. Note that all these photos belong to her and the studio. None of this belongs to projects playground




Buy her prints here
Playboy Miss Social contest here

The question of the week is what game franchise do you wish would come back?

Well in the great words of Porky Pig… th that that that’s all folks! See you next week and thanks for stopping by!


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