Uncle Excelsior talks…Pauly Shore???


   Pauly Shore rumored to be playing
the boy wonder in the upcoming BATMAN vs SUPERMAN! 


    Sources close to nobody received word from an out of work screen writer who in no way works on the project that Pauly Shore may have something vaguely to do with playing a certain bird named character in an upcoming movie that will star other possible actors.  

    Are you still with us?  

    Well, you’ve passed the initiation.  You see, it’s my aged, fanboy opinion that most of you don’t read past the opening line.  This leaves you ‘fanboys’ ranting about a certain non-existent turtle outfit that will never be seen on Halloween, much less on the movie set.  (SEE BELOW)


    So, if you’ve gotten this far, you realize that Pauly Shore will never play the boy wonder, robin, in any capacity.  But news sites all over the internet seem to think you, the consumer/fanboy, will believe anything they shove at you and keep you ranting on facebook pages all over for a week or so about absolutely nothing.  BUT, it does keep us thinking about their movie project which is exactly what they want us to be doing.  But, is it the right approach?  I mean, We cried about Afleck for a month or so and he might not even work out or may have been a boondoggle to begin with.  I don’t know.  Now, they’re talking Brolin in a RUMOR.  What’s funny is that in the heading all they talked about was Brolin.  But, IF you read the article, you would find the name Michael Keaton is being batted around too.  


    Now, if they’re going for old Batman, I think Keaton might be awesome.  But, how can I get worked up when I know next week there will be more rumors or Hollywood politics and money will mess this up too?  My point? Be careful how worked up you get on a rumor.  READ the damn article in full before blatherin’ on like a fool on facebook!  Be an informed nerd!  That’s what I am learning from this glut of comic movies and news!  Get ALL the info and, then, PLEASE talk intelligently.  IF you don’t know anything about the old school Xmen, say so.  Don’t just rant about how this was nothing like your damned Ultimate rewrite.  Sorry, different rant.

   Ok. so lets get on with REAL news.  The covers for EMPIRE magazine with 25 characters from Xmen:Days of Future Past!  Excellent!  Just a few things.  Not crazy about the Sentinel at all.  Looks like a rejected model of that robot off of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL!  But, besides that, there’s the current buzz about the Quicksilver look.  Kinda weird lookin’, true.  And what is this craziness we have to deal with about the Xmen Quicksilver having nothing really to do with the upcoming Avengers movie Quicksilver?  The fact that the Avengers 2 Quicksilver cannot be referenced as the son of Magneto.  Nice.  Sorry, lot to rant about these days.  

    BUT, while we’re on the discussion of Xmen fashion, what is it about Xmen directors and leather?  I mean, Superman and Spiderman have gotten the color in and developed a nice costume without using spandex.  Why can’t we get Days of Future Past out of the BDSM leather bondage wear and pull out some REAL costumes?  Right?  Time for a change…all I’m saying.

   Ok, that’s all for now.  Pauly Shore will not be starring in any superhero movies anyday soon and the Ninja Turtles look damn near awesome as well as Shredder.  SO, despite Quicksilver, the world is well in nerdville.  So, until the next lame rumor, this is Uncle Excelsior goin’ to take a nap!

Well guys that it from our dear uncle. We have safely tucked him into bed and he’s already sleep rambling about the Mandarin from Iron Man 3. Till next week guys have a great weekend. Don’t forget to check the links below and answer the question of the day!!

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Question of the day:: what superhero do you think Pauly Shore should actually play? Tell us in the comments!



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