The old man wraps up everything you need to know about The Winter Solider

Well, don’t say that old man never did any thing for you! If you don’t see every bit of info possible on this movie in this post then… I don’t know where you can find it. Enjoy!

Before you go and see CAPTAIN AMERICA:  THE WINTER SOLDIER, you may need to bone up on the players.  Now, if you just want to be surprised, and I don’t blame you if you do, then just ignore this article and move along.  It’s probably best.  But, if you’re like me (an old school comic book freak), then you like to bone up on what to expect.  SO, don’t say I didn’t warn you; spoilers may ensue.



First of all, to get your bearings or just to freshen up, you need to go back and watch CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and the AVENGERS movie again.  I think there are elements in both that are essential to enjoying and understanding this movie fully.  Also, possibly all three Iron Man movies; especially the third as it has to do with A.I.M.  Once you’ve caught up(don’t worry, you have plenty of time before April 4th), read on.


First of all, there is the movie’s namesake, THE WINTER SOLDIER.


Now, with a title like that, you’d think he was THE major villain…but he’s not.  The WINTER SOLDIER was a comic character that was revealed to be Cap’s old sidekick, Bucky Barnes; his best friend in the original movie.  You know, the one he lost off the train?  Well, expect him to be back.  Not sure, but it seems he’s been pumped up too and brainwashed to work for the REAL enemy!  But who could THAT be?


There are a lot of likely suspects, but, before we cover that, let’s introduce some of the minor players, shall we?


First of all, making his debut is Cap’s sidekick from the 70s-80s run and future fellow Avenger (could we hope?), THE FALCON.  Going with the Ultimate version for the look and background, Sam Wilson is a shield agent with high tech skills and an amazing retractable wing unit that allows him to fly.  There are also rumors of James Rhodes/Iron Patriot also making a cameo.


He will probably aid Cap as will the returning Black Widow from the Avengers Movie.  The big spoiler question for this movie concerning Widow  is where is her allegiance,  really?  According to Marvel Cannon, she’s been a double agent for many a different group including Russian Intelligence, the Hand and as a part of the mysterious Black Widow program.  The later was a group of female sleeper soldiers.  Hmm.  Also, one of her instructors during this period was none other than Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.  So expect her to be conflicted at best and heavily involved in the battle against or…for this new enemy.


The next two are a mixed bag of nuts.  In the past, they were treated, for the most part, as the B-List villains, but I’m sure they are simply highly skilled lackeys for the big bosses.  They are Batroc, the Leaper and Machete; members of the strange Batroc’s Brigade.


Georges St-Pierre , the well known MMA star, has been cast as Batroc, the Leaper.  Batroc, in the Ultimate universe, is an international jewel thief with mad martial arts skills and is rumored to be the Winter Soldier’s lieutenant.  Machete (NOT Danny Trejo) is usually someone’s sidekick and is found beside Batroc many times and is played by Adetokumboh M’Cormack.  Now, there have been many members of Batroc’s Brigade; one of which is the future Avenger, THE SWORDSMAN.  Sound familiar?  He should.  I listed him as likely future Avengers in my PHASE FOUR article; go check it out.  Now, there is no SWORDSMAN or Jacques Duquesne (But French like Batroc..hmmm) listed in the cast, so it’s probably NOT going to happen.  But it would be a good intro seeing as he started out as one of the bad guys.  There is a FRENCH PIRATE #1 (insinuating that there is more) which will probably be a part of Batroc’s Brigade.


Next we have another classic Cap villain in CROSSBONES.  Hired by the Red Skull (remember that) he was sent to retrieve the bloodstone fragments that have no connection to the infinity gems by DO have a hand in the creation of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Probably not a factor, by makes ya think.  Crossbones is being played by Frank Grillo.


Now, it gets dicey.  Robert Redford has been cast in the role of Alexander Pierce, a Major of Shield according to Cannon.  But MANY have speculated that he’s hiding a secret.  Still not too late to turn back, true believer.  Ok, I warned you.  The secret many think he’s hiding is that he is actually the RED SKULL.  If you check out this article along with a myriad others you will see that Redford himself said he’s a villain and some of Pierce’s lines in the trailers seem to give this away.  I will leave you to check this out on your own.


Is he the Red Skull?  Not sure.  But it would be a great villain to bring back in Act 2 of Cap’s adventures right?  But the speculation doesn’t end there.  Of course we have Toby Jones cast once again as Arnim Zola.  Is this flashback or can MODOK be far behind (follow the link to read more on MODOK)?  Seeing as Howard Stark and Peggy Carter are casted also, I would assume they are all flashbacks but rumors are flying for a full fledged Modok unit.


Something to watch out for are the legendary LMDs (life model decoys) used by shield to protect their agents, but just as easily used by the enemy to infiltrate Shield.  Jack Rollins and Jasper Sitwell (rumored to be sleeping with the enemy) have been cast and their characters (both shield operatives) were replaced by a LMDs in the comics.  Hmm.

Also look for a possible cameo by Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker seeing as he is a MAJOR Captain America villain and is already cast in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.  He will probably be in one of the infamous post credits scenes.


Past that, look for rumored cameos by Cap’s shrink one Dr. Sofen aka Karla Sofen aka Moonstone  and Bruce Banner’s Lawyer cousin, Jennifer Walters AKA She Hulk.  I’m fan-by giddy!


Besides that, prepare yourself for the true enemy.  It will by Hydra/Aim itself.  Hydra and Aim, from the beginning, have been the pawn organization for Nazis that wouldn’t die.  Red Skull, Baron Von Strucker, Baron Zemo (could we see him?) and Arnim Zola are a short list of lingering goose steppers who have led or used these groups to their own end.  It would be great to see a truly vicious VIPER in one of these movies as she would be an awesome lead female villain.

 barons zemo strucker

Oh, and before I forget, after the Super Bowl trailer, a lot of people were predicting the death of Nick Fury.  He was on the operating table and, then, someone is under the morgue sheet.  Maybe.  I don’t think so.

My thoughts are Cap finds out that the group he’s been working for is infiltrated with old Nazi buddies from the past and he will find himself having to trust new allies (Falcon), questioning old alliances (fellow Avenger, Black Widow) and having a hard time discerning friend from enemy through out the movie (look for a Winter Soldier face turn toward the end).  All of this is to prepare us for Ultron, so look for the post credits snippet of fun to segue into the next Avengers movie.

Last, but not least, how about an Infinity Gem?  In all of the hubub, no one is talking about the fact that there are six of these stones and only two have appeared so far; the Teseract (Avengers 1) and the Ether (Thor: The Dark World).  Another has already been spotted in the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer (supposedly the sphere Starlord is trying to steal).  That would make three and we’re halfway there.  This leaves 2 Cap movies, a Thor movie and 2 Avenger Movies to cover the other three.  I think we will probably see one out of the Cap movies, at least, but in what form and which gem?  I don’t know.  Just be on the look out.  There are rumors of at least one credits scene featuring the wonder mutant twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, in a way that makes sources ‘real sad for Fox’ and their rendition.  Sounds like, somebody’s about to be powned!


Also, on the subject of credits, if the leaked music score is to be taken seriously (I suggest it isn’t)  There might be a cameo by Gotg leader, Starlord aka Peter Quill.  But before their movie?  It may just be another great segue.

I know I’ve given you a lot to think about, but one rumor that I think is true in the long run (either Winter Soldier or the next cap) is the death of Steve Rogers and someone (I wonder who?) will take over as Cap.  This would lead into the next phase of the Avengers.

Ok, there ya go, true believer!  I’m sure there are things that I am missing.  IF so, just post them in the comments below!  And…enjoy the movie!

Mind blown yet? Mine is… but I am more excited than i have been! I can’t wait to see this movie and see where our uncle was right and where he was wrong.

Have any thoughts about the rumors? Anything you would like to see happen? Let us know in the comments down below! Also make sure to follow us on Facebook (here) and subscribe to the blog to keep up with all the awesome news and interviews here!

Till next time guys! Have a blasty blast!







We’re back with a nerd news smorgasbord and this week we ask 10 questions

Even though we were only gone for a week, it seemed like an eternity! Well, we are back and ready to roll. This week we have a full post so let’s get this thing on the road shall we?


The Falcon arrives!

Finally we got official pictures of the Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Solider. They have released several images of him now (including the one seen above) and I have to say that I love seeing him! The costume looks good, the actor seems amazing for the part, and it’s just overall a good move.

We will get a real black super hero without Johnny Storm changing races and with it changing the entire back store of the Fantastic Four. It’s heroes like this and the Black Panther that I, and many others, have been waiting to see! It’s about time and I am excited to see it play out. Anyone else?



Go, Go Godzilla!

I, for one, am a huge monster movie fan. I have been since i was a young kid and i grew up watching the original Godzilla movies. I loved those movies and then we had the most recent remake. That was… for a lack of better words, poppy cock… as much as i wanted to love it I couldn’t.

Then i heard about the new one and i was still a bit timid still. I didn’t know after the wave of recent monster brawls (Cloverfield and Pacific Rim to name a few) if it would be able to redeem it’s genre. Then… i saw the trailer (click here to watch it)

I am unbelievably excited to see this and i can only prey that it does not flop and leave me with no hope in the genre i grew up with and love.


Part one with Danny Kelley! 

1. Let’s start with an easy one. Who is your favorite super villain and why?

Don’t really get into Villains much. But if i had to say one it would be Faora from MOS. She was just so awesome. from her costume to the way she handles herself.

 2. What made you want to do cosplay and go to the conventions and are you planning any new costumes?

I was a Superman and comic fan from 5 years old. Growing up i wanted to look and be like Superman. So when i got old enough to go to the gym i started training. That lead into 10 years as a competitive body builder. Then one Halloween i decided to make a Superman costume. That was my first. A short time latter i saw in a local newspaper that the town of Metropolis, Ill was looking for a official Superman for there Annual Superman celebration. I said i have got to go there. That was my first Convention. After that i was hooked. As far as new costumes, i have Godfall Superman and Injustice Superman planned. Heather has several also.

 3. If you could only eat off of one fast food dollar menu for the rest of your life which one would it be?

If you could only eat off of one fast food dollar menu for the rest of your life which one would it be?Don’t eat fast food but 2 months out of the year, the rest of the time i’m dieting. So when i can eat it, i eat everything, LOL

4. What movie is your guilty pleasure, one you don’t just announce that you love?

What movie is your guilty pleasure, one you don’t just announce that you love? I have alot, Apollo 13, Brian’s song, and so many more.

5. I saw the post about Paul Rudd playing Hank Pimm/Antman in the upcoming film. What do you think will make him good for this role or do you think it will fail?

I saw the post about Paul Rudd playing Hank Pimm/Antman in the upcoming film. What do you think will make him good for this role or do you think it will fail? Don’t really know to much about him, but its about comic heroes and that’s enough for me. Never saw a comic based movie i didn’t like. If its about Comics i’m there.

danny1 danny2 danny3


(none of the pictures above belong to projects playground and are all property of Danny and Heather Kelley)

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heros reborn


So we will keep this one short and sweet but in 2015 we will see the return of a show that ended all to soon to me. I can’t wait to see what they do with it and I hope that most or at least parts of the cast will return seeing it is only a short run.

Anyone else excited to see the return of Heroes?



As much as i wish this was a sponsor (hint hint) it is not, sadly. This is something that i stumbled upon on youtube and have become addicted to. They take two characters from different areas (usually two comic characters that wouldn’t usually meet up) and pit them against each other and leave it up to the fans to vote. Once the votes are tallied, they make a LIVE ACTION recap of the battle. They are amazing and make sure to check the links below to give it a look!

Youtube                                                                                                                       Facebook



Part two with Az Powergirl Cara Nicole

1. Doing some of the cosplays that you have done, they show quiet a bit of skin. Does this make you nervous or is it just something that helps boost your confidence?

A:Do they? I see girls in bikinis all the time and I don’t show nearly as much skin as that.

2. If you could actually be any female character. Who would you pick?

A:Well….I’m already Powergirl and that’s kind of cool. Can I be a character with no bills? Whoever that one is. Yea I’d be that guy.

3. What is something you were picked on for as a kid?

A: What wasn’t I picked on for. I didn’t have braces. Everything else I was picked on for. Being white in the not white area of town. I think my favorite was when I was called a slave owner. Throw in the acne, glasses, poverty, and the ability to read and life was just starting to suck.

4. What’s the last movie that made you literally laugh out loud?

A:Laugh out loud? OOOHHHHH you mean LOL ummmm…I watched Super Troopers. I still can’t decide if its funny or just so bad that it’s funny.

5. Which is better: ps4, xbox one, or pc?

A: Atari 2600 ;P

az1 az3 az2


(Same as above guy, not my pictures. duh)

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Is everything awesome about the Lego Movie?


Well guys, in a new post every Tuesday we will have a movie review over a new (relatively) movie we saw over the past weekend. The first week we have the ever popular Lego Movie!


If you are anything like me, you grew up playing with Legos and building every set your parents would buy you. Eventually you got bored of the same old stuff, so you tore it down and decided to make your own creations… This movie NAILED IT!

(Warning the following may contain a few spoilers but nothing major… just thought I’d warn you… no whining if you see something you didn’t want to)

The basis of the movie is about a normal guy named Emmett. Just a good old boy who always does things by the rules when by pure accident his world is turned backwards and ends up in the middle of a “war”. President buisness (the main baddie in the movie, also voiced by Will Ferrel and seen below) wants to unleashed his master weapon to make everything perfect and as it should be according to the instructions.


Running into and being saved by Wild Style leads Emmett into a world he never knew existed and teaches him a thing or two about life in general. Through out the movie Emmett begins to fall for the girl (of course) but one small problem… she has a boy friend (again, of course)

And who better to play the douche bag boyfriend than… The Dark Knight himself. Yes Batman is the girls boyfriend and that only leaves room for endless jokes and laughs.


Needless to say the rag tag team of master builders go on an adventure to save the Lego world and stop president buisness. 

The movie is amazing and hilarious from beginning to end and worth watching a thousand times. Kid, adults, animals… everyone will love this movie! Make sure to check it out them you get the chance and let us know what you think about it in the comments below. Till tomorrow guys, remeber, everything is aweaome! 😉


Uncle E’s love day rant

Well, Uncle Excelsior has a message for all the movie writers and producers out there about the our favorite strong females… let’s see what he has to say,  shall we?

Ok, I had my rant about the lack of iconic black superheroes in the movies a few weeks ago (link).  And, being not only an old nerd, but the whitest one you’ll ever meet too, I feel it my express duty to call to your attention to another injustice to Fan-Boys everywhere!  No, I’m not EVEN talking about the Fantastic CW Four right now.  No, I mean the blaring inequities fans have to face in the world we live in concerning female superheroes.  Ie.  Where are all the strong female lead characters?  Well?

 So far in the golden age of superhero movies, we’ve seen a spattering of some of our favorites, but have they actually been given the attention and in-depth character work that characters like Superman, Spiderman and Batman have gotten?  Most of the time, all we see in the movies is the significant leading lady like Mary Jane, Lois Lane and Gwen Stacy.  Where is the Black Cat?  I mean, really?  

 And, when we DID get female superheroes, we either got Halle Barry as Catwoman (Cringe!), we get a Silk Spectre who seems to only be there for the sex scenes or we got them as a part of a team and not really given much time to show us the character even.  I’m thinking of the Fantastic Four and the Xmen mainly.  We got Sue Storm and, well, Storm aka Ororo Monroe with anemic roles and back of the bus development.   Even Jean Grey who led the way in the third Xmen movie came off a little flat.  Out of those three movies, only Rogue (played by Anna Panquin) demonstrated any long term backstory and build.  The best we can look back on may be Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman or the super strong attitude of a Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz or the heroic Pepper Pots (Don’t tell me she’s not a superhero; she wore the Iron Man armor, right?) played by the incomparable Gwyneth Paltrow.

 But I believe we’re headed into a glorious time!

 We just experienced the first Avengers movie with not only the best all around ensemble cast but a decently strong female character in the Black Widow.  And, with the sequel coming in 2015, we can look forward to the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Ms. Marvel (?) which are two very strong Marvel female characters from the comics.   And, this summer, Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy, gives us hope.

 But, I guess, the greatest hope we have of a REAL powerful female superhero (in their OWN movie even) is Wonder Woman coming in the near future.  But this is quite a gamble especially with all the news coming out of the woodwork concerning Batman vs Superman (working title) that has sent comic book fans into a frenzy with each and every bit of information leaked.

 So, what’s a fan-boy to do besides rant and rave (guilty) or wait and see?  Just hope and pray brother.  Hope and pray.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and we talk with Mista J and Harley!

Welcome to the Playground! Once again you find yourself reading through our never ending thoughts and opinions on everything from Starwars to Playstation. Glad to see you back and this week we will not disappoint! It’s lovers week all across the world today… here, we will celebrate it the nerdiest way we know how, games and movie news and then an interview with always entertaining Jokers Harley and Harleys Joker! ( we had to throw some kind of tie into valentines day in there somewhere)

So here to start it off we your weekly  Internet Intelligence Report.


This week in the report we will have just a mix of news from across the movie  universe. A little bit of everything this week cause we couldn’t settle on just one thing to bring to you. We will start with the Rock making a splash on Twitter this week. He posted this tweet answering IGN’s question about him revealing the role:


This really seemed to bring the conversation back the he would be starting as the Green Lantern in a reboot movie as well as the JLA movie coming…well, eventually. We found a mix or rejoicing and just more head shaking at DC for this move. (If even true) Personal I think it would make a great fit and bring some life back to an amazing character that many just looked over after the first try at it. Now, moving on…


In some not so sexy news, we got word from Elizabeth Olsen that the Scarlette Witch will not be wearing her trusty revealing costumes from the comics but a more hidden and mysterious outfit but manly a robe and hood that will cover her up. She answered questions about the costume saying thing:

“We’ve done some costume stuff, yeah! My favourite piece is my secrecy cloak that prevents anyone from seeing what I’m wearing. There’s a hood, and a robe – it protects the image! I don’t think Joss ever would have hired me, honestly, if he wanted me to wear those outfits; I am not a professional athlete and nor am I a model. Wearing those costumes wouldn’t be fun for anyone who wasn’t those things. He already had a different idea. It respects and involves the comic-book character but it’s different, more rooted. It’s for someone today. Well, if someone walked around wearing what she wore in the comics, people would stop and say, ‘What the hell… she thinks she’s a superhero!’”
(

Well isn’t that just a way to rain on our Humpday…

And to round out the news we have word that the one, the only, …. Freddie Prince Jr? The word on the web is that we will be doing a voice over role in the new Starwars Rebels. Not really sure what to make of this and in all honestly not even sure if this counts as news… just kind of caught me weird but I thought I would share! And…you’re welcome


Well, now it’s time to ask someone 5 questions! And since this is our Valentines week post, we decided to ask these questions to a couple. What better couple than Harleys Joker an Jokers Harley, my personal first couple of cosplay! Make sure to check out their facebook page (links below) and the small gallery we have here. (all pictures belong to them. All found on their facebook pages)


Well boys and girl, here we go!!

1. What is the strangest thing you have ever seen during a convention?

Mr. J’s Answer: Thousands of socially awkward people forced into cramped spaces.

Harleys Answer: You stumped me there….I KNOW I’ve seen many a strange thing at cons, but nothing is coming to mind now D:

2. What is your favorite word to use?

Mr. J’s Answer: Dandy.

Harleys Answer: I use the word “awesome” a lot, but my favorite word to say would be “oi”.

3. What is something that people might be surprised to know about you?

Mr. J’s Answer: I’m shockingly poor.

Harleys Answer: I hate strawberries….

4. Who would you cast to play Harley Quinn in a movie?

Mr. J’s Answer: Kristen Bell could totally pull off a good classic Harley, given her theatrical background, high voice and sense of humor. Sienna Miller about 10 years ago bares a very striking facial resemblance, though I’m not sure if she’d be able to pull off the right balance of frighteningly crazy, and goofily love-lorn.

Harleys Answer: That’s a REALLY hard question! Ah….Never really thought about it. I could she Rachel McAdams just because she not only is a very good dramatic actress, but a comical one too.


5. What is one place that you have always wanted to visit?.

Mr. J’s Answer: Venice, Italy. My entire life I’ve wanted to go, and I hope one day I have the opportunity.

Harleys Answer: New York, but now I’m living here so dream come true!




Make sure to check out Harleys Joker on his facebook here!


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Harleys Joker store!
Jokers Harley store!

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Well, till next time guys… stay awesome and have a great valentines day weekend. What will i be doing… well it is my birthday weekend so there is no telling! Make sure to answer the question  below and have fun and be safe!

QotW! Who would you cast to play Harley in a live action movie?

Uncle Excelsior is dead… As dead a super hero…

I dont know who, or what, got old Uncle Excelsior all fired up this time but he’s all yours… enjoy!

Of all the internet crap that has me steamed up right now, from a chick playing Dr. Doom to the tatted-up street thug millionaire Lex Luther, I decided to go down a different road on my rant today.  News came as as early as this time last year that there were plans to kill Wolverine both in the comics and in the upcoming DAYS OF FUTURE PAST movie.  


And THAT got me reminiscing of all the ‘great’ comic deaths that have occurred in our comic’s of days gone by.  I think of Doomsday killing Superman and Captain America getting gunned down.  I remember Jean Grey committing suicide to save the universe.  I cringe at the thought of Joker beating Robin near to death and, then, blowing him up.  So many glorious deaths that meant so much and created SO much drama and made for great storytelling.  The only problem?  They all came back!

 This is an age-old tradition, tried and true in comics of bringing back the dead whether it makes sense or not.  Apparently there is an unwritten comic law that forbids the long term death of any character as long as there is money to be made in the comeback.  As an old school comic fanboy, you would think I would be used to this by now.  But ya know what?  I’m actually feeling a bit like that guy on NETWORK NEWS as I open my window, stick out my head and scream,


 I’m feeling this way because, as I read about Marvel’s plans to kill Wolverine, I just can’t get that worked up about it.  I want to be able to say, “What a ballsy move!”  But I can’t.  Because the comic cynic in me is chuckling in the background and teasing me with “He won’t stay dead, you know!”  And I hang my head in sadness because I know the cynic is right.

I mean, I give them a year and they will regrow him from a drop of blood or regenerate him in some lab or they will clone him.  I don’t know exactly how they will do it, but, you can bet good money on it, they will do it.  If you doubt me, and I know you comic fan-boys don’t, look at what they did to so many others.  The Batman comeback was probably one of the most convoluted and insane stories I refused to read (Personally, I hit the Wiki on this one/not wasting money on that).  Point is, Bruce Wayne meandered through time till he got back just in time for a relaunch!  Poof!  Batman is Bruce Wayne again.  What’s funny is that this storyline reads like a copy of the Captain America comeback with just more action through time.  


 Now Superman’s comeback was probably the only one I’d vouch for.


I mean, he IS Superman and the comeback was actually entertaining.  And, oh yeah, they found Jean Grey in the Hudson in a cocoon later on realizing that she was there for her own suicide.  And God knows Professor Xavier needs to STAY DEAD, but you know he’ll be back soon.  I mean, his brain is still in the Red Skull’s….well…skull.  Does anybody else’s head hurt yet?  Cause mine sure does.

 And all of this is rolling around in my as the talking heads prattle about killing Wolverine.  So, you see my problem?  There are oh so many ways to bring Logan back.  And why not!?  He’s only the most popular comic book character ever.  I’ll tell ya why not.  All this bringing the dead back cheapens death and makes a mockery of the back issues carrying these awesome stories!  I mean, I’m not a Superman fan, but I’ve got a copy of the comic bearing his death.  It meant something.  Jean Grey sacrificing herself to save us all, meant something.  Jason Todd tragically killed leaving Batman with a scar that cannot be healed meant something.  But the comic ‘gods’ don’t see the importance of death as reality.

 REALLY?  Remember IDENTITY CRISIS #1?  Sue Dibny dies a horrific, tragic death that spins one of the best (imho) annual events in comics in a great while!  And where would Peter Parker be without the death of his Uncle Ben?   And how about Barry Allen?  His life story has been driven by death.  First his dearest Iris is killed, followed soon after by him killing Dr. Zoom.  Of course, they brought him back too.   I mean, is permanent death only for the back-story or unmasked characters? Unfortunately, it seems so.


 So, Wolverine dies.  Great.  Don’t expect him to stay that way.  Hard to get excited about it when you know it’s all just a gimmick to get you to buy more comics.  I mean, Wolverine is like Marvel’s Superman.  He can’t die and stay dead, right?  I mean, only non-powered humans involved with superheroes die and stay dead, right?  Like Gwen….uh…yeah…let’s not hope for too much.

Well there ya have. Straight from the horses mouth. If you ask me, Uncle Excelsior will be just like those super heros… I don’t think he’ll ever die

Is Jackman done with the Wolverine, scared shitless (thanks PSN), and we get down right nerdy with Britt the blonde nerd!

   Well here Wednesday is again, and humpday wouldn’t be quiet the same with out giving you the latest rumors and info. Not to mention the lovely guest we ask 5 questions. So who’s ready to get this ball rolling? Ya? Me too!

   First up we talk the death of wolverine in the IIR!


   There are rumors all over that Hugh Jackman is done with the Wolverine. That this is the last movie we will see him in ( Days of future Past that is) and that they will kill him off in the end of this one. Jackman himself said that he’d love to do 11 more movies and had nothing but thanks and praise for what the role did for his career and the love of all that fans. Now I know that this of course an exaggeration, but come on. If they leave this in a cliff hanger (which if they’re smart they will) you really thing that he won’t come back to finish the story?


    One of the biggest rumors right now is the Days of future Past leads into the already hinted at (and talked about here before, go look it up and see what you think) XMEN Apocalypse.  Now let’s say that the rumors of wolvie biting the big one are half true. Some places have speculated that the time travel goes wrong on the return and leaves Wolverine in a coma like state. I believe this to be the most likely because, honestly, how do you kill Wolverine?



   If this is the case and he does die, it ends with the rise of Apocalypse. Or if it ends with Wolverine in a coma, then what better lead into the next movie than Apocalypse having his first horsemen Death! ( you can read about that storyline here by clicking the link but be warned it may have spoilers! Apocalypse: the twelve )


   I don’t think they will follow the old story exactly but it would be an amzing way to connect the two movies and what could be better than wolverine as a bad guy! I guess we will just have to wait and see.

—————-    ————–   —————   ———

   Now on to other thing. For those of you who have a pc or a ps4 to play on. There was a game that came out last year (on the pc anyways) that yesterday was released on the PSN. A game that asked only one question can you outlast? Asking that all while scaring your dinner out of you! Let’s take a look!


(Watch the trailer here!)

“In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, the facility was recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation. Taking advantage of the Asylum’s history and remote location, they’ve been operating in strict secrecy. That is, they were until the reporter arrived.”

  You play as this reporter and the entire point is to outlast and survive. Simple right? Not really. Go watch the countless videos on YouTube of people being scared like little school children and screaming at the top of their lungs!


   With Friends like these to play with how can it not be a great time! It is free to playstation plus members this month’s so join me in giving it a try… With the lights on that is


Now on to everyone’s favorite part of the playground. We ask Britt from 5 questions. Enjoy!


1. So just like every time the next gen consoles we have a war between the fans of the two companies.  Which one is your personal favorite and why?

I always get shit for this, but I honestly don’t have a personal favorite. Nintendo will always have a special place in my heart because I grew up with them, buuuut as of late I can’t say I agree with everything they’ve done, so I can’t jump around and be flamboyant with my “TEAM NINTENDO!” flag. But you referenced two companies, and I bet Nintendo wasn’t one of those in mind, was it? ;D

But yeah, I’m more about the exclusives. I love some of Sony’s exclusives, and I love some of Microsoft’s, so they’re equal in my mind. Waging a war about the two consoles with others is a waste of time — I’d rather shut up and game!

2. What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said or given to you as a gift?

Haha! Well, I’m a complete effin’ weirdo myself so I can’t come up with anything that has ever weirded me out. Someone once threatened to break up Alistair and I (from Dragon Age: Origins) and ride off into Raccoon City on a stolen donkey named Epona whilst wielding Dubstep Guns. I thought that was romantic. <3.

3. Have you ever solved a rubix cube or tried?

If by “tried” you mean fumbled around with one for about 12 and a half seconds, then yes. I have no patience for those things! Or for anything like them. Like, I was trying to remove my Christmas garland from my windows last night and the strings from the blinds were caught up and tangled in ALL OF THE GARLANDS. I expect I’ll get around to it next Christmas.

4. What’s a band/singer that you secretly love but don’t just tell everyone?

::puffs chest out:: I LOVE BACKSTREET BOYS, DAMMIT! I would still, to this day, do unspeakable things to Nick Carter. Un-freagin-speakable.

5. If Iron Man and Batman were to fight who do you think would be able to out wit (or out spend) the other to pull out the victory?

Oooh. See, you have it all wrong. While those two are busy bickering and whatnot, Goku would lurking around in the sky and be all “KAAAAA-MEEEEEEEEEH-HAAAAAAA-MEEEEEEE-HAAAAAA!” and the world would end.

Well ladies and gents, that wraps up the playground for this week. Hope you enjoyed it and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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