Is Jackman done with the Wolverine, scared shitless (thanks PSN), and we get down right nerdy with Britt the blonde nerd!

   Well here Wednesday is again, and humpday wouldn’t be quiet the same with out giving you the latest rumors and info. Not to mention the lovely guest we ask 5 questions. So who’s ready to get this ball rolling? Ya? Me too!

   First up we talk the death of wolverine in the IIR!


   There are rumors all over that Hugh Jackman is done with the Wolverine. That this is the last movie we will see him in ( Days of future Past that is) and that they will kill him off in the end of this one. Jackman himself said that he’d love to do 11 more movies and had nothing but thanks and praise for what the role did for his career and the love of all that fans. Now I know that this of course an exaggeration, but come on. If they leave this in a cliff hanger (which if they’re smart they will) you really thing that he won’t come back to finish the story?


    One of the biggest rumors right now is the Days of future Past leads into the already hinted at (and talked about here before, go look it up and see what you think) XMEN Apocalypse.  Now let’s say that the rumors of wolvie biting the big one are half true. Some places have speculated that the time travel goes wrong on the return and leaves Wolverine in a coma like state. I believe this to be the most likely because, honestly, how do you kill Wolverine?



   If this is the case and he does die, it ends with the rise of Apocalypse. Or if it ends with Wolverine in a coma, then what better lead into the next movie than Apocalypse having his first horsemen Death! ( you can read about that storyline here by clicking the link but be warned it may have spoilers! Apocalypse: the twelve )


   I don’t think they will follow the old story exactly but it would be an amzing way to connect the two movies and what could be better than wolverine as a bad guy! I guess we will just have to wait and see.

—————-    ————–   —————   ———

   Now on to other thing. For those of you who have a pc or a ps4 to play on. There was a game that came out last year (on the pc anyways) that yesterday was released on the PSN. A game that asked only one question can you outlast? Asking that all while scaring your dinner out of you! Let’s take a look!


(Watch the trailer here!)

“In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, the facility was recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation. Taking advantage of the Asylum’s history and remote location, they’ve been operating in strict secrecy. That is, they were until the reporter arrived.”

  You play as this reporter and the entire point is to outlast and survive. Simple right? Not really. Go watch the countless videos on YouTube of people being scared like little school children and screaming at the top of their lungs!


   With Friends like these to play with how can it not be a great time! It is free to playstation plus members this month’s so join me in giving it a try… With the lights on that is


Now on to everyone’s favorite part of the playground. We ask Britt from 5 questions. Enjoy!


1. So just like every time the next gen consoles we have a war between the fans of the two companies.  Which one is your personal favorite and why?

I always get shit for this, but I honestly don’t have a personal favorite. Nintendo will always have a special place in my heart because I grew up with them, buuuut as of late I can’t say I agree with everything they’ve done, so I can’t jump around and be flamboyant with my “TEAM NINTENDO!” flag. But you referenced two companies, and I bet Nintendo wasn’t one of those in mind, was it? ;D

But yeah, I’m more about the exclusives. I love some of Sony’s exclusives, and I love some of Microsoft’s, so they’re equal in my mind. Waging a war about the two consoles with others is a waste of time — I’d rather shut up and game!

2. What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever said or given to you as a gift?

Haha! Well, I’m a complete effin’ weirdo myself so I can’t come up with anything that has ever weirded me out. Someone once threatened to break up Alistair and I (from Dragon Age: Origins) and ride off into Raccoon City on a stolen donkey named Epona whilst wielding Dubstep Guns. I thought that was romantic. <3.

3. Have you ever solved a rubix cube or tried?

If by “tried” you mean fumbled around with one for about 12 and a half seconds, then yes. I have no patience for those things! Or for anything like them. Like, I was trying to remove my Christmas garland from my windows last night and the strings from the blinds were caught up and tangled in ALL OF THE GARLANDS. I expect I’ll get around to it next Christmas.

4. What’s a band/singer that you secretly love but don’t just tell everyone?

::puffs chest out:: I LOVE BACKSTREET BOYS, DAMMIT! I would still, to this day, do unspeakable things to Nick Carter. Un-freagin-speakable.

5. If Iron Man and Batman were to fight who do you think would be able to out wit (or out spend) the other to pull out the victory?

Oooh. See, you have it all wrong. While those two are busy bickering and whatnot, Goku would lurking around in the sky and be all “KAAAAA-MEEEEEEEEEH-HAAAAAAA-MEEEEEEE-HAAAAAA!” and the world would end.

Well ladies and gents, that wraps up the playground for this week. Hope you enjoyed it and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Have a great week!!


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