Is everything awesome about the Lego Movie?


Well guys, in a new post every Tuesday we will have a movie review over a new (relatively) movie we saw over the past weekend. The first week we have the ever popular Lego Movie!


If you are anything like me, you grew up playing with Legos and building every set your parents would buy you. Eventually you got bored of the same old stuff, so you tore it down and decided to make your own creations… This movie NAILED IT!

(Warning the following may contain a few spoilers but nothing major… just thought I’d warn you… no whining if you see something you didn’t want to)

The basis of the movie is about a normal guy named Emmett. Just a good old boy who always does things by the rules when by pure accident his world is turned backwards and ends up in the middle of a “war”. President buisness (the main baddie in the movie, also voiced by Will Ferrel and seen below) wants to unleashed his master weapon to make everything perfect and as it should be according to the instructions.


Running into and being saved by Wild Style leads Emmett into a world he never knew existed and teaches him a thing or two about life in general. Through out the movie Emmett begins to fall for the girl (of course) but one small problem… she has a boy friend (again, of course)

And who better to play the douche bag boyfriend than… The Dark Knight himself. Yes Batman is the girls boyfriend and that only leaves room for endless jokes and laughs.


Needless to say the rag tag team of master builders go on an adventure to save the Lego world and stop president buisness. 

The movie is amazing and hilarious from beginning to end and worth watching a thousand times. Kid, adults, animals… everyone will love this movie! Make sure to check it out them you get the chance and let us know what you think about it in the comments below. Till tomorrow guys, remeber, everything is aweaome! 😉



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