Uncle E rages over nit pickers!

Ok, people, it’s old Uncle Excelsior and I’m in full on rant mode today.  I stay on the internet much more than people my age do or should.  I listen to every piece of movie news that comes out; especially when it deals with comic book properties.  I work on fan sites that pump movies like X:Men Days of Future Past which is coming out May23rd and I hear and read it all.  And I’m here to tell you that I’m sick and tired, not with the writers, directors and owners of the movie companies, but with my own kind. That’s right, I’m talkin’ to you, the average nerd on the street!  Because something a LOT of you are doing is totally chappin’ my back side.

Now, hopefully, I’m not actually talking to you personally.  I mean, hopefully, I’m talking to the more educated ilk.  But there are a good many of you aka us comic book nerds that never seem to be satisfied.  Personally, if I were looking at making movies right now, even as much as I LOVE comics, I wouldn’t touch a superhero movie to save my life.  Cause there is no way I would listen to some of the prattle going on out there on the World Wide Weird about my project.


 For example, a month or so ago, Empire magazine released a picture of Quicksilver (seen above) and immediately the internet exploded with expletives in every conceivable language known to man.  They made fun of his silver hair and his shiny jacket and his Batman utility belt and, even, his highly practical safety goggles.  Now, once we see him in action, I THINK, he looks fine.  He’s a little flashy (see what I did there?) but, when you run fast enough that nobody sees you, does it matter?  I think we forget it’s a period piece and set in the sixties (although the silver jacket reminds me of disco and the 70s-I was there btw).  I think the more we see him, the more we will feel comfortable with him.


HOWEVER, there are those who will go on and on about it…



THEN, Marvel released pics of their versions of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver mostly in everyday civies and not in costume.  Quicksilver (as seen above) is sporting a nice chalky blue shirt with a lightning bolt streaking across it.  I thought it looked awesome.  But the internet, once again, blew up like we had gender or race switched the boy!  And there were even those who wanted to know where the Scarlet Witch’s costume was.  Never taking into consideration that this was one shot of them probably just walking around in public; mixing in.  They even asked where was Quicksilver’s silver hair?  REALLY?  The picture shows him with bleached hair which is as close to silver as you can get without being freaky.


Ok, PEOPLE, make up your freakin’ mind!  It’s too silver!  It’s not silver enough!  I listen to this prattle and I hesitate to go off on a released pic ever again.  How many of these actors proved us wrong throughout the years?  Keaton as Batman?  I remember saying, ‘He can’t pull off Batman!  He’s a comedy movie guy!’  Yeah, well, I was wrong!  I remember mulling over Heath Ledger as the Joker…I was wrong!  And I can be wrong again!!  


Affleck sends up SO many red flags and the memes just pour from the internet like a flood, but after a while we need to just grow up, put our big nerd pants on and wait for the movie.  We curse Daredevil because it was bad.  But it was not all Ben’s fault.  It was written bad, baddly cast and, hell, Duncan as Kingpin….sheesh.  Gives me the hives just bringin’ it up!


I even remember people squawking about Robert Downey Jr fresh out of rehab and how he will never be Ironman or Chris Evans and how he can’t play Captain America after playing the torch.  WRONG!  Actors do one thing well; ACT!  They totally remake themselves for roles to become something new in each and every movie.  And this is no different.  Not that there won’t be some crash and burns out there.  It’s inevitable.  But, when this happens, all we have to do is dig up BATMAN AND ROBIN or DAREDEVIL and, I guarantee you, it won’t look that bad.  (Just remember there was a day the big box office budget never came to comic book movies…different rant)


My point is we wait to go off like some wailin’ funeral procession till after the product is actually dead aka after it comes out.  Let’s cut these people some slack.  Say our peace but reserve judgment and the freakin’ caterwallin’ till after the fact.  Cause you don’t’ want to be one of THOSE people, right?  You know those people.  They talked crap about Heath Ledger and his role as the Joker all the way up to opening.  After the fact, they’re hoping you forgot all that cause they are eating crow for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  I was one of them.  I remember.  And the internet never forgets, believe me.

So, before you start raining hellfire and brimstone onto the internet about the latest pic or RUMOR (oh, don’t fall down that hole, brother), remember to keep your words civil because you may, like the rest of us, have to eat them!




Breaking now: tmnt trailer review


If you haven’t already seen the trailer make sure to click the link below, but for those of us who have… what do you think?

(Trailer for the new movie here!)

After watching the trailer 20 times I get mixed feeling. At first it seems like they stripped a lot of the old school out of it. They’ve changed the origin and to be honest I have no idea what they are planning when it comes to that. The ooze is from outer space or another dimension. That’s all good but what about splinter and the rest? But the more I watched it the more it seemed like this might not be a disaster after all. The scenes with the turtles made me laugh and brought back good memories. This leads to more questions though…

Why was Shredder talking about making heros?

What did April’s dad have to do with the creation of the turtle’s? 

Is this just going to be Transformers with turtles?

At the end of the day I guess we will just have to wait and see. I for one am a tiny bit more excited than I was. What about you? Make sure to let us know in the comments below. Like and subscribe for more to come!! And always. This is Steps!

Facebook owns everything, except the Rock and we talk with Kitty Honey!

Welcome to the playground once again! A fun week for us getting back into the groove of things after spring break! Hope you guys enjoyed your spring break (or will enjoy if you haven’t had it yet) Our was a blast but glad to be home and back at it!

Our first bit of fun will be, as always, the Internet Intelligence Report! Let’s get down to it!


Oculus Rift now belongs to Facebook… there we said it. Like ripping off a band aid, we wanted to get it over with up front.


If you haven’t heard yet, the always growing company of Facebook has once again stepped out of the social media arena and purchased something we all loved. The social media giant has purchased the virtual reality tech for 2 billion dollar and says it has many plans for it moving forward. Many of them sound like bombs to me but… who knows. I guess time will tell on this one guys. One of my big questions is what does this mean for Sonys Morpheus?  What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!


We all have heard by now that the Rock will be in a DC movie at some point, it has been fought back and forth about who he would be playing. Will he be playing the Green Lantern and try to redeem that franchise or will he be playing Lobo and bring that new character to life on the big screen. Cyborg?  Hell some people are reporting he may even be Aquaman. Who knows.

No one can say that the man isn’t a genius when it comes to feeding the news frenzy around him. He has done a great job keeping us interested and wanting more. This tweet got it going again this week…


Who do you want to see him play?

And now, last but not least is our close up look at the Green Goblin in the new spiderman movie coming!

To me the look is amazing! A little more real and gritty! This movie just keeps getting better and better. Loved the look at the Rhino and the small 5 minute set up for the sinister six! Who’s with me?

Now let’s have some fun and get to know another cosplayer! This week we have the pleasure of talking with Kitty Honey!


This beauty from Argentina loves everything from comics to anime and proves it with her choice of cosplays and pics she post on her facebook! (Make sure to follow her! Link below.)


With all that said. Here we go!

1. Where is one place you would love to go to in all the world?
Love this question, Wonderland!

2. What is the most used app on your phone/tablet?
YouTube/What’s app

3. What is your favorite movie that you hate to admit you like?
I think I never forgot the Spice Girls movie in my childhood

4. which would you rather do? Have the powers of superman or the money and intelligence of batman?
I love psychic powers but If I have to choose I want to be Batman!, darkie, money and intelligence makes a great combination

5. What are your plans for the rest of the 2014?
More cosplays, attends different cons in another countries and graduate from college




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Uncle E’s mind is blown by video games

I remember two lines and a dot.

The classic video game pong

The classic video game pong

Dare I say, ‘Back in my day’?  But I do.  I remember playing PONG and being fascinated at the advances of modern technology.  As the dot was bounced from ‘paddle to paddle’ or line to line, we were mesmerized much like we were when television first made its debut.  But it didn’t stop or start there.

I could take you back to 1940 and one Edward U. Condon who designed  a display for the World’s Fair that played the game NIM.  Players tried to avoid picking up the last match.  Simple but a vast advancement on technology.  What made this one fascinating was the fact that you played against the computer. A machine that could play a game and win 90% of the time.  It began a revolution.

Fast Forward to the late sixties going into the early seventies and you have the onset of the home consoles.  The ‘Brown Box’ started it in 1967; created by  Ralph Baer.   This was mass marketed later by Magnavox the next year as the ODYSSEY.  This would later be taken to higher levels of game play and graphics by Mattel with Intelivision and the now historic Atari system.

Most of these systems used a joy stick with a few buttons and was played in the comfort of your home.  But what spurred the greater success of the business didn’t start at home.  It started in the arcade with the stand alone cabinet models.  Starting with the success of SPACE INVADERS and, then, Pacman and Ms. Pacman, kids began to throng to the Arcades and gave up their quarters gladly to play this new technology.  Once again, most systems had a joystick and several buttons.  Some of the early games utilized one or two buttons, but, with the onset of the fighting games in the later eighties, you began to see more and more buttons to go with that joy stick.  As much as six to eight buttons were added to add to the vast number of attack and defense options in games like Street Fighter.

NAMCO was the first to translate the arcade success of Pacman and it’s even more successful sequel, Ms. Pacman, to the home market!  This brought the arcade experience to the homes.


In 1982, Disney (big surprise) was the first movie company to capitalize on the video game craze by producing TRON; an adventure of a man who finds himself stuck inside the strange world of the computer and made to compete for his very life.  Disney also made the first video game made in conjunction with a popular movie.  This was shortly followed in 1984 by THE LAST STARFIGHTER which featured a cabinet starfigher game that was used by aliens to qualify fighter pilots for a galactic war.

Nintendo then reversed it all back to the home market by starting the home console market with the NES.  A puzzle game by a Russian Math-wiz popularized by the name TETRIS became a international phenomenon after Nintendo latched onto it.  They made it a part of the packaging in their GAMEBOY in 1985.  This revolutionized gaming by bringing the arcade greats to the hand-held market.  Nintendo established and continued to maintain their place as the kings of the hand-held games.

Finally, in 1991, Sega entered the console fray by introducing the Genesis and a certain blue haired, wise-cracking hedgehog named SONIC.  This began a games race between them and Nintendo that lasted through that decade.  Sega attempted to preempt Nintendo by trailblazing into the use of the CD games with the Sega Saturn but failed time and time again due to logistic problems.

1995, Sony raged into the console wars with it’s release of PLAYSTATION in the US.  It was cheaper than the Sega Saturn which both introduced a disk instead of the industry standard cartridge.  By 2000, with the introduction of the PS2, SONY wins the war and pushes Sega out.  With it’s financial and advertising problems, Sega would never recover from the failures of the Saturn and the Dreamcast.  But the console war would rev up again with the introduction of the XBOX by Microsoft.  This competition was highly useful to continue to up the ante on video game graphics and game play for years to come.

As the consoles advanced so did their controllers and game play.  Graphic advanced further and further as well as utilization of more and more buttons and directional pads.  Each of the companies took turns improving their controllers up until the entry of motion sensor controls with the Wii.  Motion sensory development continued through the entrance of the Kinect by Microsoft’s, XBOX.

Xbox released the KINECT, once again capitalizing on motion sensor to effect game-play.  The Xbox ONE , the current Microsoft console, also has a wider range of vision, more processors for quicker reaction and can tell how many ‘users’ are present.  It also tracks facial expressions, takes voice command and can even tell how much weight is put on given limbs.  At first Microsoft made it manditory for the Kinect to be plugged in online to even play.  Privacy concerns has caused them to back off that.


Another growing technology was the advances in cell phone and online gaming through social media like Facebook.  By 2009, once again, people who never considered themselves gamers found themselves in the thrall of an addictive trend.  Games like Angry Birds and Farmville lit up games in the most unlikeliest of places; the iPhone and Facebook.  Hand-held gaming took another leap into the future.

Going a step farther with the growing tech was the smart phones companies advancements in portable computers.  The iglasses or Google Glasses began to take cell phone tech to a new level and made our connection with out world very personal and almost totally hands free.  Once again, there is a great deal of privacy concerns that has governmental regulations groups watching this tech suspiciously.

And this brings us to today’s technology and the future of gaming.  A 3D headset reportedly to be introduced by Sony next week at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.  Called the Occulus, it has gone through the usual advances in development steming from their virtual theater prototype, the HMZ-T3W headset, offered at $1,000 per unit .  Over 50,000 units of the Oculus have been shipped worldwide to developers interested in the technology.  And who wouldn’t be interested? If it works, it will be a revolution in gaming.  I’m not sure the fighting game community would warm up to it immediately, but a 3D shooter or a RPG in a 3D world?  Who wouldn’t be on board with that?


I mean, all that’s missing is my flying car I was promised as a child and, by my estimates, we’re about 14 years behind on that one.  But ,for now, I will bask in the knowledge that soon I may be able to immerse myself into my games; living the 3D dream and remembering the two lines and the dot,  and wondering WHAT’S NEXT?

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It’s spring break on the playground!

So, it is Spring Break and you know what that means! Tons of college kids out making horrible mistakes (some of which may last a lifetime) and more beer and alcohol than you can shake a stick at! Not us though. We are here as always bringing you the nerdiest things we can possibly find! Thanks for joining us once again and as always, Enjoy!




So first this week we bring you news from the Captain America front. The picture below was posted on twitter (as have a few others) asking if we trust certain characters in the upcoming movie.

(SPOILERS BELOW…MAYBE? Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

sharon carter

We know that in this movie that shield ends up falling and everything coming down. Cap not trusting anyone and having to face off against his best friend from back in the day. So to ask us who we trust is a fun game for Marvel to play and get the buzz going about who is responsible for this. Is it Emily Vancamp’s character Sharon Carter? Who knows… but since it is spring break, here’s a pic i’m sure you’ll all enjoy (p.s. ladies, your eye candy is below)

A photo from her GQ shoot

A photo from her GQ shoot

Next on the report we have the new TV series from Dusk till Dawn. Being a lover of the original movie I have to say that the announcement of the series has be slightly excited. I have not yet had the chance to watch the first episode of the show but have read some of the reviews over it and now… i’m not so excited.



Most of the things i have read have been on the fence at best, while some were blasting the show. Many people simply stated that it was like they were trying to redo the movie in TV series form. If so there may be a while before anyone needs to tune in if you know the movie. I personally hope this isn’t true and will still give it a chance (seeing I ever get the time to) Let us know in the comments below if you have seen it and what you thought about it!



This week we got to talk with the man who (in our opinion) does the best wolverine cosplay we’ve seen! From the muscle to the look on his face we have yet to find a match! Male cosplayers don’t get as much love as all the girls. So we decided to take it upon ourselves to make sure that some of the best get to be seen! Enjoy our talk with Lonstermash!

1. Being a guy in cosplay is it harder to sometimes get recognition for your work than the girls?

Oh, FOR SURE!! Let’s just say there’s a reason why you see girls having over 100K LIKES on their fan pages, while incredibly talented male cosplayers (some of whom do tons of characters), are lucky to have 5000 LIKES, and I’ve never seen a male cosplayer getting invited to a major convention. And I get it. The industry is run by and large by men, so that’s whom they want to see and have posters/images of.

2. Who is your favorite female comic book character?

My favorite female comic book character is Catwoman. As a child, I LOVED watching Julie Newmar on the old Batman show, and that’s where it all started. I knew there was something I wanted to “do” to her, even back then—–I just didn’t know what it was (lol).

3. What was the last thing you wasted money on and probably shouldn’t have bought?

That’s a tough question. I’m very good with my money, so nothing comes to mind.

4. Do you have a favorite movie quote?

“Life ain’t about how hard you can hit—–it’s about how hard you can GET hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning gets done.” (from “Rocky Balboa”)

5. If you had to live off of McDonald’s or a strictly vegetarian diet, which would you choose?

Oh McDonald’s all the way. You CAN eat healthy things there, too, if you just order correctly.

1238821_551921764861581_2109206330_n 1801395_624232484297175_336659212_o 1973462_627575797296177_133281002_o

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A flash of the twins in the new captain movie and pretty lush cosplay stops by!

Well ladies and gents, I welcome you once again to the place where we cast our real lives away for the few moments it takes to read this, and just bask in the awesomeness of nerdom. We have an awesome week lined up for you and an awesome cosplayer for you to get to know a little better! So let’s kick reality outside for a minute and lock the door and get this started!


The news came like lightning and has flashed around the internet!

Well this week we got a sneak peek of the new (and some what improved) Flash costume for the new CW show. It was designed by Oscar-winner Colleen Atwood. They seemed to have done a good job not making him look like a compete tool! The pictures did well at making it look awesome in the iconic pose of the Flash! (Actor Grant Gustin. Yup, the guy from Glee)


There’s no real way of telling how this will go until we get to see it on the small screen, but if Arrow is any indication it should be pretty awesome! The show has shown how doing a comic T.V. show should be done. (Take notes Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D.) Honestly I can’t wait to see this! Not a huge DC comics fan but the show has made me a fan, at least a fan of the Arrow. Better than nothing I suppose.

Captain America: The Winter Solider… The best Marvel movie yet?


According to a few sources and stories across the internet, there are many people that are saying that this is the best Marvel movie yet. This surprises me. Not that Cap can’t make a great movie, but the first one was not the best movie of the series (again, not bad, just not great. Don’t comment below telling me about all of it’s virtues. Comment below about anything else though.)

On top of that interesting news, the mid and ending  credit scenes got “leaked”. The ending credit scene, like most of them, was no biggie…

Spoilers!! This is your first and only warning!

…It’s just the winter solider looking over an exibit about James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes. Finding out that Cap had been telling him the truth about who he really was.

Now the mid-credit scene is the one that  caught my attention…. Here is an excerpt


“After the fall of both S.H.I.E.L.D. & HYDRA we see Baron Von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann) in his underground lair. Loki’s scepter can be seen here, as well as 2 special prisoners: the “twins”. These are of course Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). Quicksilver is bouncing from one end in his cell to another while Scarlet Witch is stacking some building blocks with her mind. Watching them, Von Strucker announces “The Age of Miracles” is upon us. And with that we learn the new name for mutants in the Marvel movieverse.”
(Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MarvelFreshman/news/?a=95838#EI5KErQrk4p6qISb.99)


After the… let’s call it interesting, shall we… costume look over Quick Silver in the new Xmen movie. This comes as a welcome surprise. Im sure that Days of Future Past will be an amazing movie but the look of some of the costumes is… interesting


In gaming news this week we had the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Titan Fall! I must admit guys, this is the first time I have actually wished that I had gotten an Xbox One instead of my PS4. It has reportedly resulted in the sale of 1 million Xbox Ones! (Soon to be me included)That would be an insane amount sales just based on that one game. The game looks absolutely amazing and if the reviews of this game have anything close to a bit of truth, this game is more than amazing! I truly cannot wait to get the chance to get my hands on it. If you have the game, make sure to comment below and let us know what you think about it!


For our five questions this week we have the pleasure of talking with the lovely Pretty Lush Cosplay. She’s an incredible talented lady and just awesome all around. Let’s take a second and get to know her just a little bit better. What do you say

1. Would you rather cosplay Princess Peach or Princess Zelda?

1) I would have to go with Princess Peach! She’s not just the damsel in distress, though she often is. She was a playable character much before Zelda ever was, and she’s not always simple a fair princess, she can also be stubborn and humorous. Much like myself so I can relate to her better than the stoic Princess Zelda.

2. If you had to choose one nerdy tattoo to get, what would it be?

2) Well I do already have one nerdy tattoo! I have the rebel alliance symbol on my back. I have been itching for another though. I was thinking Boba Fetts helmet with sarlacc tentacles around it!

3. Is there a video game you just get sucked into and play for hours?

3) Any game from the Elder Scrolls series I can waste a ton of time on! I love RPGs. The Bioshock, Assassins Creed, and Red Dead Redemption are also a few of my favorites. There was a time I played a whole lot of COD too.

4. Who is a band/artist that’s on your phone or computer that you don’t always admit you like?

4) Oh this one is kind of embarrassing me for, but Paramore. I know it’s lame, but I’m a girl so I think that makes it okay.

5. Do you have any new cosplays planned for 2014? What are your plans?

5) Lots of plans for 2014, someone needs to stop me! I’m currently working on; Harley Quinn in a Playboy bunny suit (I know) and Supergirl. I’m going to be in a couple Disney groups for Dragon Con. One is Disney meets Star Wars where I’ll be Ariel dressed as Slave Leia, and another where we’re doing pinup style Disney princesses as Ariel again. Further into the year probably Pixie from X-Men and a female version of Captain America might be in my future!

1469848_583434915060136_1899795376_n1487829_594075827329378_1171910756_o 1800307_629945280409099_1212313233_n

We’d like to thank Pretty Lush Cosplay for taking the time to do this! Enjoy the small gallery above and make sure to check out her facebook to see more! Go click the like button and make sure to let her know who sent you! Click here!

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The nerd wife returns with Robocop.

Well, the nerd wife is back and better than ever! This week she sat down and watched the new version of Robocop. Gotta say, it took some doing getting her to actually pay attention. Well if you read last week’s you know how this works. We have the always lovely nerd wife sit and watch a movie and then write us a “review” on it. Some times she remember and sometimes she doesn’t, but either way, it’s always a laugh. So enjoy! Oh, spoilers!…kinda


Let’s just start out with I didn’t really watch the original so I don’t have much to compare to. So this review is solely based on this one. I was extremely bored through the whole thing, I didn’t like it. I felt it was slow, there weren’t that many action scenes and it was pretty predictable. Not to mention the movie was PG 13. You have this movie about a super cop with super strength and agility and not once did they utilize this fact in the movie. Oh and Samuel L. Jackson is in the movie and everyone knows him for his cussing in his movies… I mean have you seen Django, snakes on a plane and pulp fiction? He finally let loose at the end of the movie and they bleeped it all. Granted he was on a TV show so they bleeped it for that but still, he says some of the best shit. Anyway………. Here’s what I remember:

The main character….um, well his name is… Alex M-something (Murphy, not sure she’ll ever actually remember a name haha) is a cop he and his partner are under cover on a sting operation trying to buy black market guns and this (as in most cop movies) goes bad and gets his partner shot. He doesn’t die but is pretty seriously injured. (Some stuff happens that I don’t remember and a bit of time passes and my memory turns back on now) Alex walks into his home and is greeted by his wife and son. It’s late so he sees his son off to bed and proceeds to take his wife upstairs to get their sexy on when his car alarm goes off. He stops what he’s doing (that sure sucks!) and goes to check it out but little does he know someone (someone from the gang that he did the sting on) has attached a bomb to his car to finish the job.

Next thing he knows he wakes up in some metal suit.

Oh well I guess I should explain the beginning part of the movie, which might help… All over the world the governments are utilizing robots to keep crime down and not harm any of their own people. They are trying to bring this technology to the US but the people are reluctant because obviously robots don’t have feelings and if they cannot value human life then how can they take one? So the scientists behind this company (Can’t remember the actual name but its abbreviation is OCP I think)(omnicorp) decide that they can put a man inside the machine. So here we are again, Next thing Alex knows is he wakes up in some metal suit. Obviously he doesn’t understand why he’s there or what this is on his body so the doctor explains when the car exploded it took his legs and most his arms, the only thing he was left with was most his cranial structure, a hand and his lungs. He had extensive damage to his brain so even most of his brain was not his.  Just as you would expect he lashes out and tries to run away, he said he would rather be dead… to just tell his family he didn’t survive the procedure and because he is in the suit they were able to shut it down and bring him back in. Yata Yata… he starts working with them and they let him see his family again after 4 months. This makes him too emotional so they try to take out some of the human qualities by taking down the amount of dopamine in his system and make it to where when his helmet is down the robot is in control, when it is up he is in control. They uploaded all the criminal files from the city and on the first day of the public debut he spots a wanted murderer and kills him in front of everyone including his son. (My attention was in and out at this point. Some time passes…) He starts tracking down the gang that tried to kill him and his partner… (Okay I guess a lot of time passed) He starts overriding the system and has been watching his wife and kid from a distance (surprise again, the human brain taking over the programing. It is quite an amazing organ anyway) He uncovers this whole operation where even some of the cops are in on and because his main purpose was to track down criminals his system was not prepared for this.  His wife has been pressing to see him for some time now and shows up at the facility he has been staying. They tell her that the human part of his brain has died and only the programing remains and he has lost it and he has been killing innocent people. They take her to the roof to where a helicopter is going to take them out and who shows up? Mr. Robo-dude and he is pissed. He tells his family to step away from the bad guy and tries to arrest him but they put in a failsafe that would not allow him to harm the……..red something. (I guess it’s like being part of the FBI or something, they just have these red bands on their wrists.) The bad cop guy asks what he’s going to do about it because it’s not like he can shoot him or anything. He says even if I take this gun and point it at your family there is nothing you can do (paraphrasing here, work with me.) and he lifts his gun. The guy is not too confident that his claims of his inability to override this decision so he points his gun back at Alex and shoots. Alex also gets a shot off (Gasp! Who saw this coming? Surely no one…. Right?) and guess who the only one dead is. Yep, the bad guy. Very anticlimactic. Just bam bam and you’re done? No epic fight or anything? Borring. So yeah that’s about it.

So my opinion is don’t watch it. If you must, don’t waste your money in a theater. Get a bootleg copy or hell just get one from red box… it’s only a dollar.

I rate this movie at like 2 out of 10. I’d probably watch it if I were stuck in the hospital and they only had one movie channel.

(Note: I could correct a ton of things in this movie to make it more understandable for you, the reader… but come on. If she got one thing right it was the rating! I saw the original and this movie blows… don’t bother. If you want to see a Robocop moive, go rent the original!)