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Well boys and girls we have a brand new weekly addition for you! Every week we will have a movie review of a (somewhat) recent movie, one either set to release on DVD or recently in theaters. Our movie reviews are just a little bit different from those on most sites or blogs… you see here on the playground we like to have fun. We have the lovely Nerd Wife here on the playground and well, she loves watching movies but not always into the nerdy side of things. She has never been into them too much but knows just enough to be dangerous. So, every Sunday we have her watch a movie and review it here for you guys on Monday… Have fun trying to keep up with this. WARNING spoilers…kinda (all notes in bold are from me, correcting small details) Enjoy! 




(Couldn’t do the enitre post without one sexy pic of Jennifer Lawrence. Come on!)


“Today’s movie review will be over the Hunger Games: Catching fire. Should be interesting because I can watch the same movie two or three times like it is the first time I have seen it. It’s great because I can never run out of stuff to watch but terribly comedic for writing a review. So here it goes.

The movie starts where the last one left off (I wasn’t a big fan of the first one so I think I watched the whole thing buttt I don’t remember much of it). At the end of the last movie the main character, cat something (Katniss) (trying to remember her name but all I can think of is her secret lover calls her catnap or something like that) and Peeta are from… District 12 and are forced to participate in the games (They are pushed back into the game by a plot of the president. They make all former winners go into the reaping) (the games are to remind all the districts not to stand up against the …main city (The capital). There is only supposed to be one winner but they convinced the president (They convinced Seneca Crane to let them both live) that they were in love and could not kill each other. This is where catching fire picks up. The whole movie is them trying to prove that they are in love and that they are not trying to cheat the system. Half of the people believe the epic love story while the other half are very skeptical and believe this will only cause rise to rebellion. The… mocking jay is the symbol for District 12 and is now being used as a symbol for hope and freedom. Anyone who participates in or encourages… this behavior is killed. The president wants her dead but cannot kill her himself because that would only make matters worse and the people will revolt so he tries to make it where the people no longer see her as their hero but their enemy.

…THE CAPITOL! (She remembered!) Not the main city. That’s where the games are run. Anyway, they are taken to this island where there are I think 12 other people (There are 24, 2 from each of the twelve districts) all fighting for one thing, life. When they enter these games they have to form allies (the allies help you to stay alive until your enemies and their enemies are dead then they fight). Catnip-nap paddy wack doesn’t want any allies besides Peeta because she doesn’t trust anyone but ends up allies with some guy and an old lady anyway… as night begins to fall on the first night her and the guy bicker about who gets first watch because she doesn’t want him to kill them while they are sleeping.. Oh! When they were looking for a place to camp Peeta ran into a force field that blew him back and stopped his heart and the ally guy actually performed CPR and brought him back, which was weird. So he told Catnap that if he wanted them dead he would have left Peeta and killed her a long time ago… Anyway, she takes first watch anyway. She begins falling asleep a little and looks up to a dense fog rolling in and she reaches out to touch it and its poisonous! She yells for everyone to get up and run… after everyone gets burned once or twice and the old lady sacrifices herself for Peeta (cause he was too hurt and needed to be carried) they find the beach. A bunch of baboons (primates of some kind anyway) start coming out of nowhere to hurt them and one of the other contestants jumps out of the bushes to sacrifice herself to save Peeta, again weird (The girl jumped out and saved Katniss, not Peeta). If you pay attention catnip in this scene shoots a ton of arrows but every time you see her she has like a full stack of arrows behind her… some time passes cant remember what happens after exactly but they figure out that this little island in the middle of the map is actually a clock and are able to tell what time it is and try to map out this weird stuff happening like the monkeys, the fog and raining blood ( in there somewhere, happened to some of the other contestants)… every time the clock strikes 12 AM or PM lightning strikes this certain tree. So she becomes allies with some other people and they all decide to tie this copper wire all around the tree and lead it to the water so that when it strikes midnight anyone near the water will be electrocuted. Little action here people trying to kill each other (totally normal) and some chick saves catnappers (totally not normal) (The “chick” that saves Katniss also removes her tracker, so the capital can not find her).She was forced to split up from Peeta so she runs back and tries to find him but cant. She has an idea to shoot an arrow up at the lightning that has been wrapped in copper wire and this arrow hits the top of the … (idk they are in a big force field dome thing) anyway it hits the top and destroys it because the electricity. She was too close to the tree so she shocked the crap out of herself and looks like she is just about dead. (When people die a big plane comes out of the sky that lowers a crane and takes the bodies out) So the big crane comes takes her away. She wakes up in a room with people she knows (I don’t know any of their names lol blonde guy (Haymitch)[not the blonde guy in the games], guy who runs the games (Plutarch Heavensbee)and blonde guy [ally in the game] (Marvel)) and she freaks out asking what they are doing there and asking where is Peeta… and … I honestly don’t remember how it ended from there.. They have to go to the Capitol (They head towards district 13, which Katniss did not know still existed) because I guess that’s where Peeta is OH! And because they destroyed her whole district. I give this movie an 8 out of 10″

Well I can’t disagree with her rating of the movie. It was a well done move and keep you wanting more the entire time, especially the end… Go check out this movie and let us know if you agree in the comments below. Well, until next weekend! 


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