Disneys at it again, Marvel news shake ups, and we talk with that girl Trish!

Once again we find ourselves at humpday. Here we are again to talk over all the lovely things on the internet! This week we have a special guest to ask 5 questions, Trisha Hershberger from SourceFed! We will talk some Star Wars, some Batman, and why not some Marvel news as well! Let’s dive on in shall we ladies and gents?


Well as always the internet is bountiful with rumors covering a wide variety of subjects so let’s just see where this takes us!

Today we will start with rumors (well, these have a pretty good chance of being true) that Chris Evans is going to take a break with acting once his Marvel contract is up. He was signed on for a total of 6 movies playing the super solider. This leaves us to believe that there are 3 Captain America movies and 3 Avengers movies slotted for him.  The question that is left begging to be answered is what happens once Evans is out? Could the good ol’ Bucky make a turn for to the good side in the next movie? Could they set it up for Bucky take the helm as Captain America? I guess we will have to wait and find out.captainamerica33839812


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Next on our list on this report is the always beautiful Scarlet Johansson. The latest news on the vixen is that she is prego with her new fiance’s baby, about 4 months along. What does this mean for her character in the movies? According to ScreenRant Marvel is planning to fast track all of her scenes in Avengers 2 and make sure they are done as fast as possible. Good idea seeing that he awesomely curved suit for hide much for long. Obviously a double will have to used for a lot of the bigger action scenes. To me, the question is not really about Avengers 2 though. What about this solo Black Widow movie we have been hearing about or her involvement in the rest of the marvel movies? If she decides to leave the business to raise a family? I guess only time will tell guys…


And last but not least on the IIR this week is Disney… They are at it again. They have recently renamed the Home world of the Sith… It was once called Korriban and is well known through out the Star Wars fandom. The news of the change did not go over well with the die hard fans. They decided to change the name to Moraband… reminds me slightly of something… I can’t put my finger on it… oh wait! Mordor possiblly? Why not just put the eye of Sauron in the middle of it… Now the reason for doing this is simple. Disney did not own the rights to the name (while its owned by the EU)… not like it would cost a ton, or that you paid over 4 billion dollars for the Star Wars brand… whats the tiny cost of buying those rights too? Good god…

Well guys that wraps up our Report for this week! Let us know what you think about these two down in the comments below!

News was released this week of a new Batman game called Arkham Knight! Looks to be the next installment of the popular game franchise. Many people are excited over the news that Rocksteady will be making this game, leaving open the option of possibly getting to use the famous “bat-vehicles”. I believe this would be an enormous plus to the series and help out with some of the few complaints that people have. Also the rumors are the Hush is going to be the main bad guy! I can not wait! Are you looking forward to this release?

arkham knight


And now for a guest that I have been dying to post! Not going to lie I was a giddy little nerd to talk with her and ask her these questions. I’ve been watching SourceFed since the start! This was awesome and a great time. Let’s get down to it!


1. If you could be any hero (or villain) in any movie. Who would it be?

Agent Smith from The Matrix is a pretty awesome villain – so cool and collected and ya know, an exile program 🙂

2. What’s the strangest gift/complement you have ever gotten from a fan?

I have gotten all manner of oddities sent to me, but the strangest?  I had something sent using 1,000 origami paper cranes instead of packing peanuts once!  Most of what is sent is really really awesome! Like I’ll mention something random that someone will remember much later and bring up again and I love that!

3. Which mythical creature do you think might actually exist?

Any creature perceived as mythical that could actually exist is the Succubus/Incubus.  Such a demon could go relatively unnoticed in today’s society, having random encounters, then moving on their merry way, leaving their unsuspecting victim with some fatal disease.  Too real for ya?  Ok, luck dragons 🙂

4. What’s your favorite fast food?

Cheesesteaks!!!  I’m from Philly originally and when you need some quickie junk food, nothing fits the bill like a good cheesesteak.

5. Any big plans for 2014?

2014 should be a great year!  I’m going to England in August for Gemucon and it will be my first trip overseas!  I’ve also got some top secret side projects in the works so stay tuned to my facebook (facebook.com/thatgrltrish) and twitter (@thatgrltrish) for details!

Well, hope you enjoyed this as much as i did! Enjoy the Gallery below and make sure to follow her on all the social sites to keep up with those updates!


Well guys that wraps it up! Hope you enjoyed it as always! Till next week we have a great interview for you and can’t wait to post it! Make sure to subscribe so you get all the updates and notifications! Also make sure to answer the poll question below! Have a great week and live well!





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