Facebook owns everything, except the Rock and we talk with Kitty Honey!

Welcome to the playground once again! A fun week for us getting back into the groove of things after spring break! Hope you guys enjoyed your spring break (or will enjoy if you haven’t had it yet) Our was a blast but glad to be home and back at it!

Our first bit of fun will be, as always, the Internet Intelligence Report! Let’s get down to it!


Oculus Rift now belongs to Facebook… there we said it. Like ripping off a band aid, we wanted to get it over with up front.


If you haven’t heard yet, the always growing company of Facebook has once again stepped out of the social media arena and purchased something we all loved. The social media giant has purchased the virtual reality tech for 2 billion dollar and says it has many plans for it moving forward. Many of them sound like bombs to me but… who knows. I guess time will tell on this one guys. One of my big questions is what does this mean for Sonys Morpheus?  What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!


We all have heard by now that the Rock will be in a DC movie at some point, it has been fought back and forth about who he would be playing. Will he be playing the Green Lantern and try to redeem that franchise or will he be playing Lobo and bring that new character to life on the big screen. Cyborg?  Hell some people are reporting he may even be Aquaman. Who knows.

No one can say that the man isn’t a genius when it comes to feeding the news frenzy around him. He has done a great job keeping us interested and wanting more. This tweet got it going again this week…


Who do you want to see him play?

And now, last but not least is our close up look at the Green Goblin in the new spiderman movie coming!

To me the look is amazing! A little more real and gritty! This movie just keeps getting better and better. Loved the look at the Rhino and the small 5 minute set up for the sinister six! Who’s with me?

Now let’s have some fun and get to know another cosplayer! This week we have the pleasure of talking with Kitty Honey!


This beauty from Argentina loves everything from comics to anime and proves it with her choice of cosplays and pics she post on her facebook! (Make sure to follow her! Link below.)


With all that said. Here we go!

1. Where is one place you would love to go to in all the world?
Love this question, Wonderland!

2. What is the most used app on your phone/tablet?
YouTube/What’s app

3. What is your favorite movie that you hate to admit you like?
I think I never forgot the Spice Girls movie in my childhood

4. which would you rather do? Have the powers of superman or the money and intelligence of batman?
I love psychic powers but If I have to choose I want to be Batman!, darkie, money and intelligence makes a great combination

5. What are your plans for the rest of the 2014?
More cosplays, attends different cons in another countries and graduate from college




Click here to follow her on facebook! For more pics and a fun time!

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In the last bit of news we have is that we have joined twitter!! Make sure to follow me on there to keep up with all the fun stuff he has for you. Follow @this_is_steps17 for more fun everyday!

Well guys. Have a great week and make sure to join us next week. If you haven’t had enough you can always check out our older post here! Until then, as always, this is steps and hopefully your day is a little easier now!


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