Uncle E rages over nit pickers!

Ok, people, it’s old Uncle Excelsior and I’m in full on rant mode today.  I stay on the internet much more than people my age do or should.  I listen to every piece of movie news that comes out; especially when it deals with comic book properties.  I work on fan sites that pump movies like X:Men Days of Future Past which is coming out May23rd and I hear and read it all.  And I’m here to tell you that I’m sick and tired, not with the writers, directors and owners of the movie companies, but with my own kind. That’s right, I’m talkin’ to you, the average nerd on the street!  Because something a LOT of you are doing is totally chappin’ my back side.

Now, hopefully, I’m not actually talking to you personally.  I mean, hopefully, I’m talking to the more educated ilk.  But there are a good many of you aka us comic book nerds that never seem to be satisfied.  Personally, if I were looking at making movies right now, even as much as I LOVE comics, I wouldn’t touch a superhero movie to save my life.  Cause there is no way I would listen to some of the prattle going on out there on the World Wide Weird about my project.


 For example, a month or so ago, Empire magazine released a picture of Quicksilver (seen above) and immediately the internet exploded with expletives in every conceivable language known to man.  They made fun of his silver hair and his shiny jacket and his Batman utility belt and, even, his highly practical safety goggles.  Now, once we see him in action, I THINK, he looks fine.  He’s a little flashy (see what I did there?) but, when you run fast enough that nobody sees you, does it matter?  I think we forget it’s a period piece and set in the sixties (although the silver jacket reminds me of disco and the 70s-I was there btw).  I think the more we see him, the more we will feel comfortable with him.


HOWEVER, there are those who will go on and on about it…



THEN, Marvel released pics of their versions of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver mostly in everyday civies and not in costume.  Quicksilver (as seen above) is sporting a nice chalky blue shirt with a lightning bolt streaking across it.  I thought it looked awesome.  But the internet, once again, blew up like we had gender or race switched the boy!  And there were even those who wanted to know where the Scarlet Witch’s costume was.  Never taking into consideration that this was one shot of them probably just walking around in public; mixing in.  They even asked where was Quicksilver’s silver hair?  REALLY?  The picture shows him with bleached hair which is as close to silver as you can get without being freaky.


Ok, PEOPLE, make up your freakin’ mind!  It’s too silver!  It’s not silver enough!  I listen to this prattle and I hesitate to go off on a released pic ever again.  How many of these actors proved us wrong throughout the years?  Keaton as Batman?  I remember saying, ‘He can’t pull off Batman!  He’s a comedy movie guy!’  Yeah, well, I was wrong!  I remember mulling over Heath Ledger as the Joker…I was wrong!  And I can be wrong again!!  


Affleck sends up SO many red flags and the memes just pour from the internet like a flood, but after a while we need to just grow up, put our big nerd pants on and wait for the movie.  We curse Daredevil because it was bad.  But it was not all Ben’s fault.  It was written bad, baddly cast and, hell, Duncan as Kingpin….sheesh.  Gives me the hives just bringin’ it up!


I even remember people squawking about Robert Downey Jr fresh out of rehab and how he will never be Ironman or Chris Evans and how he can’t play Captain America after playing the torch.  WRONG!  Actors do one thing well; ACT!  They totally remake themselves for roles to become something new in each and every movie.  And this is no different.  Not that there won’t be some crash and burns out there.  It’s inevitable.  But, when this happens, all we have to do is dig up BATMAN AND ROBIN or DAREDEVIL and, I guarantee you, it won’t look that bad.  (Just remember there was a day the big box office budget never came to comic book movies…different rant)


My point is we wait to go off like some wailin’ funeral procession till after the product is actually dead aka after it comes out.  Let’s cut these people some slack.  Say our peace but reserve judgment and the freakin’ caterwallin’ till after the fact.  Cause you don’t’ want to be one of THOSE people, right?  You know those people.  They talked crap about Heath Ledger and his role as the Joker all the way up to opening.  After the fact, they’re hoping you forgot all that cause they are eating crow for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  I was one of them.  I remember.  And the internet never forgets, believe me.

So, before you start raining hellfire and brimstone onto the internet about the latest pic or RUMOR (oh, don’t fall down that hole, brother), remember to keep your words civil because you may, like the rest of us, have to eat them!




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