Can they bring the crow back to life, starwars news never ends, and that Justin… what a character


It is hump day once again and we are all back for our weekly fix of things to rage over. This week some may be good and some may make you want to find the nearest bridge and rethink life. I guess it just depends on how you see it. Well, let’s dig in!



To start out this week is rumors of the Crow remake. They have been talking about this for almost 2 years now.  (maybe even a little longer) they are dead set on remaking the legendary movie, which has become a cult classic, and putting a different spin on it. They say they are going to stick to the original source material a little more and introduce characters left out of the original movie.

All of that is well and good until one question pops up… who is going to play Eric Draven?


With Brandon Lee dying while making the film the first time around,  it makes it hard to replace him. Fans are so attached to his memory there that almost any actor is going to be mocked and laughed at for trying. I was in this camp until I found a small snippet on the web. Who would change my mind you may ask… Ton Huddleston


If anyone could pull it off I believe that he has the skill and pull with fans to make the Crow live again. It is being said that he did his own make up test and sent it in just to have a chance to play the iconic roll and they are talking it over. This may just be enough for even me to go give it a chance… what say you?


According to multiple sources on the web, word is that VII will still have the original 3 main characters (Luke, Leia, and Han) be the main point of the movie with them “passing the torch” to the younger generation towards the end for them to carry on the trilogy.


There is no way that they can do this without having the original actors reprise their rolls. Now according to most this would not be hard. The three actors seem up for the job but who does this leave as the “younger generation”?

According to reports from people Abrams has worked with before it will likely be a cast of relatively new comers, just like the original. This brings a sigh of relief from me. I know that I don’t want some huge actor coming in. That’s one of the main points of Starwars. It takes me to a different place without having to worry about the actor before hand or during. No baggage means that I can solely judge them based on this, and I like that. Don’t screw this up JJ!


This week in our interview we talk with Justin Acharacter! In our humble opinion one of the BEST male cosplayers out there. He has done everything from the man of steel straight to Carnage! Insanely talented and just an all around good guy! Enjoy!

Thank you so much! And thanks for your time. So here they are.

1. As a male cosplayer what’s your favorite part of it?
Creating costumes that blow peoples minds

2. What’s your favorite you’ve done so far? Mine personally is the deathstroke mask you made, can’t wait to see the entire suit.
Spawn would have to be it, it took so long to make but turned out crazy.

3. What’s your favorite video game and what console do you use if any?
I use PS3 it would have to the assassin creed games, but 3 was shit hated it

4. If you had to choose between sight and hearing, which would you choose?
Sight because when I was younger I was deaf

5. If you had to choose a last meal,  what would it

( none of these pictures belong to projects playground.. duh)




We would like the thank Justin for his time and all the great work he does entertaining us with these awesome costumes! Make sure to follow him on Facebook for all the great pics! (Click here)

Well guys that’s it… that’s all we got this week. Let us know if there is anything you want to see us talk about next week in the comment below! Make sure to like and subscribe to the blog as well as checking out our Facebook here!

Till next week, keep being awesome and as always, this is steps!



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