Nerd Wife Review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Well lovely people, your friendly neighborhood Nerd Wife is back! Fresh from seeing the Winter Solider, she is ready to give you the run down! Make sure to PicsArt_1396669543836leave your thoughts in the comments below and share this with you friends! Hope you enjoy it and hope you enjoy seeing the movie if you haven’t already!

Let’s just start this off with what you came here for. Yes, this movie is just as awesome as everyone thought it would be. The whole movie kept you on edge and did a really good job at making you feel happy, sad, or afraid when you were supposed to. It’s not very often a movie can just grab you and turn your gut for the characters you love but this one sure did! Oh and did I mention the action scenes? Let’s just say, bad ass. This review may have a couple of spoilers but I will try to be sure to warn you first and give you a good distance between paragraphs.

The movie starts off with Steve Rogers running a trail outside and everyday he passes this guy, Sam, leaving him in the dust. One day he sees in taking a rest under a tree and stops to say hi.  He is then picked up by Natasha and they head to S.H.I.E.L.D. They are informed that one of their ships had been commandeered by Batroc and there were hostages. Cap whoops ass left and right mostly incognito until he meets back up with the black widow; she is backing up S.H.I.E.L.D. files instead of saving the hostages and one of the guys gets away and almost blows them to pieces.

When they get back to the base Rogers is ticked because Nick Fury didn’t tell him that they were there to retrieve the files and the hostages were almost compromised because of it. Basically, Fury says that he sent the best soldier on the planet to make sure that didn’t happen. He also tells him that a group called Hydra is creating these helicarriers that are supposed to eliminate all threats before anything bad actually happens and in the end would take out all freedom and privacy as well.

12784406-largewinter soldier

The scene cuts to Nick Fury driving. He is quickly surrounded by cop cars that begin shooting at him. He is wounded because they crashed their cars into his. He tried to get away but the car was too badly damaged. At one point the car was stopped and they were attempting to break the window open and as soon as they shattered it he began raining bullets upon them. This is where the Winter Soldier first shows up. He goes to rip the door off the SUV and Fury is gone. He has dug a hole underground with some sort of laser majiggy and escaped.

Steve Rogers comes home that evening to find an injured Fury sitting on his couch. He asks what he’s doing there and Fury says his wife kicked him out and asks to stay for a bit then he writes in a text message that people are listening. He tells Rogers that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been compromised and not to trust anyone and hands him the USB file. Fury gets shot from the back several times and it’s the Winter Soldier again. Cap goes after him and they fight their first fight and he gets away. Cap goes to the base and is standing in an elevator, suspicious of everyone. He says, “before we start this, does anyone want to get off?” and the fight begins. It was pretty epic for being enclosed in a little elevator.

Cap meets up with Widow to look at the files inside a mall so it would be harder for them to get caught. They find out the files were created at his old boot camp base and they take a trip to check it out. Again they open the USB that sends signals and they are found and almost blown to shreds but lucky enough still get away.
They go to Sam’s because they have nowhethe falconre else to go and he tells them about his past and asks to be a part of their mission and becomes the Falcon. He looks pretty awesome by the way.

Cap tracks down an agent from hydra to try to figure out what’s going on and why but the Winter Soldier comes back to fight and they are taken into custody. They are ultimately saved by…..Robin (From how I met your mother, can’t remember her name in the movie). They get these cards that are needed to shut down the helicarriers and this is where they enter the final fight with the Winter Soldier, which was one of the most epic end battles ever. Cap tries to convince the Winter Soldier that they know each other and that Cap doesn’t want to hurt him because they were friends but he doesn’t remember and starts beating him to a bloody pulp. Cap looks up at him and says, “I’ll be with you until the end of the line.” Also telling him to go ahead and finish the job and that he basically would rather die than fight him and the glass beneath him breaks and Cap falls hundreds of feCaptain-America-2-Trailer-Helicarrier-Fight (1)et into the ocean and just begins to sink and fade away until a hand appears and it skips to the Winter Soldier dragging him out of the water and walking away.



>>>>>>>>>>SPOILER ALERT<<<<<<<<<<











At the very end the Winter Soldier had a change of heart and an understanding that Cap knew him and didn’t know from where but felt that familiarity so curiosity got to him and he saved him. Later he showed up at the Smithsonian Museum where they had all the stuff about Captain America and what he has achieved and he stands in front of a poster about James Buchanan Barnes. The end was amazing but I think that Cap should have died there. He should have been left in the ocean and Bucky could have taken over as Captain America. I can’t think of a better time to go than this one. The scene was just so heartfelt and once you see it I think you will agree. I would have just been perfect timing and would make the most sense.



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