Nerd Wife Review: 300: Rise of an Empire



I’m not goingnto lie, I was pretty excited about this movie when I first heard the date they were going to release it in Theaters. I loved the first one; you know the action, the muscle, the gore… all great stuff and i exspect more of the same but the second one did not live up to my expectations, nor anyone else’s for that matter.

As I looked at some of the reviews for this movie, trying to pick and choose which movies to watch and I decided to put it off and watch some other things higher on my list first. So finally now that I have gotten around to it I feel like if I would have just watched the trailer I would have watched everything worth watching in the movie except for this raunchy sex scene (which was actually pretty awesome. See the pics below for the culprits)



It basically was the entire movie; the only thing that stretched it out was the 500 slow motion scenes which at some points were happening within 30 seconds of the last one. It got a little old after a little while. I have a better name for this movie… “300: Dissapointment in slow motion”

One of the good things about the movie though was the action (minus slow-mo). A giant battle on the water, boats so close together you could jump from one to another just huge warriors slicing away. It was pretty damn cool. The story was decebtly good itself, just a little slow at times (seems to be a reoccurring theme here). I say it wasn’t a bad movie but definitely nowhere near the first one.

I would probably give this movie a 6 or 7. Entertaining to watch once but I probably wouldn’t watch it again. Sorry for the short review this week but honestly I gave you everything i could without spoiling the movie… and sadly,  I can’t use slowmo in writing to draw out this post 😉



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