A Saturday well spent: Infamous: Second Son

Welcome to our latest addition to the playground family! A Saturday well spent is our game review section! We will take games that are new (relatively) and run through them to bring you the latest news on games that have come out recently! 




The game is the latest installment in the infamous series and has no real ties back to the older games at all. You begin the game as a small town trouble maker with no real abilities at all. After a series of events, a wreck in your town leave the conduits, or bio terrorist depending on who you ask, freed and running for their lives. You character comes into contact with one of them and through some sort of hocus pocus becomes a conduit himself. images6Now with the ability of Smoke you will start to have fun toying with the different ways to use it.  This only leads to problems for the young…hero?


This leads me to the next part of this game. The Karma system. Doing good and bad things can effect the game in different ways. Good guys get certain abilities later while the baddies do the same but in images2different ways. For me, after running through both ways, I feel the good was a little easier to stay alive while the evil made it easier to kill large groups. There are SO MANY ways to gain or lose karma. Everything from killing drug dealers (evil) to healing hurt civilians (good, duh)  The one thing this didn’t effect… much to my surprise, was the story line. While there were tiny differences ( If you want to know what they were then play the game) but not enough to really make the game worth playing through twice… unless you are hunting trophies. Otherwise, just 100% on the path you choose. You won’t miss much.

One of my favorite things about this game was the choice in powers and the variety of abilities within said powers. The was three main powers (and fourth once you beat the game) to choose from. There’s Smoke, that yo u start with, Neon, and video. They all hXkyQdU1ave their advantages but once i got neon and especially video, i never used smoke again… until they made me.The wings of video (see right) made it super easy to travel through the large map! Neon was great for long distance and was a huge help when it came to upping your karma levels!images(see blow) Concrete is the last power and is fun but not easy to use. Just have fun finding all the different ways to kill the DUP’s!


Another fun and innovative add-on to the game was the graffiti art that you could do. They let you choose good or evil and you had to turn images3the controller sideways, shake it like a spray paint can, and then aim it while holding the trigger. It was fun and for some reason, never got old!


Over all the game was good, not great, but good. The story keep me wanting to play more…which is why I beat it so quick… it really doesn’t take long to beat but there is plenty to do after to get 100%. If it sounds like fun to you then chances are you will love it and play it till your passed out still holding the controller, for a day or two. 

So lets review:

Pros: Great story, awesome powers, fun game play

  • Great story
  • Awesome powers
  • Fun game play


  • Short
  • No difference in story line from good to evil
  • No online play

So overall it was good… let’s say 8/10


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