Does anyone care about Jurassic world and Murder Nurse > Barbie


Welcome back to the Playground guys! After a long week we find ourselves back here and looking for more to keep our mind off the real world just a little longer. Got some awesome news for you guys this week and we will be trying a few new things! Make sure to tell us what you liked and the things you never want to see again in the comments below!

Wanted to take a quick second and say thank you to any of you reading this! We Hit 700 followers on Facebook this week and without you guys we wouldn’t be able to keep writing and entertaining like we do! Please follow us on Facebook and here to keep the fun going! Also, make sure to enter the giveaway! The details are below.

But let’s get the report on the week! Welcome to the Internet Intelligence Report!



According to multiple reports Lou Ferrigno will reprise his role as the incredible Hulk and by reprise his role we mean that we will be doing the voice for the violent green rage monster. This time Ruffalo will be ding Banner and Ferrigno will be the Hulk.

download (2)

In the last avengers movie Ferrigno did the grunts and screams of the Hulk like only he could but the one line of dialog was given to Ruffalo. Seeing that Lou was probably the most loved Hulk in history, this movie not only makes sense but is awesome. Not really any big news or spoilers but incredible none the less (see what i did there?)



Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we have our first photos from the set of Jurassic World. Incase you didn’t know, this movie is taking place 22 years after the “events” of the older movies and is going to be about… wait… no one knows? Maybe the name is implying that the dino’s are taking over and trying the entire planet of the apes thing?

“You damn dirty dino!” It might work below are a couple of on set images. Enjoy and maybe this movie will be worth actually talking about some day soon



Now a couple of new things for you guys! We are having a contest on our facebook page! It is our first giveaway and we are proud to have one of the sexy Karen Sakai’s prints signed and ready to go! The winner will be announced next week and below is all you need to know to enter! Make sure to follow all 3 rules to enter and good look!

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Now what’s a playground without some drama and fun. This week we will start doing a weekly meltdown where we take a popular topic and talk it over. Let’s get started then, i found the perfect one to start with!


Valeria Lukyanova, or the real life Barbie as most people know her, posted a picture this week on Facebook that seems to have caught peoples eye. As I’m sure you realized, she is not called the real life Barbie for nothing. She wear tons of caked on make up and has had tons of surgury to make herself more “doll like”. Some people are turned on by this while it leaves others just confused. I was in the camp that just didn’t give a crap about her…. until this.

valeria-lukyanova-without-make-20140421-142005-446she isn’t a bad looking girl without all the caked on make up. I always figured if you took away that than the elephant man was probably undernieth. I mean who really wears that much make up for no reason? But after seeing this, I am left confused. Which do you think looks better? Let us know in the comments below!


And now let us move on to a awesome woman is in not fake, nor Barbie.  She is our kinda woman and funny and nerdy to boot! Welcome Murder Nurse to the playground and keep reading to get to know her just a little better!


1. What video game world would you love to live in?

There are so many! My favourite video game in the world is No More Heroes, so I’d love to live in Santa Destroy. But I can’t deny Azeroth from World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and the Persona universes would all be just as kick ass to exist in. And I can’t deny, I’m a little tempted to say Silent Hill and Raccoon City – but only if I had a pretty good chance at surviving either of those situations, of course.

2. What’s a snack you can’t get enough of?

Green Tea Ice Cream. I could eat a pint a day if I let myself, it’s bad. That stuff is so addicting. That and Pirate’s Booty!

3. What is your favorite horror flick?

Asking the hard questions are we? Haha. There’s no way I could pick just one, that’s absolutely impossible when you’ve seen as many as I have. So I’m going to separate them into groups: Classic – “A Nightmare On Elm St”. Foreign – “Ju-On”. New – “Curse Of Chucky”. Horror Comedy – “Cabin In The Woods”. Honorable Mentions – “The Orphanage” & “Lost Boys”.

4. which would you rather… try walking over hot coals or base jumping off a skyscraper?

Hot coals, because I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I’ve never been adverse to heat or fire. I actually think it’d be pretty cool to see if I have some sideshow worthy hidden talent like that.

5. What are your plans for the rest of the 2014?

Tons of cosplay, modeling, music, writing, filming & more! 2014 is going to be a VERY busy year for me, and I have so many things for my followers to look forward to, that I can’t wait for myself! All I can say without spoiling anything further is, keep an eye on my Murder Nurse page in the coming months, where I will be regularly releasing news of my projects and the projects themselves! It’s going to be pretty sweet, I promise.

well ladies and gents, that’s all from the Murder Nurse, Make sure to check out her Facebook as well here! and enjoy the small gallery below!

1970548_10152026608355875_1867321083_n 1970798_10151996966580875_319286715_n 1606915_10152069076645875_6775268274347390443_n


That’s it guys. Until next week make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and join us on facebook for even more weird and odd fun! Join us next week for another great time escaping to the Playground! As always, this is Steps!


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