A few hours well spent… MGS: Ground zeroes


Bought this game expecting another great installment of the Metal Gear series and played through it in under a couple of hours. After watching the several different cut scenes and wondering when there would be another playable section… There wasn’t.

In the only main mission offered, you fight through it to get the best time possible and if you actual get caught there is little to no hope of getting a decent time or score. The graphics were amazing, the AI was awesome, and the play style was what you come to expect from these games. The only thing lacking was paying half the price of a brand new game for nothing more than one mission and some side missions.


I suppose that I knew going in that it wasn’t going to bed a full game but I still hoped on more than one mission. Maybe half of a real game for half the price?

The one upside was that I cannot wait to play the next game and will have it the day it comes out. That final cut scene makes me want to know more!

So all in all… Great graphics, great story, but not worth the money. 5/10 from me…


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