Starwars cast revealed, Spiderman looks amazing, and Ashayla Webster says hi!

Well a fun week for us here on the Playground. We are gearing up for all the convention coverage next week, as well as setting up some awesome partnerships here locally that we will be announcing once it is all hammered out and ready to go! But enough of that, let’s get this show on the road!



Well I’m sure you guys have noticed the announcement of the Star Wars 7 cast. I for one am more than excited to see that most of the actors named (besides the originals) are relatively little known.


Another reason to be excited is the fact that Andy Serkis will be involved! I’m excited to see the awesome things that he will bring. What alien or character do you think that he will bring to life in the Starwars universe? We’ve heard small rumblings that the age of this cast may be perfect for the yuuzhan vong!

I would be more than happy to see that story line come to the big screen. It would be the perfect type of story and visuals that would be needed to grab a new generation of movie goers!



Just in case you have lived under a rock for the past few months, The amazing Spider Man 2 comes out tomorrow night at midnight in most places. This movie looks like it will cement Spider Man into the movie world that way he should have been a long time ago.

With this movie, they may just prove that they can go toe to toe with Marvel. The set up’s and easter eggs through out the movie are great and only leave us wanting more and more. That’s not even talking about the amazing viral campaign that has been going on for a year!


I was a little skeptical of Electro at first but after so many different scenes of his awesome look and powers, i am a solid fan! Just look at the screen shot above and tell me you would lick a hobo for a free ticket!


This week guys we have the beautiful and talented Ashayla Webster with us! She does some awesome cosplay and modeling and is ever proudly featured in the book Itty Bitty Titty Committee. See the link below for how to get your copy of the book!

Ashayla Webster

Well here are the questions! Enjoy!

1. Where is your favorite place to sit and gather your thoughts?

 I like to get outdoors and as close to the earth as possible when I need to gather myself. I try and find a spot with some dappled sunlight, preferably with soft grass and water nearby.

2. What’s your favorite name?

As in general? Ummm…well I suppose like most women I’ve already named my future children. Connolly, Harrison and Abigail.

3. Marvel or DC comics?

DC. Black Canary is my favorite.

 4. which would you rather do? Go skydiving or deep sea diving?

Skydiving. I actually have an inner ear problem. Being high in the atmosphere is painful, but deep sea would probably see my head cave in.


5.Anything big planned for this year?

5. I’m hoping that the positive body image charity I’ve been working on will become government recognized this year.

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Well here is the link to look over and buy the book i was telling you about! Click here for more!

That’s it guys. Make sure to check back all next week for announcements on the upcoming news and conventions. Look through our old post and make sure to leave us a comment or two and let us know what you think! And, as always, this is Steps!


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