Is it the Dawn of the JLA and I’m convinced JadaBaby could kick my butt!

What a week guys! Time and time again we find ourselves here so we might as well enjoy it! This week we look over the new Batman Vs. Superman movie and spend some time with a new alien from Star Wars.

So make yourself comfortable and settle in. Make sure to gather your thoughts and let us know what you think in the comments below!



Lets start out with possibly the biggest news of the week. Batman Vs. Superman… let’s start there. This is supposed to be the sequal to Man of Steel. Yet Batman gets the first billing in the title. Now I love Batman much more than Sups but still… that’s just insulting.



Next… the Dawn of Justice part. I actually like what this is pointing to and the fact that DC may actually be showing some balls and future planning besides rehashing old stories and rebooting everything. Maybe, just maybe, we will finally be rolling towards a real JLA!



Our next bit of news came in the form of the snapshot above. It was from a promo for the new Star Wars movie coming. Abrams was talking over the chance to be in the next installment and their plans with that and helping people in the process.

Everyone seemed to ignore that completely and just focus on the Alien that passed by during the video. It was nice to see a new alien that was not CGI but done the old fashioned way. I really hope to see tons of new faces and a few returning old ones done in the style that made this franchise what it is today! We can only hope to get the Star Wars we all know and love!


This week we have 5 questions with none other than JadaBaby! A lady as sexy and she is dangerous. With a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and working towards doing MMA fighting! Hard to find a nerdy lady that is this dangerous. Well, enjoy!

1. Anyone who has seen your cosplays loves your slave leia! Which of the star wars movies is your favorite?

My favorite Star Wars movie is any of the original 3 so 4,5, and 6 I am a huge Han Solo fan

2. What is a word or phrase that people use that drives you insane?

I can’t stand when people say “totes” for totally. I mean god people how bored and lazy are you that you have to come up with words that don’t make sense? Lol

3. What is the strangest gift or request you have had from a fan?

I have been asked if if I would dress up as a babe and wear a diaper and pee in it on camera, yes that was fucking out there I know lol.

4. What is your favorite form of nerdom? (Video games, comics, movies, etc)

My favorite form of nerdom is definitely movies! I know everything there is to know about horror movies, I’m a junkie pretty much or tv shows I’m the same way.

5. What are your plans for the rest of 2014?


I plan on starting mma at some point, because my passion is definitely fighting but other than that I plan on partying and enjoying my life

IMG_8690_400sq 10390503_286307074864880_2112722872160223979_n 10150579_275844885911099_5390826269893798846_n


Well guys that wraps it up for this week! Hope you all enjoyed your time here and hope you will join us again next week and for a long time to come!


For those of you guys in Tulsa, Ok Make sure to come by Wizards Asylum for our game night! This time it is all war games and we are going to see who can take over the world first!

Till next week guys, This is Steps!


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