An awesome cosplay shin-dig!

The 2014 DCC had an awesome moment Saturday night. The lovely Nerd Wife and I made our main to the main event room for the Cosplay contest! Everyone was excited and we were not disappointed!

SAM_0130From the very beginning it was a nonstop train of awesome. From Deadpool dancing around to Lego Batman coming onto the stage, it was a sight to  behold! There were awesome costumes and great skits done by a host of different cosplayers.

At the end of the show we left to get some more pictures and talk with a few of the attendees. We didn’t stay to see the winner. To usSAM_0136 the art of cosplay is not something that someone can win. They were
all amazing costumes and took someone a lot of time to create. They all won in our book. Now if you want to know who won “best in show” then we will let you know. There was an awesome old school Mr. Freeze, set up with LED’s and all, that was amazing. He was awarded best in show and did an amazing job on costume but again, we loved them all. Make sure to watch the video below to see some of the awesome acts that were there that night!!






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