Nerding out with the COWLUG

Lego’s have been close to my heart every since i was a little kid. I have a ton of fond memories sitting in the floor with my dad and building anything that my tiny mind could think of, and at the same time marveling at the things my dad could create and bring to life. They moved and even had stories to make them just that much better.

SAM_0015So, needless to say this weekend when I found a display of Lego creations, I had to visit and talk. I felt like a kid again looking over all the amazing things they had created without a book or instructions. They add everything from Starwars to an entire city (with a working train I might add) and even some that you could control with a remote.

The lines around the tables were huge and people, young and old, we taking their time to soak in and enjoy all the amazing things that they brought to life. The most impressive I must say, were the Transformers that changed back and forth into cars and robots. To do that, without instructions, is truly amazing!
The group that brought all this to life was CoWlug, or Colorado and Wyoming Lego users group. They are just an awesome group of people with a hobby that I love. You can join and keep up with the group on Facebook by clicking here!


Visit their official website by clicking here!

Make sure to watch the video below and go check them out! Tell us your fondest memory of lego’s in the comments down below!




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