Uncle E returns!!

After seeing the newest installment in the X-men legacy of movies, I find myself filled with more hope than ever before concerning the future of our merry little mutants.  DAYS OF FUTURE PAST was an excellent melding of past and future, old and new cast, into a well orchestrated story.  The action from past to future worked well and the fact that the scenes jumped back and forth, faster and faster as the movie neared its climax built an anxious anticipation of the pay off.  And what a pay off it was!


That being said, seeing the original cast all together and healthy was exhilarating to say the least.  But, if what I’m hearing is true, that will probably be the last we see of them (Unless in a quick shot at the beginning and/or end of X-Men: Apocalypse).  This leaves the future fraught with a new set of anxieties.

It has already been said that a handful of the old cast will be recast as younger versions of themselves and I couldn’t be happier.  We get a chance at a fresh face and new start.  Soon, the casting will begin on a new set of actors playing an old set of X-men.

I’m sure Hugh Jackman will be back, but I hope he has a more limited role in Apocalypse than even his fading to the background role in Days. Although, if this is as ‘apocalyptic’ as everyone lets on, it will be hard for him to do that.  I would be fine with him actually becoming one of the horsemen although he would have to be controlled somehow and that puts a strain on the story.  But, to be honest, what does Logan’s future hold?  Did they change everything?  He’s being fished out of the drink by Mystique and not Striker.  Does this change his Weapon X designation?  And, if it does, how do you explain him ending up with the whole admantium skeleton and claws?

No, the ending of DAYS left a question in my head.  Was Wolverine being pulled out of the water the beginning of the next story?  Were they just going to pick up from there?  Because the future Professor X asked him what was the last thing he remembered.  And the movie immediately went to that scene!  As a writer, I feel this was a hint at where everything begins in the next movie.  YET, I’ve also heard it will be set in the 80s and, if so, won’t most of the ‘original’ X-men be children?  Lots of questions floating around, to be sure.  Maybe they can answer Logan’s questions in his next movie.

James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence are now the anchor on which you build the next story.  McAvoy playing the young Professor X with new energy and a renewed dream should find himself with a whole new set of students.  Fassbender gathering his mutant brotherhood, of course.  And, Lawrence playing Raven/Mystique (which will she be?) caught in the middle somehow.  Lawrence’s performance was a pivotal energy in this movie and it will be in the next, I’m sure.  Expect things to heat up between the good Professor and Mags this time.  Probably pushing things to all out war.

Magneto has an opportunity to possibly become one of the four horsemen for the very first time.  Not sure this is the route they’re taking or should take, but it would be a sever ‘heel turn’ for a heel like him.  But he’s not one to be kneeling to anyone.  Possibly he joins Apocalypse thinking he can ambush his crusade?  I don’t know.  Just thinking out loud right now.  This COULD turn out the opposite of last stand where both sides, after battling each other several times early on in the movie, has to unite to stop a common menace much like UNITED.

The Professors new students and/or Magneto’s new ‘Brethren’ are a hodgepodge of curiosity.  Most of them we can shelve here or there, but some of them may be boarder-line.

Beast is firmly in the professor’s pocket.  Although it would be a bit of drama if his scientific background caused him to lean toward Apocalypse.  Hmmm.  But, for all intensive purposes, Hank McCoy is an X-man through and through.

Joining him would be three of his classmates from the old school beginnings; Iceman, Jean Grey and Cyclops.  Iceman and Jean are strong X-men, no doubt.  Scott Summers is a conundrum.  Will they play him like the loyal student, the Professor’s pet?  Or will we begin to see a bit of the renegade we’re seeing in the comics these days?  Perhaps he will be one to join Apocalypse and, maybe, become one of his four.  Yep, he’s my second choice for a horseman if we’re taking bets on a traitor in their midst.

But a better bet for horsemen seems to be the missing original X-Man; ANGEL.  Warren Worthington in the comics was as much a part of Xavier’s original school as Cyclops, Beast, Jean or Iceman.  But, in the movies, we’ve seen him played as a side character who is never fully integrated into the team.  This dynamic makes him the A#1 choice for HORSEMAN.  It doesn’t hurt his odds that he has been a horseman more than once and a damned cool one at that.  The ‘evolution’ into metal wings that not only cut through about anything but can be launched like missiles make him a very cinematic choice for one of the four.

 Past the original five, we have Storm who is a strong character from the second incarnation of X-men in the late 70s.  Finding a strong black actress to take on and over the role of Ororo Monroe, will be a pivotal part of the foundation of the next generation of X-men movies.  12 Years a Slave actress, Lupita Nyong’o, is a crowd favorite for this role.  STORM is another question as to how loyal she is early on.  Could she turn?  She would also make a great horseman. Should be interesting.

Then, we have Rogue who was the darling of the original cast, but now is but an accessory.  I’m afraid we probably won’t see her much at all. And a replacement?  I see Fox leaving her out of the next installment totally and possibly her love interest, Bobby Drake, the Iceman, too.

Kitty Pride, played by Ellen Page, would be a coup indeed.  With her and Lawrance on board, we have a strong female presence to carry a younger cast and help drive the story.  Add to that, Cudmore as Colossus and the love story for the ages?  We’ll see.  Will Page still be young enough to play a young Kitty Pride?  Can Cudmore actually act?  Sorry.  I’ve never seen him do it.  I’d be willing to give him a chance.  I don’t see either of these characters turning against Xavier and the dream though.

It would be cool to see a young Bishop, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  My bet is to see Bishop playing his canon role as the time traveling interloper that aids the students against Apocalypse.  Loyalty to the Dream is a must with this characters even if his means are a bit questionable.  It could get even more fun if Cable finally makes an appearance.  But then the question is, ‘Which Cable?’  We can’t possibly go with him being the son of Scott and Madalyne Pryor.  But does that mean we see old man Logan via the ULTIMATE universe?  Just causes too many problems.  I see them steering clear of Cable all together.  Although some say that you see Cable early in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST as a mutant with one eye missing.  I still haven’t confirmed that.

One side character they would be remiss to exclude would be Evan Peter’s, Quicksilver.  He could easily be seen at his father’s side.  Fox should take advantage of the fact that they can push the word Mutant and the Father/Son relationship here.  As for Scarlet Witch, that would be a gutsy move on their part, but I don’t see them going that direction.  A consolation prize would be the younger half-sister of Quicksilver, Polaris, although her power is redundant of her father, Magneto’s.

Blink makes a great addition as can be seen in the fight scenes of DAYS.  She adds a dynamic that changes the game in any fight.  The same actress MIGHT be able to pull off the younger version or a new actress might be in order.  She could actually end up on any team here.   She could definitely help give Magneto an edge he so desperately needs.

Havok would add a bit of drama if thrown in with his brother, especially if one of them turns on Xavier.  He’s another good choice for a turn to the darkside aka Horseman.  If both brothers are included in the next installment bet on one becoming a Horseman or turning on the dream.

Sunspot and Warpath would be good additions to either team.  You may say, ‘Well, they were with the good guys in the future’.  Were they?  The team that fought the Sentinels in the future was a unified group brought together by Xavier AND Magneto.  Thus, either or both of these could have been a part of Magneto’s brotherhood.

Toad, Ink and Spike who were shown in the military scene with Havok would mostly settle into Magneto’s camp.  I think Toad is a shoe in for Brotherhood.  IF the other two make it, it’s a good chance they’re on the dark side.

Now, all that being said, the odds are for Kinberg and Fox going for Four Horsemen that we’ve never seen before.  I still think they should bring Archangel in, but the other three, at least, will PROBABLY be totally new characters.   Great candidates are Plague/Pestilence, Caliban, Mikhal (Colossus’ brother), Gambit and Sunfire.  Of course, I would rather them wait for Gambit’s turn to evil till THE FALL OF THE MUTANTS storyline.  But, that’s a discussion for another day.

Now, True Believers, disperse and discuss. Let the speculations begin!


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