Will Halo: Nightfall bring a new dawn, No one like Rocky, and Llillybet takes us out of this world

Hey guys… what day is? That’s right it’s HUMP DAY, and you know what that means! We are back on the Playground getting your weekly fill of news and nonsense! This week we have some awesome things to let you in on so let’s kick it off with that!

This year we will be throwing the first annual CuraCon in Tulsa, Ok. This will be a one day event and act as a mini con. But this is not just for us to get together and nerd out, we are going to nerd out for a cause! We are throwing this event to raise money for breast cancer awareness and all, yes 100%, of the money brought in will go to the cause!

curacon 2014

We plan to have game tournaments from Smash Brothers to CoD. We will be having guest come in and all sort of giveaways! We can not wait to do this and know that together we will have a blast while doing our part to make sure this disease is wiped out! Click the banner above for a link to the event page on Facebook!



This weeks I.I.R. has a little bit of everything. We talk Halo and WTF is DC doing with Shazam. Lets dig in!


maxresdefaultHalo: Nightfall is the upcoming T.V. series covering the event before Halo: Guardians but more importantly, the back story to the newest part of the franchise, Agent Locke. The basic jist of it so far is that he is meant to cover terrorist and their activity. Not sure what role this will actual play in the new game but word is that he is somewhat of a major character.

My only worry is that doing something like this, with a new character that no one knows yet, and investing your entire show into this person. What if no one likes him? Not only will the show bomb but you will be risking people thinking the new game is just as bad. If the movie Forward into Dawn is any indication of how it will be… sign me out. No thanks, but with Ridley Scott at the helm their may be a chance. This isn’t his first rodeo with games gone TV so… who knows?




CAN YOU SMELL!!!!…. WHAT THE ROCK IS…. playing? It has been all the rage this week. People trying their best to figure out the rocks cryptic messages about playing in a DC movie and having a major shazam_p-could-shazam-be-the-rock-s-secret-dc-projectrole, the power of superman, and can throw down… everyone went nuts and started point to Shazam right away! With the recent discovery that DC had this movie in the wings the jump was easy for people to do. . . .we are not so sure just yet

If you ask me he wanted people to make that leap, and so did DC. They want the buzz going into SDCC so they can make a huge impact when they annonunce that Dwayne “the rock” Johnson will be playing……

the room will be dead silent….

Black Atom! Or at least some other name that no one saw coming. It’s a classic bait and switch. I’m not always right but this one feels good. Let’s see if im right next week!





Well folks it is time for us to talk to another lovely lady of cosplay.lil This week we bring you the talented and sexy Llillybet! She is an awesome cosplayer and makes some great props! She also has some model type pictures and some normal every day stuff as well. Us personally, like those kinds of things cause it let’s us know that they care to let their fans know the real them. Not just their to sell prints… well, we are getting off our soap box now… on with the interview! Enjoy!

1. What is a cosplay you have not done yet that you can not wait to do?

Annie from League of Legends, (grown up version, own design) I will be making her very soon! ALL THE EXCITE. Annie is my LoL baby

2. Whats a food that everyone loves, that you cant stand?

Chocolate.. I REALLY dislike sweet things, I guess it works in my favour since I generally cosplay the more revealing characters 😛

3. If you could choose anything what theme would your next birthday party be?

A mini convention fo sho’ I’m turning 21 at the beginning of 2015 so I defo wanna make this happen ;D YOU’RE ALL INVITED


4. What is your favorite current television show?

Come dine with me… For real, I love that shiz.


5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Costumes, conventions and photographers! I have lots of costumes planned and photographers booked! So stay tuned

1609665_209068639297630_718244780_n 10001016_238904122980748_1879831580_o 10381992_264636770407483_2370350217159574266_n

If you want to see more then make sure to click the link below and follow her on Facebook! What could having one more awesome cosplayer, who’s not bad on the eyes btw, that’s right none!

Click here for more!

Well, that’s the end. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here… wait that’s a lie! There are a ton more post and past weeks playgrounds to read! You can stay here all day for all we care… just don’t lose your job… that would be bad (click here for our main page)

Till next week guys, This is Steps!


Sugar³ : Welcome!


Hey Guys! This is GlycoNerd with Projects Playground and I’m starting a weekly segment just about three random/nerdy things that catch my attention. I work, go to school, play mom and wife, run a doll website, make cosplays, go to conventions and now help write a blog! I’m superwoman right? No, seriously… have you ever seen us together? I’m just saying it’s a possibility… just kidding. Or am I? Ha! Anyway, here are our topics for this week. Hope you enjoy!


The Beginning of a New Era: More Female Superheroes

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Marvel Comics has made some drastic changes to some of their most iconic characters in history; one of these being the fall of the original Thor. Marvel has yet released what makes Thor unworthy but they have posted a picture of what unworthy Thor looks like. He looks beat down; rugged torn clothes imageand you’ll notice he’s not carrying his hammer, Mjolnir. Most of us know that Thor’s hammer holds all the power of Thor. It is not necessarily the person, so of course if he is unworthy of wielding it he loses most of his power. Sure his battle axe can do some damage and he can still fight off Gods but he is unable to use the weather to his advantage, create force fields and create blasts of energy.

So if Thor is no longer Thor, who will be the new Thor? Good question. Marvel has release the news that the new Thor will be a female but no one really knows where she comes from or who she is. Is she someone we’ve met before in older comics? Also, Ryan Penagos, executive editor, makes it very clear image (1)that this is not a Lady Thor or a Female Thor but that she IS Thor! I think it’s pretty cool. Having more female characters opens the market a little bit more for female readers but when Marvel was asked why they chose a woman to be the new Thor they responded with this, “It’s not about filling a certain quota. It’s about providing a shot in the arm to the Thor titles definitely, but it’s something that’s a natural part of where this story and the Thor title is going.” Will Moss, Marvel Comics Editor. So, that’s not really what they are doing but still it’s going to be a great idea!


Fashion Trends Gone Horribly Wrong!

Last but not least, I saw a few things out today while I was walking around the mall with my husband and holy moly people! image (2)There is some crazy stuff out there. Now, by no means do I know fashion but I know when stuff just isn’t right! Like, I’ve seen that overalls were making some sort of comeback or whatever but overall sweats?! Seriously? Who thinks this crap up? Look at this! —–>



Oh, and let’s not forget about the adult size onesie body suit… This is just ridiculous come image (3)on now? Could you imagine going on a hot date and your man trying to tug up on your shirt and you have to be like hold on let me unbutton my crotch first!

Well, thanks for checking us out! Make sure to keep checking back with here every Friday to see my newest article on what crazy things are happening now!

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TnT ’14: A world built for gamers of all kinds!

If you love gaming, and I am using that term loosely, then Tokyo in Tulsa this year was the place to be. I have been to many conventions and The game set up here blew my mind. It was truly a paradise for anyone who loves to play.

DSC_2841 DSC_2842 DSC_2867





They provided every kind of set up that you could hope for. In the video game room there was everything from PC the original NES. I DSC_2836spent so much time playing games from my childhood and even
getting to share those games with my kids. Watching young kids play games like Sonic 2 and Battle Toads was awesome. The look on their face was different. It took them to a time they weren’t used to and they loved it.


I got to see some awesome tournaments and action. Smash Brothers to League of Legends, there were cheers and laughs all around. They were even streaming EVO on the big screen to make sure that we didn’t miss it!

If that wasn’t enough to make you giddy then the downstairs sure was. They held Magic almost all the time and there were people there all the time to teach yoDSC_2882u War Hammer as well, but my personal favorite was the sound of dice hitting the table as people of all ages were rolling up characters for different RPG games!



All this just to say that it was an awesome time and great to see them make gaming such a large part of it. They really went all out with making sure we were happy. Tell us your favorite part of all the gaming at TnT.

Orange is the New Black goes dark (or does it?), Spielberg kills a dino, and we talk with the new God(dess) of Thunder!

Well boys and girls it is now time, once again to enter the playground and take a break from all the stresses of the day. Today we take on one of the hardest topics in all of the world… the stupidity of the human race and things that just want to make you face palm… so let’s dig in!



dinoLet’s start with this beauty. The picture to the left has cause some trouble this week when people got outraged over it. People we mad that Spielberg went out and “pouched” this poor dinosaur…. I want you to sit back and think that over for a minute… don’t worry, I’ll wait…

That’s right, this species has been extinct for a massive amount of time. Yet people were truly upset over it. They called him names and demanded apologies for it. Seriously? That’s just to much stupid for me to comprehend…



Orange is the New Black has become a huge hit from it release on Netflix and millions of people have watched both seasons more than once, but now all that has been brought to a halt.

Thanks to the fact that people can not just leave well enough alone, the shows third season has been canceled. Apparently the main man of Netflix and the head of OitNB clashed over how many major male roles there were in a show based around a  women’s prison… How many major male roles do you expect there to be?

He only made it worse, the head of Netflix, by making remarks about how a woman’s place is in the kitchen and how can she do that from prison? Seriously? We are in 2014 and you are going to make remarks about a woman’s place? Sure, the random make me a sandwich jokes will bring laughs and stares but doing that in a professional way is nothing but major trouble…..who would do that?

Answer to that question is no one. Seems that even us, in our never failing wisdom, (yeah right) got duped and feel for a good old fashion hoax. As much as we hate to admit it this store was nothing more than a joke pulled by Empire News. Well we can all breath easy now and wait for the sure to be great 3rd season!


The lovely KC Rikku was nice enough to let us ask our questions and the answers are fantastic! Make sure to read through it and check her out on facebook! Here we go!

1. If you could own one object from the comic book universe, what would it be?

If I could own any object of the comic book universe it would probably be either Iron Man’s suit or Batman’s Bat Cave (does that count as an item?? haha). First off, the technology in both of these is otherworldly and magnificent. I feel like with either one of these items anything is possible!

2. What was your favorite video game as a kid growing up?

My favorite video game growing up would have to be either Pokemon or Final Fantasy X. From the Pokemon franchise I am pretty much obsessed with all the games and I can’t help but get lost in such a glorious world full of incredible creatures. But with Final Fantasy X, it was such a moving and emotional journey for me. I’ve played that game all the way through at least 3 times. Hands down, it is my favorite from the Final Fantasy franchise

3. Is there a cosplay you have wanted to do but didn’t? If so, why?

There are many cosplay’s I want to do but haven’t, mostly because I am very new on the scene and I am still learning my way around the craft. One cosplay that would be absolutely amazing for me to try and do someday would be to build a full Samus suit that is easy enough to move in and that lights up. I think that would be my biggest challenge in the future if I decide to take it on. I hesitate because I know I still haven’t developed the skills to take on a project like that. Not on my own at least, not yet.

4. Which is better Italian food or oriental?

Oh boy! This one is a toughy Honestly, I’m a huge fan of pasta and noodles so italian and ortiental food both hold a special place in my heart but if I had to choose I’d lean toward oriental, more specifically, Thai food. It is so damn delicious the way they blend their different flavors and spices together! Mmmm… I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Disclaimer: It might not seem like it but I am a HUGE fatass and foodie!

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

My plans for the rest of the year… Honestly, I don’t think more than a few months ahead in the future when it comes to cosplay. Currently, I’ll be going to NYCC in October and Animate! Miami in November. After that, we shall see how things go

Make sure to check out her facebook here and tell her we sent you!

Enjoy the gallery below and make sure to find more on her facebook page as well!

10406421_872051379490608_5047189876134312242_n 10411132_875841609111585_4696966881186705980_n 10485372_876002129095533_6957129794023054769_n

Well guys, another Wednesday come and gone. Make sure to check back through out the week and see all the new stuff we have coming. You can also go back to this last weekend and check out all the coverage from Tokyo in Tulsa Anime Con! We had a blast and there was just a ton of fun! Our next convention coverage will be GlitchCon on August 1st-3rd! Until next week guys, live long and prosper!

TnT wrap up 2014!

Well fellow con goers, the sad day has come. It is sunday and that means that our time has come to an end for another year. There were many awesome times and great laughs through the weDSC_0012ekend and we hope that you guys had the same experience that we did. It was truly great getting to know some of you and just taking pictures of all the amazing cosplays.


The last day was exactly what we expected from the last day of any convention. A lot of us filed in looking similar to zombies (i know I did this morning at least)

Our day started out at about 10 am this morning with some awesome time spent at the BattleTech pods. Learning to pilot those mechs is not as easy as I thought it would be.  We spent about an hour out there talking with all the guys that brought us the pods and just listening to all the stories they has I gained a new love for them. You could tell that they were in love with what they do and I can not blame them! (Side note: We will have a video coming soon of our time with them!)

After that we went, with many others, to stand in line to meet some of the great talent that TnT brought to us. It was also great to watc
h people pla a game of ninja while waiting in line! DSC_0015DSC_0014





DSC_0025We got the chance to meet and talk briefly with Jerry Jewel, FEMM, and J Michael Tatum. They were a great time and just seemed like genuinely awesome people to be around. (If the pictures didn’t give that away)

DSC_0026The pictures are great and even the time in line didn’t seem that bad. Talking with people and going from topic to topic. One of my favorite con experiences was this weekend. Just a great time in general!


We took some time to look around and mingle after that and honestlyDSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0007 DSC_0009, we called it a day. Early days and long nights had worn us down and for us it was time for a nap. What was your guys favorite part of the weekend and what is something you will never forget? Let us know in the comment! Make sure to find us on facebook and find yourself in the cosplay pictures we will be posting all week long! Enjoy all these pictures and again make sure to check Facebook and find yourself in all the pictures to come! Till next time guys, This has been Steps!

Tokyo in Tulsa day 2: Cosplay, games, and more cosplay!

Well guys, as expected, day two was even more fun than the first! We had a blast walking through the Cox Convention Center and seeing all the amazing outfits that were there. We had everything frDSC_2853om Attack on Titan (below) to Game of Thrones(right). It was a blast just talking with and getting to know all the awesome people. Sadly there was no where near the time to meet everyone though. Enjoy the small gallery we have added below.

DSC_2818There will be many more pictures to come on our facebook (click here and like the page to receive all the updates on that)



DSC_2821 DSC_2877 DSC_2832 DSC_2815 DSC_2782 DSC_2779



While we are on the topic of cosplay! 

We got the lovely chance to go in and see the cosplay contest. I have to say that it was very well done and just fun to watch! There were a ton of entries but as always to us, there is no winner. They were all pure awesome an DSC_2888DSC_2892 DSC_2885
d deserve all the praise in the world for getting up there and preforming like that! Here a few snapshots of the contest (right)

The room was packed our and as i said before, i can see why! The costumes and outfits were amazing! There were so many people wanting to see it that they had an over flow room set up and showing a live feed of the contest (bottom left) To me that was awesome and more proof that Tulsa really knows how to do cosplay right and support it at the same time!


But now on to the gaming!

There were countless set ups and different platforms to choose from. We had everything from Titan Fall, League of Legends, to smash brothers tournaments running all day long. That is not even mentions the awesome retro gaming stations that were scattered around! Here are a few of our favorite shots from the game room this year guys!DSC_2837DSC_2842


Well guys, that’s it for Saturday and make sure to come back tomorrow night for our TnT 2014 wrap up and run down! Also, make sure to stop by our facebook to see more awesome pictures from this weekend! Thanks guys and can’t wait to spend one more day with all of you at the con tomorrow! Till then, the is Steps!

Tokyo in Tulsa 2014 has kicked off!

This weekend we have the pleasure of covering Tokyo in Tulsa! This is the largest nerdom event in Oklahoma and for good reason! The con attracts great guest and the fans are awesome! The great cosplays are a site to see and the people are just as intresting to talk to.

To kick off all the great stuff from the weekend they started with the opening ceremonies. At the same time the Game room was already in full swing with SmashDSC_2760 brothers Melee tourneys going on, but that is not the only games going on. They have too many systems to count and everything from PC to Wii U. DSC_2766

I love going into the game rooms at the cons and just seeing people that are usually alone or feel left  out having a place to all come together and having a blast with others who DSC_2772are in love with the same things . Its always a great feeling!




DSC_2755 DSC_2770

The cosplays are awesome of course and I can not wait until tomorrow to get some feed back from some of them and have a little fun. If you want to know more about that then


make sure to come back tomorrow and see what we are up too 😉



Well guys, thats going to be it for tonight. Make sure to keep coming back all weekend to check it out and see whats going on. Welcome to your home for all things TnT for the weekend!!