Tokyo in Tulsa 2014 has kicked off!

This weekend we have the pleasure of covering Tokyo in Tulsa! This is the largest nerdom event in Oklahoma and for good reason! The con attracts great guest and the fans are awesome! The great cosplays are a site to see and the people are just as intresting to talk to.

To kick off all the great stuff from the weekend they started with the opening ceremonies. At the same time the Game room was already in full swing with SmashDSC_2760 brothers Melee tourneys going on, but that is not the only games going on. They have too many systems to count and everything from PC to Wii U. DSC_2766

I love going into the game rooms at the cons and just seeing people that are usually alone or feel left  out having a place to all come together and having a blast with others who DSC_2772are in love with the same things . Its always a great feeling!




DSC_2755 DSC_2770

The cosplays are awesome of course and I can not wait until tomorrow to get some feed back from some of them and have a little fun. If you want to know more about that then


make sure to come back tomorrow and see what we are up too 😉



Well guys, thats going to be it for tonight. Make sure to keep coming back all weekend to check it out and see whats going on. Welcome to your home for all things TnT for the weekend!!




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