TnT wrap up 2014!

Well fellow con goers, the sad day has come. It is sunday and that means that our time has come to an end for another year. There were many awesome times and great laughs through the weDSC_0012ekend and we hope that you guys had the same experience that we did. It was truly great getting to know some of you and just taking pictures of all the amazing cosplays.


The last day was exactly what we expected from the last day of any convention. A lot of us filed in looking similar to zombies (i know I did this morning at least)

Our day started out at about 10 am this morning with some awesome time spent at the BattleTech pods. Learning to pilot those mechs is not as easy as I thought it would be.  We spent about an hour out there talking with all the guys that brought us the pods and just listening to all the stories they has I gained a new love for them. You could tell that they were in love with what they do and I can not blame them! (Side note: We will have a video coming soon of our time with them!)

After that we went, with many others, to stand in line to meet some of the great talent that TnT brought to us. It was also great to watc
h people pla a game of ninja while waiting in line! DSC_0015DSC_0014





DSC_0025We got the chance to meet and talk briefly with Jerry Jewel, FEMM, and J Michael Tatum. They were a great time and just seemed like genuinely awesome people to be around. (If the pictures didn’t give that away)

DSC_0026The pictures are great and even the time in line didn’t seem that bad. Talking with people and going from topic to topic. One of my favorite con experiences was this weekend. Just a great time in general!


We took some time to look around and mingle after that and honestlyDSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0007 DSC_0009, we called it a day. Early days and long nights had worn us down and for us it was time for a nap. What was your guys favorite part of the weekend and what is something you will never forget? Let us know in the comment! Make sure to find us on facebook and find yourself in the cosplay pictures we will be posting all week long! Enjoy all these pictures and again make sure to check Facebook and find yourself in all the pictures to come! Till next time guys, This has been Steps!


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