TnT ’14: A world built for gamers of all kinds!

If you love gaming, and I am using that term loosely, then Tokyo in Tulsa this year was the place to be. I have been to many conventions and The game set up here blew my mind. It was truly a paradise for anyone who loves to play.

DSC_2841 DSC_2842 DSC_2867





They provided every kind of set up that you could hope for. In the video game room there was everything from PC the original NES. I DSC_2836spent so much time playing games from my childhood and even
getting to share those games with my kids. Watching young kids play games like Sonic 2 and Battle Toads was awesome. The look on their face was different. It took them to a time they weren’t used to and they loved it.


I got to see some awesome tournaments and action. Smash Brothers to League of Legends, there were cheers and laughs all around. They were even streaming EVO on the big screen to make sure that we didn’t miss it!

If that wasn’t enough to make you giddy then the downstairs sure was. They held Magic almost all the time and there were people there all the time to teach yoDSC_2882u War Hammer as well, but my personal favorite was the sound of dice hitting the table as people of all ages were rolling up characters for different RPG games!



All this just to say that it was an awesome time and great to see them make gaming such a large part of it. They really went all out with making sure we were happy. Tell us your favorite part of all the gaming at TnT.


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