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Hey Guys! This is GlycoNerd with Projects Playground and I’m starting a weekly segment just about three random/nerdy things that catch my attention. I work, go to school, play mom and wife, run a doll website, make cosplays, go to conventions and now help write a blog! I’m superwoman right? No, seriously… have you ever seen us together? I’m just saying it’s a possibility… just kidding. Or am I? Ha! Anyway, here are our topics for this week. Hope you enjoy!


The Beginning of a New Era: More Female Superheroes

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Marvel Comics has made some drastic changes to some of their most iconic characters in history; one of these being the fall of the original Thor. Marvel has yet released what makes Thor unworthy but they have posted a picture of what unworthy Thor looks like. He looks beat down; rugged torn clothes imageand you’ll notice he’s not carrying his hammer, Mjolnir. Most of us know that Thor’s hammer holds all the power of Thor. It is not necessarily the person, so of course if he is unworthy of wielding it he loses most of his power. Sure his battle axe can do some damage and he can still fight off Gods but he is unable to use the weather to his advantage, create force fields and create blasts of energy.

So if Thor is no longer Thor, who will be the new Thor? Good question. Marvel has release the news that the new Thor will be a female but no one really knows where she comes from or who she is. Is she someone we’ve met before in older comics? Also, Ryan Penagos, executive editor, makes it very clear image (1)that this is not a Lady Thor or a Female Thor but that she IS Thor! I think it’s pretty cool. Having more female characters opens the market a little bit more for female readers but when Marvel was asked why they chose a woman to be the new Thor they responded with this, “It’s not about filling a certain quota. It’s about providing a shot in the arm to the Thor titles definitely, but it’s something that’s a natural part of where this story and the Thor title is going.” Will Moss, Marvel Comics Editor. So, that’s not really what they are doing but still it’s going to be a great idea!


Fashion Trends Gone Horribly Wrong!

Last but not least, I saw a few things out today while I was walking around the mall with my husband and holy moly people! image (2)There is some crazy stuff out there. Now, by no means do I know fashion but I know when stuff just isn’t right! Like, I’ve seen that overalls were making some sort of comeback or whatever but overall sweats?! Seriously? Who thinks this crap up? Look at this! —–>



Oh, and let’s not forget about the adult size onesie body suit… This is just ridiculous come image (3)on now? Could you imagine going on a hot date and your man trying to tug up on your shirt and you have to be like hold on let me unbutton my crotch first!

Well, thanks for checking us out! Make sure to keep checking back with here every Friday to see my newest article on what crazy things are happening now!

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