Will Halo: Nightfall bring a new dawn, No one like Rocky, and Llillybet takes us out of this world

Hey guys… what day is? That’s right it’s HUMP DAY, and you know what that means! We are back on the Playground getting your weekly fill of news and nonsense! This week we have some awesome things to let you in on so let’s kick it off with that!

This year we will be throwing the first annual CuraCon in Tulsa, Ok. This will be a one day event and act as a mini con. But this is not just for us to get together and nerd out, we are going to nerd out for a cause! We are throwing this event to raise money for breast cancer awareness and all, yes 100%, of the money brought in will go to the cause!

curacon 2014

We plan to have game tournaments from Smash Brothers to CoD. We will be having guest come in and all sort of giveaways! We can not wait to do this and know that together we will have a blast while doing our part to make sure this disease is wiped out! Click the banner above for a link to the event page on Facebook!



This weeks I.I.R. has a little bit of everything. We talk Halo and WTF is DC doing with Shazam. Lets dig in!


maxresdefaultHalo: Nightfall is the upcoming T.V. series covering the event before Halo: Guardians but more importantly, the back story to the newest part of the franchise, Agent Locke. The basic jist of it so far is that he is meant to cover terrorist and their activity. Not sure what role this will actual play in the new game but word is that he is somewhat of a major character.

My only worry is that doing something like this, with a new character that no one knows yet, and investing your entire show into this person. What if no one likes him? Not only will the show bomb but you will be risking people thinking the new game is just as bad. If the movie Forward into Dawn is any indication of how it will be… sign me out. No thanks, but with Ridley Scott at the helm their may be a chance. This isn’t his first rodeo with games gone TV so… who knows?




CAN YOU SMELL!!!!…. WHAT THE ROCK IS…. playing? It has been all the rage this week. People trying their best to figure out the rocks cryptic messages about playing in a DC movie and having a major shazam_p-could-shazam-be-the-rock-s-secret-dc-projectrole, the power of superman, and can throw down… everyone went nuts and started point to Shazam right away! With the recent discovery that DC had this movie in the wings the jump was easy for people to do. . . .we are not so sure just yet

If you ask me he wanted people to make that leap, and so did DC. They want the buzz going into SDCC so they can make a huge impact when they annonunce that Dwayne “the rock” Johnson will be playing……

the room will be dead silent….

Black Atom! Or at least some other name that no one saw coming. It’s a classic bait and switch. I’m not always right but this one feels good. Let’s see if im right next week!





Well folks it is time for us to talk to another lovely lady of cosplay.lil This week we bring you the talented and sexy Llillybet! She is an awesome cosplayer and makes some great props! She also has some model type pictures and some normal every day stuff as well. Us personally, like those kinds of things cause it let’s us know that they care to let their fans know the real them. Not just their to sell prints… well, we are getting off our soap box now… on with the interview! Enjoy!

1. What is a cosplay you have not done yet that you can not wait to do?

Annie from League of Legends, (grown up version, own design) I will be making her very soon! ALL THE EXCITE. Annie is my LoL baby

2. Whats a food that everyone loves, that you cant stand?

Chocolate.. I REALLY dislike sweet things, I guess it works in my favour since I generally cosplay the more revealing characters 😛

3. If you could choose anything what theme would your next birthday party be?

A mini convention fo sho’ I’m turning 21 at the beginning of 2015 so I defo wanna make this happen ;D YOU’RE ALL INVITED


4. What is your favorite current television show?

Come dine with me… For real, I love that shiz.


5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Costumes, conventions and photographers! I have lots of costumes planned and photographers booked! So stay tuned

1609665_209068639297630_718244780_n 10001016_238904122980748_1879831580_o 10381992_264636770407483_2370350217159574266_n

If you want to see more then make sure to click the link below and follow her on Facebook! What could having one more awesome cosplayer, who’s not bad on the eyes btw, that’s right none!

Click here for more!

Well, that’s the end. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here… wait that’s a lie! There are a ton more post and past weeks playgrounds to read! You can stay here all day for all we care… just don’t lose your job… that would be bad (click here for our main page)

Till next week guys, This is Steps!


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