A nerd wife review: Guardians of the Galaxy is best movie ever…. literally (your welcome Drax)

Review by GlycoNerd


I’ve been pretty excited to see this movie since I first saw the trailer. I knew it would be pretty good and funny but man, did they blow my expectations out of the water! Not only was there a good story, the movie was funny and there were a couple of times when it was just completely heart wrenching and I love when movies can just pull you in and make you empathize with all the characters. Hell one of the main characters is a walking tree with the IQ of a goldfish and he was freakin awesome. I loved him. Even though all he said through the movie is “I am Groot”Groot(To the right you will see his “Did I do good” face!) he was an awesome piece. He was the muscle for Rocket but at the same time he was a softie. Like toward the end, when he incased everyone to save them, he surrounded his friends and shut them off from the impending doom going on around them and lit it up with those… idk like little firefly things and it was just one of those scenes that gave you the feels and that’s hard to do with a character like a walking tree.

Drax looked pretty awesome. I loved how they played him. He was a brute very serious but still made it humorous. Like he takes guardians-of-the-galaxy-david-bautista-draxeverything so literal and Rocket and Star lord keep poking at him.  One of my favorite quotes was when they were making fun of Drax using metaphors he didn’t understand and Rocket said “Don’t bother metaphors go right over his head” and Drax replies, “Nothing goes over my head!… My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.

Also, the end of the movie (don’t worry, no spoilers) was amazing! The graphics were great, the story made sense, and I was drawn to the edge of my seat wanting more. I loved the little dance Star Lord Guardians-of-the-Galaxydid in front of Ronan  lol

Ronan says, “What are you doing?” Star Lord replied, “I’m distracting you, you big turd blossom!” (That is the turd blossom to the left)  I love Star Lord haha. Also, one thing I didn’t expect thought was I thought the Collector would have had a little bit more screen time than he did. I mean, what they had done worked just fine I just thought he was going to be a much bigger part I guess… he’s just so strange I would have liked to know a little more about him.

Anyway, moral of this review….. GO SEE THE MOVIE! ^.^ I can’t wait to go see it again. They did an awesome job. Thanks again for checking out my review. Till next time, stay sweet! –GlycoNerd


What is James Gunn telling us?


There are plenty of ways that we could interpret what James Gunn said during a recent interview about the new kids on the block, the guardians of the galaxy,  meeting up with our beloved Avengers. But the best place to start?  With what he actually said:

“You know, there’s probably at some point in time where the Avengers, some members of the Avengers and maybe some members of the Guardians will perhaps meet.”

Gunn continued, “But at the same time, we are in a different place. And the most important thing to us is the mythology of the Guardians and the cosmic mythology of Marvel Cosmic end of things. And that’s the thing that interests me the most. To not have the Guardians necessarily be subservient to the…we’re not all trying to lead to some Avengers 3 or Avengers 4, it really is about where are the Guardians going after this and what’s happening with them”

There was a lot about this that I found interesting. He said there was a chance that the two would meet, at least some members of each group would have contact. Here are my options for what is going on here…

1. The Hulk vs Iron Man fight ,that has everyone so excited, ends in the Avengers sending Hulk into space. This could easily.lead the Hulk joining up with the Guardians and maybe fighting some huge space creatures that would be cinematic wonders and just pure awesome. That would lead to the meeting of the groups especially with Hulk/Banner trying to find his way home.


2. With Thanos being the main puppeteer behind the scenes of almost the entire Marvel movie franchise,  will this ultimately lead to all the movies fusing for one final fight against Thanos in the end?

3. With the Nova Corp being a large group. This could be the connection once the Avengers are facing an enemy from beyond Earth. They may need some help and the Corp are a great hand in that area. Especially if the bring in Nova himself, which I am certain they will.

4. He could also just be saying that some of the members, possibly of both groups, might not be alive to see the meeting. Who knows? I can tell you… the Avengers will not look the same come soon. I’m not saying it’s going to turn into a Game of Thrones wedding or anything, but some of our favorite hero’s may be leaving us.


One of those 4 options is bound to be the answer to the mystery to Gunn’s comments. Not that there was much of a mystery to it at all. I think that most of us knew this would be the case. But for those of you who didn’t…  now you know 😉

Antman got his arse kicked, agents of shield got a little hotter, and Skinny Pete stops in for a chat!

Welcome to recess guys! Take a load off. Lean back and kick off your shoes, unless your at work. Then for the sake of those around you, do not do that!

We have made it half way through the week and you know what that means! We get to bring you some of our thoughts from a weeks worth of “news” and an awesome interview to wrap it up! This week we have all sorts of good stuff and we get to talk with Charles Baker. Don’t recognize the name? How about Skinny Pete from Breaking Bad? Thats more like it! We talk food, anime, and the future with him and bring it to you. So let’s dig in!


Alright guys, right off the bat we have to deal with something. I am all about news and rumors from movies, video game, etc but this is just a little rediculous. We got the first official picture from the Antman set, which only started shooting yesterday, and the internet blew up.


For one, i’m not even sure this movie will be any good (I’m sure it will be… name the last movie that Marvel screwed up) and for two, this picture doesn’t even have an interesting piece to it. Besides the fact that Paul Rudd got the crap kicked out of him (notice the bandages on his eyebrow) This picture literally means nothing. Shooting started… hurray! Come on. I at least wanna see him in the suit or something cool. Am I the only one?


If you didn’t already see it, the Agents of SHIELD television show has picked up its’ newest member! Adrianne Palicki has signed on the play the popular superhero, Mockingbird! As for what this means for the story…your guess is as good as mine. The one thing you canimages (2) not say is that the show did not just get a huge boost in the looks department. Not that she isn’t a great actresses or anything, because she is, but still…

This show, for me, was really slow and lacked what I expected from a Marvel production. The story was good, but not well delivered if you ask me. These new additions may be just the shot in the arm this show needed. I guess only time will tell though.


We want to take this time away from movie and game news to do something a little different. We want to ask you, the reader, a question and get your two cents on the subject. You come and read this blog every week, we hope, and listen to us blather on and on about what we think about numerous subjects. We want your input!

download (1) download (11) Hyrule_Warriors_NA_game_cover

So here is the question for this week. What game are you most looking forward to seeing this holiday season? Is it Assassin Creed Unity? Maybe Warriors of Hyrule? Or possible even Super Smash Brothers for the 3DS/WiiU?

Tell us in the comments below. It doesn’t have to be any of these games but just the one that you are looking forward to the most. We can’t wait to reads your responses!




We recently got an awesome chance to interview someone that weall loved. He was on the epic show Breaking Bad but also did numerous other roles and voices of some of our favorite character from the anime One       Piece!



Getting to talk with Charles Baker was an awesome experience and we wanted to take a quick second before releasing the interview to say thank you! Make sure to check out all the awesome projects he has coming out!

Now down to business! Here we go!

Hello, we wanted to take a second to thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!

No problem!

While I am sure that you get this a lot, I love you in Breaking Bad. Skinny Pete was one of the funniest parts to me and brought laughs to very serious show. But I was interested to read that you were involved in the anime One Piece. How did you come about working on that?
 The version of One Piece I was in was produced by FUNIMATION. I did voices for several different shows they did.  It started while I was working on a short film in Fort Worth, TX as an extra; one of the other extras and I were talking and I mentioned that I would love to do voices for anime. Turns out, he was a director for Funimation and liked me enough to just bring me in to do some random voices. It grew from there.
I saw that you have quite a few projects coming in the next year or so and wondered if you could tell us a little more about b those and the path you are taking your career?
 I have 5 features coming out! All of them are different types of roles and characters. Coming out first is WILD, directed by Jean-Marc Valeė (Dallas Buyers Club). I play  TJ, a bow hunter that the main character, played by Reese Witherspoon, encounters on her journey.
In AD INEXPLORATA, a mission-to-Mars drama, I play Capt. Frank Worsely, an officer on a space station which supplies the ship for its one-way mission, who may have spent just a little too much time alone in the confines of space.
YOU CAN’T WIN is a period piece, set in 1920’s, based on the memoir of Jack Black, a criminal vagabond, played by Michael Pitt, who is encouraged by my character, FREMONT OLDER,  the editor for the San Francisco Chronicle at the time, to tell his story in an effort to find a way to reform the US penal system.
AUGUST FALLS is a mystery by Sam Hancock, based on a book by Matthew McKay. I play Jonas Prine, the owner of the apartment building where our mystery takes place.
And lastly, ELEVEN ELEVEN, a sci-fi comedy and my first lead role! I’m equally excited and horrified about this one coming out! I hope the audience finds it as much fun as we had making it! I play Tim Faris, a sort of social outcast/ “Trekkie” who desperately wants the world to know that he’s been abducted by aliens, but, at the same time, desperately needs to keep a deep secret about that encounter from his wife.
My goal is to constantly challenge myself and grow as an actor. I’d like be able to play every role that comes my way, no matter how challenging the character is!
To me nothing is better than a good pizza after a long day. What is your favorite food to eat?
 My comfort food is sushi!
Now we have to throw in a least one Breaking Bad question. Can you tell us a funny story from behind the scenes that will stick with you forever?
 Every moment on that set will stick with me forever, but, the time that Jonathan Banks, who played “Mike” jokingly threatened to punch me in the heart if I wasted any time messing up my lines in our only scene together, was pretty special to me.  He’s always been an acting hero of mine, so, it was a pretty epic moment for me.
Do you think that Skinny Pete will make an appearance on the new show Better Call Saul? We’ve heard that Mr. White may be making an appearance.
 I have no idea! It was hinted at when the series was just being conceived, but, I haven’t heard from anyone since.  I’d love to be a part of it, but, I’m beginning to suspect they don’t want me.
Thank you again so much for taking the time to answer these questions for us. We can not wait to read all your answers!
 No problem! Thanks for taking the time to ask!
Well that’s all folks! Make sure to check us out on Facebook here! and keep a look out for our all new official website coming soon! Till next week!


A small field trip to 2016 and we talk with Vigilante Cosplay

Well guys, if you could not tell by the title today we are taking a field trip to 2016. Among numerous other movies, Batman vs Superman and the Power Rangers are the topics of today’s post. These two have stuck in my mind all week and I wanted to share these ideas with you and see what you guys had to say!

Make sure to read it all and let give us your two cents at the bottom! Well, Here we go!


I have not been the biggest hater or lover of the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie got a little more interesting once they announced the name and pretty much made if official that this movie was nothing but a huge set up for the JLA.

Now they have released pictures of Gal Gadot as wonderben-affleck-435 woman, Affleck as Batman, and now we have some pictures of him as Bruce Wayne. For some reason this simple picture has peaked my interest. He seems to be a great Bruce. I can believe him being the smart and savy business man that Christian Bale never pulled off in my eyes. Plus maybe Batman won’t have the voice of a throat cancer patient this time around. Has this made you think any different about the movie? Love it? Hate it? Let us know below!


1069166_451472371618095_441119982_nMake sure to check out our partners at Heartstrings Dollhouse to grab your very own custom string dolls! Anything you can imagine they can make! Click here and send them a message!


It  was annmighty-morphin-power-rangers-power-rangers-movie-everything-you-know-so-farounced that there will a brand new live action Power Rangers movie on July 22, 2016. I loved the original

rangers, but I have not watched any of them since then. This movie could be  really cool time to remember the good old days and be a child again but I am not sure this will be much more than another excuse for parents to take their kids to a movie. The power rangers may still be popular but it is not the same as the ones we grew up on. While I am sure that my generation will love it, I don’t know what to think about it being much more than that. At least it is being written and produced by some of the original people. Will Jason David Frank be involved? Maybe we will get the chance to ask him in person this November at Wizard World Tulsa!


Well the time has come for us to talk to another Cosplayer! We had the chance to meet Vigilante Cosplay at GlitchCon 2014! He is a great guy and a very talented coslayer. Let’s take a minute to get to know him just a little but better shall we?

1. What is the number one item on your bucket list?

1. my current bucket list item is a sewing machine so I can make more of my outfits myself, but all time bucket list would be whiz comics #2 the first appearance of captain marvel

2. If you could take the powers of any superhero or villain who would it be?

2. The powers i would want to take would probably have to be goku from dragon ball z, my all time favorite anime

3.French fries or tater tots?

3. toughest questions yet! I’d have to say french fries due to their immense versatility haha

 4. Who would win in a fight, Namor or Aquaman?
4. I think I’d give this one to namor!

5. What are your plans for your next cosplay?

5. I actually have a couple cosplays I’m working on, the first is Rankorr the human red lantern, then Arkham city robin, and the 3rd is a secret so you’ll have to stay tuned

Well that wraps up the interview guys! Hoped you enjoyed it make sure to check out the small gallery below as always and there is also a link to his Facebook as well. 

68910_614093065379114_8525547179754244342_n 10458165_590332324421855_3743317017802794745_n10384848_589969951124759_8568869580519484457_n

check out his Facebook here!!


Till next time guys, Live long and remember to have fun! As always this is Steps!


Cow-a-bunga! Let’s review a movie!

The time finally came to see the latest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was a little nervous to watch it honestly. It was hard for me to look past my childhood and how much I adored the movies from back then. They were perfect. They had the action, the laughs, and corny when it needed to be.

I began watching this movie and listening to everything. I was trying to take it in as a whole but then I realized I was defeating the purpose. If I wanted to enjoy it like I did when I was a child then I needed to sit back and be a child again, for at least just the next hour and a half. So I did. I sat back with my kids and laughed and had a blast.


The turtles looked different but acted the same. They loved pizza and disobeyed Splinter. Watching the scene at the beginning where they got caught and disciplined by Splinter was where it hit me. This is the same as my childhood. Watching them lead Shredder to them because they thought they were doing the right thing. It was perfect. They were nothing but teenagers trying to be men. It had the action, the laughs, and was still corny when it needed to be.

Now to address all the haters of this movie. First of all, please make sure you have at least seen the movie before you decide it is garabage. At least half of the people that “hate” it, have not even seen it. Second of all, no, it is not the exact same movie as the originals. It’s not meant to be. Are there things that could, or should, have been done better? Sure. Could they have casted some of the voices (especially Johnny Knoxville. It kept throwing me off to hear him as Leo) a little differently? Sure. Should Shredder have been a discount mech? No, maybe not, but it did grow on me.


There is always room for improvement but they have two sequels now to do it. I honestly think they will and that the next two will be even better. Give them a chance and make sure to not hate for the sake of nostalgia.  The originals will always be there. These are only going to grow the Fandom and introduce a new generation to the tmnt!

So all in all… I’m excited! I loved the movie and I hope to see even more in the next two. What do you hope to see next time around? Any certain story line? Me? I hope to see Casey Jones and Miyamoto Usagi (did you catch the Easter egg about him? Check it out next time.)


Well guys, that’s the end of this review. Make sure to check back this Friday for Glyconerd’s review of Guardians of the Galaxy! Make sure to check us out on Facebook by clicking here!

Till next time guys!

Gl!tchCon, round 2… Fight!

After waking up early after a horrible night (We were headed home and blew out a tire. We then found out we had no tire iron. After 2 hours we got back to the hotel and a spare on the car. Paid for a room and went to sleep… deal with the car later haha) we got ready for our scavenger hunt!

DSC_2789We had everything we needed. Flyers, list of items, and most important, prizes! We had a Full Metal Alchimist novel signed by Vic Mignogna (the voice of Ed in the show), A bleach manga  signed by Kyle Herbert ( Who does a voice on the show) and then a DVD of Dragon Ball Z signed by both voice actors! The day went on and hours went by people were coming back faster and faster to mark things off and even bring back the list finished! Before we knew it the hunt was over and all the prizes were claimed! We want to thank everyone that was involved. We will be back with it next year but bigger and better with more prizes! Check out the winners below!



The day went on and we mingled and mixed with all the awesome people around. There were awesome panels and then the cosplay contest came! It was a fun time with some great cosplays and acts. Here are some of our favorite pictures:

DSC_2898DSC_2914DSC_2921 DSC_2900













After that we spent the rest of the day shooting our video. We decided to put together and small video of Glitchcon showing off some of the awesome cosplays that were there. We did not get to use all the ones we wanted and if you were not in the video, it in no way meant anything against you. There were so many awesome cosplays that just could not fit everything into the video! We hope you love the video and there will be a link to it and a post of it here. until then make sure to keep an eye out for it!

That about wrapped up day two for us. What was your guys favorite part of day two??

Welcome to GlitchCon 2014!

This past weekend we had the awesome privilege to go to Glitch Con and see all the awesome sights and cosplays! It was a weekend that we will not soon forget!

DSC_2752We finally arrive around 7pm and the first thing we see when we walk through the door is an awesome Attack on Titan cosplay! She was nice enough to pose for this quick picture as we were checking in! Nothing tells us how a con is going to be better than the people we run into as we walk through the door and this awesome con did not disappoint !


We got our badges and kept going through the convention checking out all the panel rooms and gaming that they had for us. There were rooms full of peoples playing video games to table top and as we DSC_2753combed over it all we were just blown away with all the people that were laughing and having a blast! There was an amazing amount of games for free to play and we didn’t even know where to start!

The table were packed with every table top game possible, again, all free to play for the weekend and people there to teach you. We took time to check out a few and even took some time to play Titanfall! The gaming in this place was just amazing!


We could not even get inside the convention before we ran into some pure awesome. We could hear the car coming before we even saw it! I naturally turned to see it coming and then i was hit with this DSC_2758awesome decal on the front! The Punisher!! Are you kidding me! I need this! Who would not kill to have this car in their drive way. If your answer was not “Of course!” then I do not know if we can be friends… just kidding 😉

As the night finally ran down we decided to take in a show. There was an amazing side show going on and what better can you do than that?! Answer…. Nothing!

We watch the entire show and at the end he comes down and talks to the audience up close. He does this at the end of every show. The way he makes his tips is to come down and allow people to staple money to him… no joke… just take a dollar, five dollars, ten, or twenty and staple it to his body. The amount of money decides where you DSC_2769could staple it. It was an awesome show to say the least but to top it all off, one of the main guest ,Vic Mignogna, walks in at the perfect time to see this. He walks in and an audience member gives him a dollar to staple on. The face was priceless!

That was the end of our night one guys. It was a blast but did not hold a candle to Saturday! Make sure to check back in for the next back of our adventures at GlitchCon!!