A day well spent: A Destiny review!



We ,at Projects Playground ,would like to introduce a guest post from Ghostknight84! A detailed review of the soon coming Destiny! I know we are excited to see this game come but let’s see what Ghostknight84 has to say about it!

 Ok so just let me start out by saying that I cant wait for this game to come out I personally think that I will be one of the best games of the year if not the best. Yet another ground-breaking game changer by bungie they did it with halo and they are doing it yet again with destiny. Now enough of my personally rants and feelings done to the facts and all that fun stuff.

Let’s start with the world and maps the game is open world style you can go down to earth or other planets ( in the full game beta was only one area) and explore. In the beta once you did this you could run around collect spin metal fight enemies and there were two areas that the enemies would keep spawning ( can anyone say farming time) also on top of that there were mission beacons you could do think of them like side mission for loot and xp and glimmer (which is the money of the game). The world its self was done very well it looked alive lots of color destroyed planes crash builds you name it. And it was not just straight and flat curving roads you could take more than one path to the mission lots of caves and underground areas to explore in. hills and in the background mountains forest water hitting to bigger and better areas cant wait for it.


Now since this game is MMO style you can see and interact with the other players of the game now if you are doing a mission as far as fighting enemies they would die if the other player killed them but the mission objective would active for you or your fire team (which I believe to be up to six players).

Now to the Tower think of this as home base where your guardian removes there helmet and you can see what you look like. There are shops to go to you can by bounties or store your gear in a vault which can transfer between your different guardians (so far it looks like you can have three). And there are many other things as well but it was just a beta so a lot of the specific shops like faction shops where you could buy gear for a specific faction was all level two and different types of shaders to change your armor color or buy the really high level gear as well from your guardians vanguard which is kind of like a trainer of sorts. Plus you could fine dead ghost and collect them.

Speaking of the ghost they are AI that were created by the traveler to seek out people that could wield its light and protect the people aka Guardians. He will follow you around all game and help you along the way with his own witty comments and what not.

Since I already said it ill explain the traveler is a giant orb that floats above the last city trying to protect it from the darkness but it is weak from its last battle with it so it uses the guardians to fight back not much is known about the two other then they are ancient rivals and highly advanced. Something to add your character has the emotes you can dance wave sit and point I don’t know if they will be adding more. But its always fun to go to the tower and dance with friends or after you won a PvP match. Speaking of PvP there was one game type in the beta control. Were there are three flag points and you must gain control of them to gain points and win. The maps were Shores of time and First Light. Shores of Time was a earth based map with lots of corners and caves so lots of close combat but there were some open lanes to fight at distance. Then First Light based on the moon. When I first spawned in on the map and I turned my head I was like “Vehicles! Hell yeah!” and I was like this one looks big jumped in and started blowing up players with rockets.


Now the map is large lots of open space for sniping plus near all the points there were turrets you could hope and wreak havoc on players. All the builds were in the center of the map for the most part that’s were the close quarters happens.

Since im going into PvP ill explain how your guardian worked in it. Your health was no different then in the game so you can die pretty quick if you are not careful but it was pretty easy to go on a streak if you are smart. Now the coolest part about it was you can change your gear in the match all of it weapons armor as long as it was in your inventory at the time. But be careful if you changed a special or heavy weapon and it had ammo you would loose that ammo. All guardian abilities could be used grenades supers everything and there were no super long recharge times, and speaking of weapons you have primary weapons which where scout rifles (semi fire) assault rifle ( full auto) pules rifle (burst) and the hand cannon ( high powered pistol). All these weapons use primary ammo which was shown as a white ammo box. Just have to be careful because your weapons share ammo switch out weapons cause one is empty does not work if you are out of primary ammo you are out for all weapons the same goes for special and heavy.

Special weapons which used a green ammo box are sniper rifles shotguns and fusion rifles ( burst style weapon). Heavy weapons are rocket launchers and LMGs they used a purple ammo box. Now primary weapons for the most part carry the most ammo just something to be mindful of enemies will drop ammo and loot which is shown as a green or white orb all players can pick up the loot its not the first person who gets it. You couldn’t sell items in the beta you could dismantle your gear to get glimmer and sometimes your would get crafting parts looks like they are hinting at a craft aspect to the game. Now during the game you will pick up things called engrams they will be green and white in your inventory and be a design of a weapon or gear you have to take these to the tower and the crpyotech will decode them for you and you will get a piece of gear from it or you can buy them at his shop there was higher level one but you need a higher crpyotech skill to decode so something to look forward to. Also there was no trading between players I don’t know if they will add that but im sure they will. Next you have your ship which is what you use to get around if you have other players in your fireteam there ships will show up when you are in orbit picking where you want to go. I have heard rumors and read in a game informer that in cut scenes all players doing the mission will show up this is not confirmed though.

Another cool addition is that your guardian talks. They are not just some silent husk walking through the game.

Now onto the races you have Humans, Exo ( Robots with a mind of there own) and awoke ( not much is known about them they seem to look like evolved or altered humans) when you pick your race you have some customization for hair eyes face tattoos things like that. Then you have your class. Which are Titan Hunter or Warlock each with there own set of power and play style and subclasses. The titan’s super which are very powerful and sometimes instance kill moves is a ground smash but he release blue energy in the smash looks like lightning.

The hunter uses golden gun which brings out a hand cannon style pistol they is golden and on fire three shots but can be upgraded for more. The warlock jumps up and fires a nova bomb dealing massive damage to larger enemies and killing weaker ones can be upgraded to fire three at once. Each guardian has a grenade and through leveling up and gaining xp you can unlock different ones then they have a special melee power. Then you have passive upgrades that increase your agility recovery or armor now sometimes the upgrade will increase one and decrease the other. The hunter gets a double jump which can go to a triple jump the titan and warlock get a glide. Each guardian has a different armor style and each has a special armor piece the hunters is his cloak titan is a piece that is put around there waist and the warlocks is a armband. You also get a land vehicle to use which can be spawned as long as you have space to use it also can be used in PvP as well. No guns on it yet they may have ones in game that have guns.

Now to the enemies they are smart to a degree and some are a pain in the ass to kill most of them don’t have shields but the higher ranked enemies will then you have the boss type guys for have a yellow health bar (they are no fun takes way to long to kill even for six players ) the enemies will find cover and hide peek and a look for you jump out and shoot all that jazz for the must part they can be killed pretty easy if you know what you are doing but you don’t be careful they will make you pay for it by raping your body with tons of bullets or energy blasts  or swords (yes swords they hurt a lot or claws they suck too) (I mean all of the enemies will shot at you no fun).  

Next your have public events which will appear while you are playing the game and you can go to the location and play in them all players who are there can play no limit. Then you have strike mission which are mission on their own that you can search for players to play with or do it with your friends. Something to look forward to are raids you can only do these with your friends no searching for players because bungie has said that they will be very very very hard and take multiple hours to complete with enemies started at one level and getting stronger and smarter as you go. I have not heard anything about space fights yet. Another thing to add about the ghosts it looks like you can get different shells for a different look for them. Also to add about PvP they weapons are pretty balanced no one weapons beats them all and the special ammo spawns in pretty normally but the heavy ammo spawns are very slow so no one is gna be running around with a heavy weapon all the time. And the spawns as far as I can tell for it you don’t spawn on top of enemies for the most part.

All in all the game is looking to be a hit maybe even the best one this year who knows I personally think this game will break records and people will love it and others will hate it there is always two sides. But im just one person don’t just take my opinion to heart go out and read up on the game for yourself and watch videos, read other reviews , and do everything you can before you make a choice.

I wont tell you to buy this game that’s your choice (im fucking buy this shit though, ill say that right now). Also if you do buy this game look for me on 360 so I can show you how to play. (that goes for you too chieftien we both know who is the better player here).

Ok im done just had to get that last part in to mess with me its too funny and really easy. Alright guys thanks for reading my review I hope it was helpful.

Again we would like to thank Ghostknight84 for the awesome review. It only made us just that much more excited!Make sure to stop by Laggin’ Outs Facebook at let them know who sent you! Click the link below for from from Laggin Out!
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Written by:Ghostknight84


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