We live like the Guardians do and Byndo Gehk says hello!








WE LIVE!!! Due to some technical difficulties we are a day behind and a dollar short, but we made it! We are still bringing you some of the news from the week and an awesome interview with Byndo Gehk! Make sure to check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below! You know you missed us… right….RIGHT?!

Well, here we go!


Guardians of the Galaxy has been destroying the box office. It opened with a massive 94 million dollars in a weekend! A movie that many people thought would be a cute and funny move has become a staple in the marvel movie universe very quickly.

These characters have dug their way into our hearts and only left us wanting more and asking some major questions. We are told that these questions will be answered soon enough and that the future is bright for the criminal heros!

Personally with the epicness of this movie, I am dying to see more! I need more! Tell us below what you guys thought of the awesome movie… or maybe your the only person on earth who hated it? Who is your favorite character! (hint… mine is Starlord!)



The new Bats and Sups movie has decided that maybe it is not the best move to go head to head with Marvels Captain America 3. Their new flag ship movie has changed its date from May 6th, 2016 (the same as Cap) to March 25, 2016.

To me this is not a mistake. The movie may be good and deserve people attention in it’s own right, but people are not going to go with the unknown verses something that it is proven to be awesome time and time again. Moving the date insures that people will go see the move to just “give it a chance”. If it was put up against Cap I do not believe that to be the case and it would see much less money and praise because of it. The only question left… Does it matter?



Well folks here we are! We have arrived at our personal favorite part of the day. We love to talk with the cosplayers and models and just get to know them just a little better. Today we are talking with Byndo Gehk! An awesome cosplayer and just an all over awesome person to talk to!  So here we go!


1. What is your favorite t.v. show?

One that you just can’t miss. Well ever since Breaking Bad ended I’ve had to stumbled into several different series to try and fill the hole in my heart. Currently I enjoy keeping up with The Walking Dead or trying to marathon through all of How I Met Your Mother. NO SPOILERS! I’m only in season 6! Otherwise whenever The Legend of Korra comes around I’ll be back on that every week!

2. Which is your favorite “nerd” medium: games, comics, movies, or anime? Gonna have to go with games!

I had to pry myself away from World of Warcraft some years back, but now I enjoy League of Legends! Can’t tell you how happy I am now that it’s gotten more popular with cosplayers, as when I first started playing back when it came out of vanilla there were virtually zero people cosplaying from the game, and pickings were slim. I only really had Sona or Miss Fortune to choose between at the time! I didn’t have the skill set to do either, though, as I was still just a babu cosplayer back then. Other than that I enjoy Diablo III and Final Fantasy games. c:

3. What is your favorite fast food?

I WILL GIVE MY NEIGHBOR’S FIRST BORN CHILD FOR SOME PHO– I’ll consider pho a fast food if I can manage it. And yes– my neighbor’s first born. MY first born is already sworn off to something menial.. I think it was to finish cosplays on time or something.

4. If you could live in a medieval world or post apocalyptic world, which would you choose?

I mean– either way you might be kind of screwed if you get your hard-knock-life cuts infected. But probably post-apocalyptic just because that automatically means zombies. Yeah, they’ll just begin to spawn. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll be medieval zombies.

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Play hard with my cosplays, work harder to fund said cosplays, and try to cram as much as I can into my year! I can sleep when I’m dead, right? Or at least come back as a medieval zombie?

Well, that’s it guys. It comes and goes so fast. Enjoy the gallery below and make sure to go check out her facebook page and give it a like! Click here!

994109_615443371896882_1368946816449605588_n 1919620_616478765126676_8511464149009121985_n 10441318_623499727757913_8243137981378228162_n


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