Welcome to GlitchCon 2014!

This past weekend we had the awesome privilege to go to Glitch Con and see all the awesome sights and cosplays! It was a weekend that we will not soon forget!

DSC_2752We finally arrive around 7pm and the first thing we see when we walk through the door is an awesome Attack on Titan cosplay! She was nice enough to pose for this quick picture as we were checking in! Nothing tells us how a con is going to be better than the people we run into as we walk through the door and this awesome con did not disappoint !


We got our badges and kept going through the convention checking out all the panel rooms and gaming that they had for us. There were rooms full of peoples playing video games to table top and as we DSC_2753combed over it all we were just blown away with all the people that were laughing and having a blast! There was an amazing amount of games for free to play and we didn’t even know where to start!

The table were packed with every table top game possible, again, all free to play for the weekend and people there to teach you. We took time to check out a few and even took some time to play Titanfall! The gaming in this place was just amazing!


We could not even get inside the convention before we ran into some pure awesome. We could hear the car coming before we even saw it! I naturally turned to see it coming and then i was hit with this DSC_2758awesome decal on the front! The Punisher!! Are you kidding me! I need this! Who would not kill to have this car in their drive way. If your answer was not “Of course!” then I do not know if we can be friends… just kidding 😉

As the night finally ran down we decided to take in a show. There was an amazing side show going on and what better can you do than that?! Answer…. Nothing!

We watch the entire show and at the end he comes down and talks to the audience up close. He does this at the end of every show. The way he makes his tips is to come down and allow people to staple money to him… no joke… just take a dollar, five dollars, ten, or twenty and staple it to his body. The amount of money decides where you DSC_2769could staple it. It was an awesome show to say the least but to top it all off, one of the main guest ,Vic Mignogna, walks in at the perfect time to see this. He walks in and an audience member gives him a dollar to staple on. The face was priceless!

That was the end of our night one guys. It was a blast but did not hold a candle to Saturday! Make sure to check back in for the next back of our adventures at GlitchCon!!



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