Gl!tchCon, round 2… Fight!

After waking up early after a horrible night (We were headed home and blew out a tire. We then found out we had no tire iron. After 2 hours we got back to the hotel and a spare on the car. Paid for a room and went to sleep… deal with the car later haha) we got ready for our scavenger hunt!

DSC_2789We had everything we needed. Flyers, list of items, and most important, prizes! We had a Full Metal Alchimist novel signed by Vic Mignogna (the voice of Ed in the show), A bleach manga  signed by Kyle Herbert ( Who does a voice on the show) and then a DVD of Dragon Ball Z signed by both voice actors! The day went on and hours went by people were coming back faster and faster to mark things off and even bring back the list finished! Before we knew it the hunt was over and all the prizes were claimed! We want to thank everyone that was involved. We will be back with it next year but bigger and better with more prizes! Check out the winners below!



The day went on and we mingled and mixed with all the awesome people around. There were awesome panels and then the cosplay contest came! It was a fun time with some great cosplays and acts. Here are some of our favorite pictures:

DSC_2898DSC_2914DSC_2921 DSC_2900













After that we spent the rest of the day shooting our video. We decided to put together and small video of Glitchcon showing off some of the awesome cosplays that were there. We did not get to use all the ones we wanted and if you were not in the video, it in no way meant anything against you. There were so many awesome cosplays that just could not fit everything into the video! We hope you love the video and there will be a link to it and a post of it here. until then make sure to keep an eye out for it!

That about wrapped up day two for us. What was your guys favorite part of day two??


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