Cow-a-bunga! Let’s review a movie!

The time finally came to see the latest incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I was a little nervous to watch it honestly. It was hard for me to look past my childhood and how much I adored the movies from back then. They were perfect. They had the action, the laughs, and corny when it needed to be.

I began watching this movie and listening to everything. I was trying to take it in as a whole but then I realized I was defeating the purpose. If I wanted to enjoy it like I did when I was a child then I needed to sit back and be a child again, for at least just the next hour and a half. So I did. I sat back with my kids and laughed and had a blast.


The turtles looked different but acted the same. They loved pizza and disobeyed Splinter. Watching the scene at the beginning where they got caught and disciplined by Splinter was where it hit me. This is the same as my childhood. Watching them lead Shredder to them because they thought they were doing the right thing. It was perfect. They were nothing but teenagers trying to be men. It had the action, the laughs, and was still corny when it needed to be.

Now to address all the haters of this movie. First of all, please make sure you have at least seen the movie before you decide it is garabage. At least half of the people that “hate” it, have not even seen it. Second of all, no, it is not the exact same movie as the originals. It’s not meant to be. Are there things that could, or should, have been done better? Sure. Could they have casted some of the voices (especially Johnny Knoxville. It kept throwing me off to hear him as Leo) a little differently? Sure. Should Shredder have been a discount mech? No, maybe not, but it did grow on me.


There is always room for improvement but they have two sequels now to do it. I honestly think they will and that the next two will be even better. Give them a chance and make sure to not hate for the sake of nostalgia.  The originals will always be there. These are only going to grow the Fandom and introduce a new generation to the tmnt!

So all in all… I’m excited! I loved the movie and I hope to see even more in the next two. What do you hope to see next time around? Any certain story line? Me? I hope to see Casey Jones and Miyamoto Usagi (did you catch the Easter egg about him? Check it out next time.)


Well guys, that’s the end of this review. Make sure to check back this Friday for Glyconerd’s review of Guardians of the Galaxy! Make sure to check us out on Facebook by clicking here!

Till next time guys!


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