A small field trip to 2016 and we talk with Vigilante Cosplay

Well guys, if you could not tell by the title today we are taking a field trip to 2016. Among numerous other movies, Batman vs Superman and the Power Rangers are the topics of today’s post. These two have stuck in my mind all week and I wanted to share these ideas with you and see what you guys had to say!

Make sure to read it all and let give us your two cents at the bottom! Well, Here we go!


I have not been the biggest hater or lover of the new Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The movie got a little more interesting once they announced the name and pretty much made if official that this movie was nothing but a huge set up for the JLA.

Now they have released pictures of Gal Gadot as wonderben-affleck-435 woman, Affleck as Batman, and now we have some pictures of him as Bruce Wayne. For some reason this simple picture has peaked my interest. He seems to be a great Bruce. I can believe him being the smart and savy business man that Christian Bale never pulled off in my eyes. Plus maybe Batman won’t have the voice of a throat cancer patient this time around. Has this made you think any different about the movie? Love it? Hate it? Let us know below!


1069166_451472371618095_441119982_nMake sure to check out our partners at Heartstrings Dollhouse to grab your very own custom string dolls! Anything you can imagine they can make! Click here and send them a message!


It  was annmighty-morphin-power-rangers-power-rangers-movie-everything-you-know-so-farounced that there will a brand new live action Power Rangers movie on July 22, 2016. I loved the original

rangers, but I have not watched any of them since then. This movie could be  really cool time to remember the good old days and be a child again but I am not sure this will be much more than another excuse for parents to take their kids to a movie. The power rangers may still be popular but it is not the same as the ones we grew up on. While I am sure that my generation will love it, I don’t know what to think about it being much more than that. At least it is being written and produced by some of the original people. Will Jason David Frank be involved? Maybe we will get the chance to ask him in person this November at Wizard World Tulsa!


Well the time has come for us to talk to another Cosplayer! We had the chance to meet Vigilante Cosplay at GlitchCon 2014! He is a great guy and a very talented coslayer. Let’s take a minute to get to know him just a little but better shall we?

1. What is the number one item on your bucket list?

1. my current bucket list item is a sewing machine so I can make more of my outfits myself, but all time bucket list would be whiz comics #2 the first appearance of captain marvel

2. If you could take the powers of any superhero or villain who would it be?

2. The powers i would want to take would probably have to be goku from dragon ball z, my all time favorite anime

3.French fries or tater tots?

3. toughest questions yet! I’d have to say french fries due to their immense versatility haha

 4. Who would win in a fight, Namor or Aquaman?
4. I think I’d give this one to namor!

5. What are your plans for your next cosplay?

5. I actually have a couple cosplays I’m working on, the first is Rankorr the human red lantern, then Arkham city robin, and the 3rd is a secret so you’ll have to stay tuned

Well that wraps up the interview guys! Hoped you enjoyed it make sure to check out the small gallery below as always and there is also a link to his Facebook as well. 

68910_614093065379114_8525547179754244342_n 10458165_590332324421855_3743317017802794745_n10384848_589969951124759_8568869580519484457_n

check out his Facebook here!!


Till next time guys, Live long and remember to have fun! As always this is Steps!


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