What is James Gunn telling us?


There are plenty of ways that we could interpret what James Gunn said during a recent interview about the new kids on the block, the guardians of the galaxy,  meeting up with our beloved Avengers. But the best place to start?  With what he actually said:

“You know, there’s probably at some point in time where the Avengers, some members of the Avengers and maybe some members of the Guardians will perhaps meet.”

Gunn continued, “But at the same time, we are in a different place. And the most important thing to us is the mythology of the Guardians and the cosmic mythology of Marvel Cosmic end of things. And that’s the thing that interests me the most. To not have the Guardians necessarily be subservient to the…we’re not all trying to lead to some Avengers 3 or Avengers 4, it really is about where are the Guardians going after this and what’s happening with them”

There was a lot about this that I found interesting. He said there was a chance that the two would meet, at least some members of each group would have contact. Here are my options for what is going on here…

1. The Hulk vs Iron Man fight ,that has everyone so excited, ends in the Avengers sending Hulk into space. This could easily.lead the Hulk joining up with the Guardians and maybe fighting some huge space creatures that would be cinematic wonders and just pure awesome. That would lead to the meeting of the groups especially with Hulk/Banner trying to find his way home.


2. With Thanos being the main puppeteer behind the scenes of almost the entire Marvel movie franchise,  will this ultimately lead to all the movies fusing for one final fight against Thanos in the end?

3. With the Nova Corp being a large group. This could be the connection once the Avengers are facing an enemy from beyond Earth. They may need some help and the Corp are a great hand in that area. Especially if the bring in Nova himself, which I am certain they will.

4. He could also just be saying that some of the members, possibly of both groups, might not be alive to see the meeting. Who knows? I can tell you… the Avengers will not look the same come soon. I’m not saying it’s going to turn into a Game of Thrones wedding or anything, but some of our favorite hero’s may be leaving us.


One of those 4 options is bound to be the answer to the mystery to Gunn’s comments. Not that there was much of a mystery to it at all. I think that most of us knew this would be the case. But for those of you who didn’t…  now you know 😉


2 responses to “What is James Gunn telling us?

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone dies in the next Avengers film. The only problem I see with it is that most of the actors for the primary characters are still under contract for at least one more Avengers film so I have to wonder how they would fulfill that contractual agreement if their character is dead. Maybe a flashback scene? Maybe a Jarvis like device/system that resembles the voice of a character, maybe even incorporating a holographic version of the character? As for which character I think is going to get killed off, I wouldn’t be surprised too much if they axed off Iron Man simply because Robert’s contract is going to be up very soon and both Captain America and Thor are getting new movies during Phase 3.

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