Everything is bigger in Texas… including the conventions!

EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS… including the lines to pay for parking…


…well  now that we got that out of the way!

I have been to a number of conventions, ranging in size from very small all the way to major comic cons. The Alamo City Comic Con was the biggest to date. The actual size may not have beat out some of the ones in the past but the feel and all the stars that were there made the entire atmosphere spectacular. It was all together great and for their second year, it was a sight to behold!

The stars that were there ranged from big to small. There was Stan Lee and there was Ernie Hudson. There was Troy Baker to Kevin Eastman. DSC_2775That was one of the things that made this con amazing. The range of celebrities that they brought in was astounding. There was easily something there for everyone! Most of them didn’t even cost anything to meet and shake their hands. They all looked excited to be there (and if you didn’t know, there has been many times that I have seen stars that didn’t want to be at the convention…whatever the reason, It’s not cool) But to see the stars smile and laugh DSC_2830with the fans was great! It was a pure connection of the fandoms and the fans!



The cosplay was next level as well! From the smallest, simplest,DSC_2799 cosplays, all the way to the huge extravagant costumes, they were amazing! They had professional cosplayers come in from everywhere and they didn’t disappoint. They were nice, gracious, and awesome! I personally got to talk to a few of them and we will be bringing you those interviews soon. Enjoy the small gallery below and go to our facebook to see more! (click here)

It was a great convention and make sure to pay attention to the blog and Facebook for many more updates and interviews coming. Thanks again and God bless Texas!

DSC_2812 DSC_2811 DSC_2808 DSC_2788DSC_2798DSC_2829






Welcome to the Alamo City Comic Con 2014!

Well guys it has finally come! The Alamo City Comic Con is here!


It’s opening day and people have been piling in all day long. Some vendors are still getting set up and the special guest have been getting settled in.

Just walking in was an awesome time! After going through registration aDSC_2774nd getting your badges then you get to walk through the awesome scene they set up! All of the banners and scenery only adds the awesome experience that is ACCC.  DSC_2773


Going out into the city was a great time. The awesome scenery wasn’t just inside the convention center! All of San Antonio was beautiful! It was also just nice to be back in the state I grew up in.



But that ‘s it for us tonight guys. We headed back early and areDSC_2778 calling it a night. We are getting ready to hit the convention floor hard and heavy. Make sure to watch out for us and say hi! Me and Glyconerd will be walking around, interviewing guest and con goers all day! Make sure to check back here for more tomorrow night or follow me on twitter @this_is_steps17 for live updates as we go!


Let’s talk TV: DC vs. Marvel

After giving them a few days to settle and to look through them we are here to talk about the Two big TV shows we’ve been waiting for. First it was Gotham! It looked amazing but to be honest we were afraid that it would not live up to all the hype. Then quickly following that we had Agents of Shield going into their second season. I wasn’t big on the first season until the end. They finished strong and we wondered if they would start the same. So let’s dig in.



Sold as a show to show Gotham in a new way. A world before Batman and to shed a light on the under belly that we think we know. Sounds like a perfect show to me! This would solve one of DC’s bigger problems if you ask us. It would make it more human, more relatable. And it did just that.

We’ve all seen the scene where Bruce’s  parents die. Bad guy comes out from shadows, robs them, and then bang bang. But that’s where it ends. It was awesome to me just getting to see past that. All the bad guys they introduced, even if they weren’t quiet the people we know just yet.

Out of all the easter eggs laid through the pilot episode, the best part of the show for me was the Penguin. I loved the way they played him and the actor did great. The shot below was one of the highlights of the show to me. What was your favorite part?


Overall: 8/10

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.


Like we said at the beginning,  we weren’t big on this show until towards the end of the first season. They tied it all together, even with the movies, and ended strong. They started just as strong!

With shield in pieces and Hydra found to be strong as ever, the scene is set. The story looks great and the direction seems a little more aimed and focused.  Not to mention they brought in one of my favorite bad guys ever… Crusher Creel!


The effects were good, the fights were even better, and the actor did… great? He didn’t really have to do much but pull of the fight scenes and look awesome, which he did. I love the way this show is going but I’m still having a hard time buying in 100%. Hopefully they will be able to hook me soon! What about you? Will you be watching every week?

Overall: 7/10

Well now you know what we think but what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Our little talk with Nikkiolie!

Today we get the chance to talk with Nikkiolie Cosplay! She has been working on her costumes for over 7 years now and does an amazing job! Read below as we ask her a few questions and get to know her a little better. If you live in the Oregon area make sure to keep an eye out for her and say hi!

Here we go!

1. What is the most useless super
I would think the most useless super power is intelligence. It can be handy for plotting strategies but not a whole lot else, unless we are talking about their brain getting so advance it can use telekinetic powers. 😛

2. What was the last.movie you saw in theaters? Was it worth the money?
The last movie I saw in theaters was How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was sooooo worth it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dragons.

3. If you could own an animal from any movie or game as a pet, what would it be?
I would own Bahamut from FFX. Again going back to the whole I love dragons and I love his design in FFX. Plus I could ride him and if I was ever mad at someone wipe out their house.

4. Which Final Fantasy game is the best?
I think FFIX is the best. I love the story, and the character development. I also loved how it had more of a chibi animation style. Though I am not the best judge in the world since I have only played VII-X2 and Crisis Core. I will say out of the games I played I like the sphere grid the best.

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well I am going to Kumoricon at the end of August where I am debuting Mu from Magi. Shortly after that is Rose City Comic Con where I am a part of a Game of Thrones cosplay group. I will be finishing up Ygritte for that. Other than that I am not staffing for a friends convention called Newcon PDX. It is in its third year this year (well technically next year) and I am really looking forward to that. I am hosting meetups outside of con to help draw in new attendees. It is from January 2-4 so if you are in the Portland Oregon area come check it out! We will be the North West prelims for WSC this year!

Enjoy the small gallery below and as always, make sure to go check out her Facebook by clicking here! 




Is it my Destiny? A recap of my adventures…


We previously had a guest post that covered the beta and did a basic review of the game, but today we will tell you about our experience with the game that has set the records and the Internet on fire.

Levels 1-5


Starting the game and making your character was a fun time for me. I love when I am able to customize a character. I know that in the end it is not a big deal but it just makes the feel of the game better. I chose a female Exo Titan.

The first mission is a good way to bring you into the game and teach you the very basics. But after this brief tutorial you are thrust into a large world and given only a marker to show you the way. I loved how big the tower seemed and all the other people playing. This basically sums up the first 5 levels. Just getting to know the game and how to get around.

Levels 6-10

This is where you choose your path in my opinion. You can go straight storyline, you can play the crucible (online play) or you can go the way I did and do bounties and patrols. I love to just grind in this game. Nothing beats just roaming around and killing everything you see… plus the drops are a nice addition. I think I’ve bought one to two items total. It has its pluses but the quickest way to level up is to use the crucible. You may not win or even come close but as long as you are not horrible, you will jump levels rather quickly.

Levels 10-17 (where I am now)


The above is an actual screen shot of my character. Not fantastic but not bad. Everything after ten is just a mix of whatever you want. This game has done a marvelous job of making it the realist free roam world ever. Wanna grind? Do it. Wanna finish the story?  Go for it! (although you may need to up the difficulty to heroic if you grinded like I did) Wanna play online? Why not?

To the point!

This game is amazing! From the perfect scenery to the great music. The game play is near perfect and anyone that complains about the drops… welcome to the real world. It’s not given to you but once you get it… it’s all worth it.

What has your experience been with the game? What are the pros and cons? Tell us all about it below! Make sure to add your choice in race/class!

Shatner and Star Trek 3


Will we see the original Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3? Will Shatner actually come and do a cameo of his old role?

Last time this rumor came around it was when they first decided to reboot the franchise. There was a reported role for him, just as Nimoy did, in the first movie. He also reported turned it down because it wasn’t “big enough”.


So what’s changed? Well if you ask me, the rebirth of the Star Wars universe on the big screen has brought a new fire to this. They need/want something big and with Hamill, Fisher, and Ford coming back for the new Star Wars movie I think this might be big enough for him to come back.

That only leaves the question of what would be big enough to bring him back? What do they have planned? It must be good to float this idea again.

But honestly, what else does he have going on really? Besides guest appearance at conventions and such, not too much. So we just might see it this time. Does this matter to you? Will it make a difference in your mind? 

AC travels to Paris and China!

Let’s start with some back ground. I LOVE the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It is by far my favorite game series (even though Destiny is gaining ground). The mix of history and fiction has had me hooked since the original. With that said, let’s discuss the new info let out.


Ubisoft released a little more information on the season pass for Unity. There will be the usual added missions and items but they are also adding an entire new story line following the events you go through in Unity called Dead Kings. This story looks awesome and allows you to go through real tunnel systems out side of Paris where the old kinds of France are/were actually buried. This leads to a puzzle system of traps and a new band of bad guys. To me, this looks like the big winner. I can’t wait to play this at the beginning of next year.


The second big announcement was Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. When I first heard the name I almost lost it! Was I finally going to get the awesome story through China that I wanted! Old school warriors with the amazing armor armored weapons from that time, would be the one thing that I’m missing in this franchise… with that said the answer is… kinda?


While it will be through China in that time, it will not be an assassin’s creed story like we are used to. This game will be a stand alone that uses more of a side scrolling adventure (as seen above). The art style is following the brush paintings from the time, which looks awesome.

My only worry is that it’s not “Assassin’s Creed” like we are used to. Change is not always a bad thing but to finally give me the time period I’ve been craving in a way that does not allow we to explore it like I’m used to us just… well mean!

Now this game may be awesome in its own right, but I feel like I’ll be wishing it was the same game play as the others to much to enjoy it. I love the art and it looks awesome but… I don’t know guys. What do you think? Are you looking forward to Unity? Let us know!