Actors who love their roles, who are the Avengers, and a cutie who is as sweet as her name, Ginersnap stops by!


Well, another month has come and gone, but we are still here plugging away. We would like to take a second to thank all of you for helping us grow! We seem to be growing like Guardians of the Galaxy (Which is you didn’t know, just beat out Captain America as the highest grossing movie of the year) So… Thanks!


Now as we move on we come to a subject that is part news and part just how I feel. Liam Neeson as said that we would love to reprise his role as  Ra’s Al Ghul on Arrow. To see an actor of his fame, want to come back and do a role like that just makes thi nerd very happy! Just like seeing Tom Hiddleston coming to SDCC a few years ago dressed as Loiki and even walking the floor to be with the fans. Even Chris Pratt joined those ranks over the summer by dressing up as Starlordguardiansgalaxychrisprattstill and going to the movies and going to meet kids in the hospital. It is juts good to see what people can do when given the chance. They love the role and want nothing more than to do them justice on the small or big screen. Means a lot to me at least.

With the recent news that not all of our favorite superheros will be making it much farther on the big screen, people have already begun to speculate about who the Avengers will be in the near future. With Cap, Ironman, and Thor gone… who is left? Their is still Hawkeye, Vision, Antman, Quicksiver, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, and Maybe Black Widow. Those are just the ones that we already know of. There are even more movies coming out soon. (Doctor Strange, Black Panther possibly, Hulk depending on the path they take. With all tthese choices does it really matter that some of the originals will not be there? Does it matter to you?

This week we bring you a cosplayer as sweet as her name! She does some awesome amazing cosplays. Make sure to check out the gallery of pictures at the bottom! So make sure to enjoy!


1. What is the best and worst part of going to conventions?

The best part is the thrill of people wanting your photo and loving your work, meeting new friends and picking up a cool signed piece or that comic you couldn’t find! The worst can be the crowds, I’m actually kinda shy so get anxious about the crowds

2. What is the strangest request you have ever gotten?

I was once asked to sell Harley’s bra which was weird but the guy wanted it sent unwashed which was weirder. I obviously declined haha!!

3. Candy or chocolate?

3. Depending on mood!! Can I say peanut m&ms… They are candy right?! Or red vines… I love a red vine!!!

4. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Dungeons and dragons no competition.

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Well the next year is a busy one!!! I have lots of my own outfits as well as about 14 commissions between now and April. In there I will be cosplaying Gamora, princess peach battle style! Black canary clmic style, poison ivy, Harley and killer frost from attack on arkham, crimson viper and chucky to name a few… Wonder Woman and aqua man are in there too! That’s just until December!! Plus I will be turning thirty in January so something uber geeky will be in there I expect!!

10527487_1515133195384498_5871584458395003495_n 10505273_1507985499432601_767510243795800920_n


Well, that’s one more week in the book. We hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did. We have some major announcements coming in the weeks ahead. We can not wait to share them with all of you and kick this thing into another level. Its going to be awesome, until then though, this is Steps


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