Is DC finally learning?


Can I stand to sit through another DC Comics movie? I’m not entirely sure about that just yet. The last DC movie that blew me away was The Dark Knight. It was amazing, eye catching, and only left me wanting more. In return I got The Dark knight Rises. Not a horrible movie but not the same as the last. It did not “rise” to meet the expectations on it’s predecessor. This seems to be the case every time I watch a DC Movie… but is the tide changing?

After waiting forever and a day, it seems that DC has got it’s wits about them and are turning this around. I am finally looking forward to seeing the future for DC. Now… full disclosure. I am not the biggest fan of DC to begin with but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love some of their characters.

Let’s start with the new Shazam movie. The movie already had my interest with the main character being one of my favorite DC characters ever, but they just added to my giddiness. They did it with one simple tweet. (see below)

wpid-2014-09-03-11-27-21.pngWith the Rock signing on to play the main baddie in the movie, Black Adam, the hype went nuts! The internet exploded and everyone was talking about the news. That is something that, until now was almost always a Marvel move. +1 to DC

Moving past that is the movie that fanboys everywhere have been waiting for forever. The worlds finest will be in action together in Batman Vs. Superman! At first it was all about Affleck playing batman_vs_superman_dawn_of_justice_wallpaper_by_davidsobo-d7p3lkeBatman and how it was “the worst move ever” and all that nonsense but once the dust settled we saw that this movie has a chance to blow us away. With the introduction of Wonder Woman and Aquaman we can finally see the JLA taking form. +1 DC

And to top off all these great moves we found out today that they are pLegion-of-Superheroes-dc-comics-934950_1024_768lanning a Legion of Superheros movie in the background. A company that has taken their sweet time bringing their largest characters to the big screen is now getting the point. With Guardians of the Galaxy bringing in more than Marvel can count… maybe out their ideas and characters are not such a bad idea? Only time will tell with this one but I’m sure if done right it will be amazing. +1 DC

We went through all of this just to say that Marvel may have some stiff competition in the next few years. Which movies are you looking forward to the most? Do you even care that DC is finally catching up? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to join us on Facebook here!


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