We ask Alexandria the Red 5 questions!

As you may have noticed this week we have decided to try a different direction with our cosplay interviews and news. We will now be posting them all separately but don’t you worry! We will make the links easy to find and you guys can pick and choose the news you want to see!

Now on to the reason you have all come here! We got the chance to ask Alexandria the Red 5 questions. Getting the chance to know this awesome cosplayer just a little better made our day! Let’s see what she had to say!

1. Who is the best hero in comics?

Spider-Man is my favorite comic book superhero. I think it’s incredible that he balances the challenges of high school with being responsible for the safety of an entire city.

2. What is a cosplay that you want to do but haven’t done? (Yet)

I really want to do a Mad Moxxi cosplay! I love Borderlands. I’m thinking I would do the Medieval Moxxi from the Dragons Keep DLC.

3. What’s better, over 100 degrees or under 32 degree?

I would say over 100. As a southern Californian, I have become impervious to heat. Call me Khaleesi.

4. What’s the most used app on your phone beside social media apps?

I use the YouTube all the time. I like looking at random cat videos and movie trailers. But then again, who doesn’t.

5. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I will be at C4, Long Beach Comic Con, and Comikaze this year. The best place to see my current schedule is my Facebook page! (link here)

They were some great answers and if you get the chance make sure to stop by and see her at one of the events she will be attending! If nothing else, make sure to pick up a print or two here! You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the small gallery of pictures below but check out her Facebook page or Instagram for more awesomeness!

1907427_744610318931511_3642050855546459976_n 10418936_748310571894819_7530430053950519144_n 10463972_725648367494373_8745109638717993756_n 10633937_745550245504185_545411124124132745_o



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