So Supergirl is Wonder Woman’s mom?

So while the title may be a little misleading it is closer to the truth than you might think. Straight out of the wacked out world of the DC movie think tank is this lovely news/rumor.

If you haven’t heard yet then let me install some knowledge on you. It has been confirmed that Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) is in the same universe as The Man of Steel but will she be in Batman vs Superman? They even went as far as to put the Easter egg in the Man of Steel just to leave room for this to happen. In the scene where Sups visits the ship and is looking at the escape pods, one is already open. Could this have been Kara Zor-El’s?


According to the tie in comics she has been here for thousands of years, before humans were even evolved. Now here is the theory…

Possible spoilers ahead… enter at your own risk!

Is it possible that Supergirl started the Amazon race? Being here for thousands of year did she use whatever birthing techniques that the Kryptonians used, did she bring an entire group of people to Earth? (A theory from

If it plays out like this, it means that it was Supergirl who brought Wonder Woman into existence. See, told you the name ties in.

But… what if that isn’t how it goes?

Has she been sitting idle? Even as Zod and her cousin were rampaging through the world? That is hard to believe, but at the same time where was Aquaman, Batman, etc

Truth is there is no telling. Maybe she wasn’t even on earth? Where do you think she was? Let us know if you think this is true. Is Wonder Woman truly a Kryptonian then?

… interesting or just one more way DC is sabotaging themselves? You tell us, in the comments. Let’s have this convo!


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