Is it my Destiny? A recap of my adventures…


We previously had a guest post that covered the beta and did a basic review of the game, but today we will tell you about our experience with the game that has set the records and the Internet on fire.

Levels 1-5


Starting the game and making your character was a fun time for me. I love when I am able to customize a character. I know that in the end it is not a big deal but it just makes the feel of the game better. I chose a female Exo Titan.

The first mission is a good way to bring you into the game and teach you the very basics. But after this brief tutorial you are thrust into a large world and given only a marker to show you the way. I loved how big the tower seemed and all the other people playing. This basically sums up the first 5 levels. Just getting to know the game and how to get around.

Levels 6-10

This is where you choose your path in my opinion. You can go straight storyline, you can play the crucible (online play) or you can go the way I did and do bounties and patrols. I love to just grind in this game. Nothing beats just roaming around and killing everything you see… plus the drops are a nice addition. I think I’ve bought one to two items total. It has its pluses but the quickest way to level up is to use the crucible. You may not win or even come close but as long as you are not horrible, you will jump levels rather quickly.

Levels 10-17 (where I am now)


The above is an actual screen shot of my character. Not fantastic but not bad. Everything after ten is just a mix of whatever you want. This game has done a marvelous job of making it the realist free roam world ever. Wanna grind? Do it. Wanna finish the story?  Go for it! (although you may need to up the difficulty to heroic if you grinded like I did) Wanna play online? Why not?

To the point!

This game is amazing! From the perfect scenery to the great music. The game play is near perfect and anyone that complains about the drops… welcome to the real world. It’s not given to you but once you get it… it’s all worth it.

What has your experience been with the game? What are the pros and cons? Tell us all about it below! Make sure to add your choice in race/class!


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