Shatner and Star Trek 3


Will we see the original Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3? Will Shatner actually come and do a cameo of his old role?

Last time this rumor came around it was when they first decided to reboot the franchise. There was a reported role for him, just as Nimoy did, in the first movie. He also reported turned it down because it wasn’t “big enough”.


So what’s changed? Well if you ask me, the rebirth of the Star Wars universe on the big screen has brought a new fire to this. They need/want something big and with Hamill, Fisher, and Ford coming back for the new Star Wars movie I think this might be big enough for him to come back.

That only leaves the question of what would be big enough to bring him back? What do they have planned? It must be good to float this idea again.

But honestly, what else does he have going on really? Besides guest appearance at conventions and such, not too much. So we just might see it this time. Does this matter to you? Will it make a difference in your mind? 


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