Welcome to the Alamo City Comic Con 2014!

Well guys it has finally come! The Alamo City Comic Con is here!


It’s opening day and people have been piling in all day long. Some vendors are still getting set up and the special guest have been getting settled in.

Just walking in was an awesome time! After going through registration aDSC_2774nd getting your badges then you get to walk through the awesome scene they set up! All of the banners and scenery only adds the awesome experience that is ACCC.  DSC_2773


Going out into the city was a great time. The awesome scenery wasn’t just inside the convention center! All of San Antonio was beautiful! It was also just nice to be back in the state I grew up in.



But that ‘s it for us tonight guys. We headed back early and areDSC_2778 calling it a night. We are getting ready to hit the convention floor hard and heavy. Make sure to watch out for us and say hi! Me and Glyconerd will be walking around, interviewing guest and con goers all day! Make sure to check back here for more tomorrow night or follow me on twitter @this_is_steps17 for live updates as we go!



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